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  • 7/28/2019 Black River - July 2013


    Vol. 5 No. 7 July 23, 2013

    Proverbs 3:5




    Boy Scout Troop 139

    held its spring Court

    of Honor to recog-

    nize the achievements of its

    Scouts. We meet semi-

    annually to honor our

    Scouts and give them

    awards that theyve earned

    since our last Court of

    Honor, stated Troop

    Committee Chair Larry

    Martin. Over the past half

    year, the Scouts have

    worked hard to complete

    their merit badges and

    advance in rank, and we

    acknowledge their accom-

    plishments tonight at the

    Court of Honor. Tonight we

    also come together to thank

    Scoutmaster Jim Pelech for

    his years of dedication to

    our Troop and to welcome

    our new Scoutmaster SteveDavis, added Martin.

    Emcees and First Class

    Scouts Michael Fox and

    Ethan Hamilton began the

    celebration with an opening

    prayer which was followed

    by dinner. Tonight is about

    a night of recognition and to

    have fun with our entire

    Troop and for the Scout

    families to eat dinner

    together as we celebrate,said Fox. When asked what

    his plans are for summer

    camp, Fox said that he looks

    forward to working together

    with Hamilton on merit

    badges offered at camp and

    hopes to complete some of

    the merit badges required

    for the Eagle Scout rank.

    The Troop plans to attend

    camp at Winnebago Scout

    Reservation in Rockaway,

    Chester Boy Scout Troop 139 Court of HonorRecognizes Its Scouts and Scoutmaster

    for Years of Service

    Pictured from left to right: Boy Scout Troop 139 Scoutmaster Steve Davis presents a gift of appreci-ation on behalf of the Troop to former Scoutmaster Jim Pelech to thank him for his years of dedica-

    tion. Photo by Annette Jeffers

    NJ this summer.

    The dinner was followed

    by the awards ceremony.

    Senior Patrol Leaders called

    up each Scout individually

    who earned merit badges

    and each Scout was asked to

    explain something that they

    learned while working ontheir badges. Scouts who

    advanced in rank were rec-

    ognized and were given

    their new rank badge. The

    Troops Scouts advanced in

    rank to Scout, Tenderfoot,

    Second Class, First Class,

    Star and to Life Scout rank.

    A total of 38 merit badges

    were earned by the Scouts,

    and 49 Scouts advanced to

    their next Scout rank.

    The awards ceremony

    concluded with a special

    award, called the Irving B.

    Kahn Scholarship Award,

    presented to Eagle Scout

    Jared Pelech. The Troop

    Committee selects a scout to

    receive this award based on

    a scouts dedication andinvolvement in the Troop.

    In addition, the scout must

    be a high school senior who

    plans to attend college and

    must have submitted an

    essay entitled What

    Scouting Means to Me

    explaining the impact scout-

    ing has made on his life.

    Jared Pelech was also

    awarded the Troop 139

    Scholarship Award which is

    given to graduating high

    school seniors.

    Recognition in scouting

    also went to Scoutmaster

    Jim Pelech for his 5 years of

    service as Troop 139s

    Scoutmaster. As Jim Pelech

    stepped down from his role

    of Scoutmaster, the troopwelcomed its new

    Scoutmaster Steve Davis.

    "Only a few people realize

    just how much time and

    energy Jim has dedicated to

    the Troop between meet-

    ings, campouts, advance-

    ment workshops, and sum-

    mer camp, said the Troops

    new Scoutmaster Davis as

    he addressed the Troop.

    continued on page 6

  • 7/28/2019 Black River - July 2013


    Page 2, July 2013, Tell Them You Saw It In The Black River News

    Helping people that have been devas-

    tated by natural disasters is nothing

    new to the Chester Lions Club.

    When the Chester Lions heard about the

    devastation in Oklahoma, the Club immedi-

    ately wanted to do something to help.Because of the network that Lions

    International provides, we were able to get

    in touch with other Lions Clubs in the

    Oklahoma City area who were providing

    relief efforts to the area, said Lion Marie

    Messina, chair-person of the Stuff-a-Truck

    for Oklahoma drive. In the past, the Clubhas supported relief efforts for Hurricane

    Lending a Helping Hand

    (l. to r.) Lions Jim Messina, Mike Russo, Marie Messina, Gerri LoSapio, Jaime Goodrich and RichLucy pose in front of a few pallets.

    Sandy, Katrina, the Tsunami, the tornadoes

    in Tuscaloosa, and others. Whenever possi-

    ble the Club tries to coordinate with other

    Lions Clubs to get supplies and funds

    directly in the hands of those who needthem.

    On June 21st to the 23rd, the Chester

    Lions held a Stuff-a-Truck to help the vic-

    tims of the Oklahoma tornadoes. When the

    Club contacted Troy Jenkins, Oklahoma

    Lions District 3-H Disaster Relief

    Chairperson, he asked for cleaning supplies,

    non-perishable food items, personal

    hygiene items, baby items, and tools. The

    Chester Lions goal was to fill an 18-wheel-

    er with donated goods from the community

    and send it swiftly on its way. Because ofthe outpouring of generosity by local resi-

    dents, businesses, and organizations the

    club was able to fill a truck with 13 pallets

    full of much needed supplies.

    Before the drive even started in New

    Jersey, Lysol sent a truck to our contact in

    Oklahoma and delivered a pallet of cleaning

    wipes, cleaning solutions, and other prod-

    ucts in the name of the Chester Lions.

    Additionally, several corporate employees

    were on hand to talk to the Lions about

    Lionism and their relief efforts. The Clubalso received large donations of books, non-

    perishable foods, and boxes from various


    But it wasn't the big donations that were

    the most meaningful to the Lions. We were

    so pleased to see the number of communitymembers who came out to support this

    effort. Every little bit helps, and we couldn't

    have filled the amount of boxes that we did

    without the help of so many individuals,

    said Buddy Casillo, member of the Chester

    Lions Club and Chester resident.

    The Chester Lions Club is extremely

    thankful for the help of the community in

    getting the word out about the event and

    making donations, and the Chester

    Township Mayor, Bill Cogger, the Chester

    Township Parks Commission, and theChester Department Roads Department for

    the use of their facilities and help. The

    schools, churches, and community groups

    were invaluable resources in helping to pub-

    licize the Clubs efforts. The Club sends a

    big thank you to local businesses and organ-

    izations like Operation N.J. Cares and

    Reckitt Benckiser, parent company of

    Franks Red Hot, Frenchs Mustard, and

    Lysol Company, for their generous dona-

    tions of goods.

    The truck left for Oklahoma Friday, June28.

  • 7/28/2019 Black River - July 2013


    Tell Them You Saw It In The Black River News, July 2013, Page 3

  • 7/28/2019 Black River - July 2013


  • 7/28/2019 Black River - July 2013


    Tell Them You Saw It In The Black River News, July 2013, Page 5

  • 7/28/2019 Black River - July 2013


    Page 6, July 2013, Tell Them You Saw It In The Black River News

    "When Jim took over as Scoutmaster, our

    Troop had only 12 active boys. Now we

    have 69 Scouts in our Troop. Look around

    you now, this is Jim's legacy. I know thatJim and I will do things differently as we

    both have different areas of interest and

    expertise but my hope is that I can continue

    and build on what he has done to make our

    Troop even stronger for the future, added


    Jim plans to continue to support the

    Troop in his new role chairing the Troops

    high adventure program which promotes

    scout participation in high adventure activi-

    ties such as mountain biking, deep sea fish-

    ing, skiing, and hiking, as well as participa-

    tion in Boy Scouts of Americas high adven-

    ture camps such as Philmont Scout Ranch in

    New Mexico. In addition, Jim will stay on

    as Eagle Scout Adviser for the Troop, work-

    ing with the scouts to help them understand

    what an Eagle Scout project entails, and

    helping the scouts through the process of

    reaching the goal of becoming an Eagle


    Jim and his family have been very active

    in scouting in Chester. Jim started his

    involvement in scouting as a den leader and

    then became Cubmaster for Chesters Cub

    Scout Pack 139. Jims wife Teresa partici-pated as co-den leader and treasurer for the

    Pack. After supporting cub scouting, Jim

    transitioned into Boy Scout Troop 139 as

    Assistant Scoutmaster and then became

    Scoutmaster, and Teresa became the

    Troops treasurer. Jared, their son, achieved

    his Eagle Scout Rank this past year. Their

    daughter Sabrina was a member of Chester

    Girl Scout Troop 153 and was awarded her

    Gold Award in November 2005. Teresa was

    also involved in Girl Scout Troop 153 as

    Troop leader, and Silver and Gold Award

    supervisor. Chester scouts owe a great deal

    of gratitude to Jim and Teresa for their lead-

    ership in scoutin

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