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Economic characteristics OF OUR REGION

Economic characteristics OF OUR REGIONBROD-POSAVINA COUNTY AND THE CITY OF SLAVONSKI BRODBrod-Posavina CountySlavonski brod

2Brod-Posavina Countycounty with great investment potential because of:highly capable intellectual forceoutstanding geo-traffic position (intersection of routes linking Western Europe with the Middle East; Asia and the countries of Central Europe with the Mediterranean)natural resources

Why is then the unemployment ratearound 30 %?Why is it so undeveloped?Why is there such a low business activity?Why are young educated peopleemigrating from the County?Why it has the highest unemployment ratefor women in Croatia?Because economic slowdown which has a great impact on Croatian economy in generalthe problematic privatisation of state industrial assetsdevastation during the Croatian war for Independencelack of commercial investmentinadequate infrastructuredifficult transition to a free market economy

this is how the people in our county are feeling...

What we need to doidentify development prioritiesenable the private sector to realise the opportunities and potential of the Countystrengthen the economy which will lead to unemployment reductionprovide infrastructure required for the expansion of businessesenhance development of the educational systemdevelop social infrastructure foreign investments are very important for the future developmentsmall and open economies, largely connected to other foreign markets making a stabile and strong market-oriented economy which is competitive in the global marketstable and sustainable economic growth, increase in production, especially import and increase in employmentRegional growth is the key

Croatian industrythe future lies in accessing new markets, introducing modern technologies and new products, forming joint ventures with foreign companiesa skilled labour force and highly educated experts in engineering and computer technology represent a good foundation for foreign investmentsIndustry in our countySlavonia is famous for:metal industrywood processingagriculture & food processing eco ethno tourismMetal industrybased on a long tradition & excellent product qualityImportant export products are:millshellstrainstanks (military)power plantscranes

Metal industry

tanksmillshellpressure vesselhigh speed passanger trainoil tankWood processingalmost 48% of Croatian territory is covered by woods60 000 acres of Slavonia is covered by the oak woodSlavonian timber, especially oak, is, due to its quality, exported to the countries of Europe, South America and the Middle Eastthe products of the Croatian wood-processing companies and furniture manufacturers successfully compete with demanding European and world marketsgreat potential in possibility of using biomass for energy production

oak products...

Agriculture and food processingideal natural conditions for the growing of fruit and agricultural productsone of the cleanest soils in Europepreserved environment with low level of pollutionin Brod-Posavina County 20.704 households are involved in agricultural production and manage 81.903 acres of agricultural land

orchardarable fields


vineyardEco tourismgoals:promote sustainable tourism in the areapreserves customs and traditions of Slavoniaencourage environmental conservation and natural resource management

Reasons for choosing our region as an investment destinationtradition in businesswide range of productsexperienced & qualified workforceoutstanding geographical positiondeveloped road and railway networkexport oriented companiesrich in natural resourcesdeveloped business zones

Invest in Brod-Posavina County

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