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  • 8/12/2019 Black River - March 2014


    Vol. 6 No. 3 March 2014




    Proverbs 3:5

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    Chester Brownie Troop 94908 just completed a community project for their Journey. The girls collected gently worn shoes to donate to

    Soles4Souls. This is an organization that brings shoes to individuals all around the world, any where from New Orlenes, Mexico to India.

    Many of these donated shoes will be the first pair of shoes for individuals around the world. For a small troop of only 9 girls they col-

    lected over 75 pairs of shoes.

    By Cheryl Conway

    Tweeting, texting, emailing and linking may be the in,

    but nothing compares to the face to face networking

    with a solid handshake and an exchange of a busi-

    ness card.

    Marketing in the Morning is a premier event of the Mt.

    Olive Area Chamber of Commerce (MOACC) and has been

    the best tool to connect businesses and share ideas. Heldonce a month, every third Wed. from 7:15 a.m. to 9 a.m.,

    Marketing in the Morning celebrates its third year anniver-

    sary next month in April.

    The in-person business marketing meeting is open to all

    businesses and attracts atleast 50 businesses per meeting.

    The program allows businesses to network with other local

    businesses in a relaxed atmosphere to share ideas and meth-

    ods of improving their service.

    Its all about building the network, says Greg Stewart,

    past president of the MOACC. We want folks to know

    what people do. We go out and meet with people. We try to

    promote businesses doing business together.

    Stewart says, We do push the fact of getting to know the

    people from other businesses rather than communicating

    through an email. Business owners swap cards at the

    Marketing in the Morning Program so they can connect and

    find ways to work together, talk about businesses and them-


    You dont have to be scared to network, says Stewart,

    with the loose but formal atmosphere of Marketing in theMorning program, which is at a different location every

    month. We try to break down the walls; dont be afraid;

    networking can be a good thing.

    The MOACC was formed in the 1950s and has grown

    in its membership and programs. What began with 15 mem-

    bers involved in Marketing in the Morning three years ago,

    has grown to 50 members.

    We are now over 100 members, says Stewart. The

    MOACC is one of the largest in the state, incorporating

    the greater Mt. Olive area as well as drawing in members

    from three other counties including Morris, Sussex and


    Local Businesses Make It their Business toInterconnect With Area Chamber of Commerce

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    Mad Science After School Science

    Club presents NASA Academy of

    Future Space Explorers for grades

    2-5 scheduled for Tuesdays April 22 - May

    27, 2014 (six weeks) from 4:30-5:30pm.

    The cost for this program is $105 and will

    be held at Long Valley Senior Center 35

    East Springtown Rd., Long Valley.

    From our Earths atmosphere to the outer

    reaches of our solar system, this hands-on

    program for children sends them on a questfor exploration! Comets, planets, stars and

    more are all waiting to be discovered. Learn

    about the four forces of flight, the chal-

    lenges of space travel, and participate in a

    rocket launch!

    Topics include: Planets & Moons,

    Rocket Science, Atmosphere & Beyond,

    Space Phenomena, Sun & Stars, Space

    Travel, Living in Space, Space Technology.

    The deadline to register is April 15,

    2014. For more information please contact

    the office at (908) 876-5941 or visit ourwebsite at

    The Edible Book Festival is a free

    open to the publicevent, sponsored

    by the Food for Thought Cookbook

    Club of the Washington Twp. Public

    Library, 37 E. Springtown Rd, Long Valley,NJ, in celebration of National Library

    Week. It will take place on Saturday, April

    12, 2014 from 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.

    Judging from the public will take place to

    from 1:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m. From 2:00 p.m.

    to 3:00 p.m. Awards and prizes and eating

    of entries will take place after 2:00 p.m.

    What is the Edible Book Festival?

    Around April 1st, bibliophiles, book

    artists, and food lovers around the world

    gather to celebrate the book arts and the (lit-

    eral!) ingestion of culture. Participants cre-

    ate an "edible book," which can be inspired

    by a favorite tale, involve a pun on a famoustitle, or simply be in the shape of a book (or

    scroll, or tablet, etc). All entries will be

    exhibited, documented, then EATEN!

    Photographs of all edible books will appear

    in the Edible Book Festival gallery

    ( and on the

    Library website (

    Over the years, "edible books" have been

    made across the country at different institu-

    First Edible Book Festival at the Washington Twp. Public Librarytions from cake, breadsticks, chocolate,

    veggies, and matzo meal. Every entry pro-

    vides not only some artsy good fun with a

    dash of creativity, but the promotion of

    libraries through community engagement.You don't have to be a food artist to sign-up!

    Adults, families and any group of any size

    are encouraged to enter. Members of the

    community are encouraged to attend, ogle

    the edible art, and vote for their favorite

    entries. This is a family-friendly event, so

    bring the kids! Shoprite Certificates and

    other prizes will be awarded in multiple cat-

    egories. Categories to be judged this year

    include Best Use of Chocolate, Most

    Literary, Most Creative, Most Unusual Useof Food, Best Non-Cake Book. Entry forms

    may be picked up at the Library and soon

    will be online at the Library website, Go to

    for ideas! Please contact Mrs. Gold at the

    Library at 908-876-3596.

    Mad Science After School Science ClubAt Washington Twp. Rec

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  • 8/12/2019 Black River - March 2014


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    The Chester Library is offering the

    following upcoming programs.

    Register for all programs online at or call 908-879-7612.

    "John and Abigail Adams: A Love Storywill be presented by Glenn LeBoeuf on

    Tuesday, March 25 at 7 pm. One of the great

    love stories of American history is set

    against the back-drop of war, political

    intrigue and the building of a new, fragile

    and fractious government. Hear about their

    courtship, marriage, family life and the

    friendship that endured through many trials.

    Classic Hatha Yoga is offered on

    Wednesdays at 9 am. It is a gentle style of

    Yoga, well suited for everyone including the

    newcomer and those who want to continuefocusing on the fundamentals of the basic

    Yoga poses and correct breathing. There is

    no fee but registration is requested.

    Seniors can learn how to partner with

    health care professionals and get the most of

    their doctors visit at this months Senior

    Lunch and Learn on Monday, April 7 at 12pm. A complimentary lunch is served.

    Sponsored by the Senior Resource Center.

    If you enjoy shopping and bargain hunt-

    ing from the comfort of your home or think

    you just might want to sell a few things in

    your spare time, Cindy Gilbert, an accom-

    plished eBay seller and instructor will show

    you the basics of buying and selling on

    eBay on Thursday, April 10 at 7 pm.

    Ron Weiss, M.D., diplomat of the

    American Board of Internal Medicine and

    Assistant Professor of Clinical Medicine atUMDNJ, will present his Food is

    Medicine talk at the Chester Library on

    Chester Library Programs for MarchTuesday, April 1 at 7 pm. Dr. Weiss will

    discuss how plant-based whole foods are

    the most powerful disease modifying tools

    available to the medical practitioner and

    how chronic illness is prevented andreversed using these foods. He will also

    discuss his farm-based healthcare project in

    Long Valley and how the project combines

    Community Supported Agriculture with the

    prevention and treatment of illness.

    Celebrate Community Family Night at

    the library with a special showing of the

    movie, FROZEN on Wednesday, March19

    at 6:30 pm. Free popcorn and refreshments

    will be served. Community Family Night is

    a special night without homework and

    scheduled activities when families canspend quality time together. Sponsored by

    Chester Recreation, Chester Library & the

    Chester/Mendham Municipal Alliance.

    Children will have fun building their

    own Lego creation with friends on

    Saturday, March 29 at 11 am. We supply the

    Legos -- all ages welcome!

    Long Valley Townwide Garage SaleSaturday, April 26, 2014

    9:00am to 3:00pm, Rain or ShineLong Valley residents signup at

    Project Graduation 14 Link

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    The Chester Lioness Club annually

    offers two scholarships to students

    residing in Chester, Mendham or

    Washington Township in Morris County.

    Each scholarship may be up to $1,000.Criteria for selection of candidates for these

    scholarships include academic record,

    classroom and extracurricular activities,

    community activities, individual interests

    and hobbies and outstanding accomplish-

    ments in activities that demonstrate leader-

    ship and service. Financial need is also a


    These scholarships are available not only

    to public high school students, but those

    attending private schools as well.Applications may be obtained in the

    College Resource Center at both West

    Morris Mendham and West Morris Central

    High Schools. The completed form must be

    returned to the College Resource Center at

    the high school by April 10th. A letter

    Chester Lioness Club Annually Offering Two Scholarshipsrequesting an application may be sent to the

    Chester Lioness Club in care of Anne

    MacMillan, 15 Cora Lane, Chester, NJ.

    07930. Her telephone number is: 908-879-

    7621. Completed applications must be for-warded to the Lioness Club by May 1st.

    The Chester Lioness Club is a service

    club that takes an active interest in the civic,

    cultural and social welfare of the communi-

    ty. For more information about the Chester

    Lioness Club, contact Holly Simmenroth,Publicity Chairperson at 908-879-5932.

    Calling all Beginning Comedians and

    the Comically Curious....The

    Chester Theatre Group and comedi-

    enne Kate Lyn Reiter's Humor in the Midstare back with comedy workshops.

    Starting on Saturday, March 22, 2014,

    Ms. Reiter will be conducting a 6-week

    comedy workshop at CTGs Black River

    Playhouse in Chester, NJ, for all Beginners

    and the Comically Curious. Whether you

    are a wanna-be comedian or just want to

    lighten up your life, the Comedy Workshop

    will be a rewarding, positive and calorie-

    free cure for the winter blues.

    Kate Lyn Reiter is a MFA Yale School of

    Drama graduate with 12 years experience as

    a comedienne in NYC. The sessions will befrom 9:30 am to 12:00 noon. The total cost

    is $150 and all students will have an oppor-

    tunity to perform.

    For information and registration call

    908-892-5458, or go to www.humori

    The CTG theater is located at 54 Grove

    Street in downtown Chester, NJ at the cor-

    ner of Grove Street and Maple Avenue.

    Calling All Comedians!Comedy Workshop begins March 22 at

    Chester Theatre Group

    Attention Schools, Churches, Organizations Send

    Your Press Releases to [email protected]

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    Womens Wash,Cut & Style

    $5 OFFOne coupon per customer.

    Coupons may not be combinedwith any other offer.

    Expires 4/15/14

    New Client Special!


    $10 OFF

    Color or HighlightService with Cut & Style

    One coupon per customer.Coupons may not be combined with

    any other offer. Expires 4/15/14

    One coupon per customer. Coupons may not be combinedwith any other offer. Expires 4/15/14

    Brazilian KeratinHair Straightening


    $90 OFF

    Kids Cuts

    With slected stylists. One coupon percustomer. Coupons may not be combined

    with any other offer. Expires 4/15/14


    Come in for a New Look for Spring!

    One coupon per customer. Coupons may not be combinedwith any other offer. Expires 4/15/14


    pril is a big month for West Morris

    Central High School Project

    Graduation with three big eventsbeing in full swing. WMC Project

    Graduation is a fun, drug and alcohol free

    celebration on graduation night each year.

    No student is ever left behind as we

    fundraise to make sure all graduates are able

    to participate and to cover additional costs

    not covered by fees. To learn more about

    Project Graduation and our events please go

    to our website which is www.wmchspro- or email us at the address


    The Clothing, Household Items and Toy

    Drive will take place on Saturday, April 5th,

    2014. We accept clothing and shoes, acces-

    sories, household items such as blankets,

    towels, quilts, soft toys, hard toys and

    kitchen items to just name a few. Just bring

    your items to the gravel lot at West Morris

    Central High School at your convenience

    anytime from 9 am to 2pm.

    Time to clean out those closets, drawers

    and garages! We are sponsoring our annual

    spring town wide garage sale on April 26th,

    2014. Be a part of the map and advertising

    that goes out to businesses and towns all

    WMCHS Project Graduation 2014 Announces The Spring Garage Sale,Clothing Drive, And First Aid Kit Sale

    around. We make it so they know exactly

    where to find you. Go on the website and

    click on the tab for the Garage Sale.Download the form and follow the instruc-

    tions to be included on the advertising and

    the map that is dispersed locally.

    Are you prepared in any emergency? The

    First Aid Kit sale starts now offering a zip-

    pered soft kit, a personal safety pack, out-

    door zip kit and a pet zip kit. All are afford-

    ably priced and convenient for any emer-

    gency.For more information on all of these

    events go to our website at www.wmch- or email PROJECT

    GRADUATION 2014 at the following:

    [email protected]

    Panther Valley Ecumenical Church,

    located at 1490 Route 517,

    Hackettstown, is holding a Rummage

    Sale at the church on Friday, May 2 from 9

    am to 3 pm and Saturday, May 3 from 9 am

    to 1 pm. Donations may be brought to the

    church on Monday, April 28 to Wednesday,

    April 30 from 9 am to 2 pm and Monday

    and Tuesday evenings from 6 to 8 pm. We

    will accept all clothing for men, women,

    and children, household items, glassware,

    baskets, small appliances, sporting goods,

    jewelry, and seasonal items.

    Saturday will be Bag Day for $5.00 a

    bag. There will also be a Bake Sale on

    Friday, May 2 along with the rummage sale.

    Please contact Cylvia Ultz at 908-852-


    Rummage Sale Notice

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    All Miele products are instantly identifiable bytheir innovative design, use of the finesttechnology and their unsurpassedcommitment to quality. Few othercompanies can boast of as many

    first to do... statements.In fact, Miele has built its reputation

    on introducing radically newapproaches to solving realproblems long before otherseven identified the problem.


    On-Premise Repairs On-Site Parking Sales & Service All Makes & Models Cleaning, Tune-ups Adjustments Fast Efficient Affordable

    Established Since 1969

    NOW OPEN SUN. 10-2

    Mon.-Sat. 9:30am to 6pm

    We Sell & Repair Vacuums, Central Vacuums & Sewing Machines

    clip & save

    $10.00 OFFAny Vacuum, Sewing MachineService or Central Vac

    1 Year Supply of Vacuum BagsPlus Special Bonus...


    Chester Mall Rt. 24 & 206 Chester



    50% OFF

    Buy 2 packs vacuum bags& get one free.

    FREE Vacuum Bagsclip & save

    Limit one coupon per customer.Not valid on sale items or with other promotions.

    Limit one coupon per customer.Not valid on sale items or with other promotions.

    Washington Township Senior

    Transportation provides bus and

    car service for Long Valley sen-

    iors needing transportation. Seniors living

    with family members are also eligible for

    this service. It is a curb to curb service

    requiring at least two weeks prior notice for

    medical appointments and grocery shop-

    ping. For an application and to reserve a

    seat please call 908-876-9496 and leave a

    detailed message and your call will be

    promptly returned or feel free to email

    Donna Daly, Senior Transportation

    Coordinator at [email protected]

    Dear Editor,

    We wanted to take this moment to thank all

    those who have assisted us the past 4 weeks

    since a fire took place in our house and

    made it uninhabitable to live in for now.

    Since, that day in January there have beenso many people who have helped out and

    we have been unable to thank everyone.

    Whether it be opening your house for a

    place to sleep, a meal to share, new cloth-

    ing, new belongings, gift cards to help us, or

    even a friendly hello. It has been appreciat-

    ed tremendously.

    Many of you have helped out and we dont

    know who you are but, we especially want

    to thank the following people and organiza-

    tions. Our Neighbor who called the fire

    department, the Comcast gentleman whofound the fire when we werent at home, the

    Long Valley, Fairmount, and Schooleys

    Mountain Fire Departments, the Long

    Valley Police, the Long Valley First Aid

    Squad, Old Famers Road School Families

    PTA and Staff, Long Valley Middle School

    families and staff, Cucinella school familiesand Staff, Flocktown Kossman school fam-

    ilies and staff, Heartworks of Long Valley,

    kids4kindness, Long Valley Junior

    Womens club and our neighbors. We know

    we are forgetting several people so, thank

    you. The outpouring of help that those of

    you in Long Valley have given us shows us

    how wonderful of a community we live in

    and for that we are forever grateful.

    Thank you again.

    John, Nicole, Carlo, and Anthony


    Thank You!

    Senior Transportation

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    Chef Lisa Crock Pot Cooking Class

    Chef Lisa Crock Pot Cooking Class is

    for the fix it and forget it crowd! They

    will show you how to prepare (and of

    course have you taste) what we think are

    the best meals for the crock pot.

    Washington Township Recreation

    Department is sponsoring this Adult

    Cooking Class on Crock Pot Cooking

    on Friday March 28, 2014 at 5pm at

    the Senior Center in Rock Spring Park,

    Long Valley.

    Deadline to register is March 21,

    2014. You must pre-register for this

    class. For more information contact the

    recreation office at (908) 876-5941 or

    email us at [email protected] or

    visit our website at Skill Clinic

    Washington Township Recreation

    presents Kickz Soccer Skill Clinic to be

    held at Rock Spring Park on Saturdays

    from April 5th to May 17th. The times

    are based on the childs age, players

    from ages 3-5 9am-10am, Ages 6-10 10-

    11am, and Ages 11-15 11am-12pm.

    Soccer skill camp will be held at Rock

    Spring Park Soccer field. A nonrefund-

    able fee of $125 is due before the dead-

    line date March 31, 2014. After that

    date the fee is $140.

    Kickz Soccer Skill Clinic

    Washington Township Recreation

    presents Kickz Soccer Skill Clinic to be

    held at Rock Spring Park on Saturdays

    from April 5th to May 17th. The times

    are based on the childs age, players

    from ages 3-59am-10am, Ages 6-10 10-

    11am, and Ages 11-15 11am-12pm.

    Soccer skill camp will be held at Rock

    Spring Park Soccer field. A nonrefund-

    able fee of $125 is due before the dead-

    line date March 31, 2014. After that

    date the fee is $140.

    For more information please contactthe office at (908) 876-5941 or visit our

    website at

    Tennis Program

    Washington Township Spring Tennis

    program introduces tennis to Ages 5-

    Adults. Groups will be formed based on

    age and ability. Low student to teacher

    ratio! Fully certified, and in association

    with USTA Eastern (United States

    Washington Township Recreation Upcoming ProgramsTennis Association). Space is limited;

    filled on a first come, first serve basis.

    The program starts on April 23, 2014

    and will run for 7 weeks on Wednesdays

    or Saturdays at Rock Spring Park

    Tennis Courts, Long Valley NJ. There is

    a non-refundable fee of $130 for this

    program. Deadline date April 16th after

    that date the fee is $155


    Washington Township Recreation

    introduces t-ball squirts for ages 3-5

    year old boys and girls is scheduled to

    be held on Fridays April 25th June 6th

    from 9:15am-10:15am. This 7 week

    class will take place at Rock Spring Park

    for a non-refundable fee of $130.

    Deadline date to register is April 16th.

    Any registration form received after

    16th is subject to a late fee. For more

    information on registration please con-

    tact the office at (908) 876-5941 or visit

    our website at

    Next Issue Date April 15, 2014, Deadline April 4Call for info. 973-252-9889

  • 8/12/2019 Black River - March 2014


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    Plans are underway for shopping in Mendham the

    weekend of April 5 and 6 while supporting one of the

    oldest service organizations at the Mendham Rotary

    Clubs 33rd annual Antiques Show.

    Held at West Morris Mendham High School, the

    antiques show will take place from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.Saturday and from 11 a.m. to

    4 p.m. Sunday with a suggested donation of $7.00.

    Please visit our website at to

    download discount card of $1. Lunch is available both days

    and Mendham High School has free parking.

    The Rotary Club of the Mendhams is all volunteer and

    none of the revenue earned at the Antiques Show go to sup-

    port the internal Club functions in any way. The lunch is

    prepared by Rotary volunteers and the set up work on

    Friday afternoon is done by the Service Club at the High


    The 50 dealer show will offer visitors the opportunity topurchase a variety of antiques including furniture, jewelry,

    books, arts, rugs, silver, linens, paper, photography, etc. The

    antiques show is managed by Dr. David Cowell, at Lovely

    Living Antiques in Caldwell, who also manages the Tunis-

    Ellicks House, Harding Township show and the same qual-

    ity and many of the dealers will be at the Rotary show.

    At this writing dealers participating include: CJ Brown,

    linens; Stonehouse Antiques, furniture; Linda CowanAntiques, porcelain, silver and glass; Lovely Living

    Antiques, Staffordshire wares, early lighting devices and

    sterling; Diane Freedman, estate jewelry and dressing

    accessories; Lady Js Vintage Treasures, jewelry and small

    antiques; accessories and Colophon Books, rare and histor-

    ical books, maps and scientific instruments; Sabina Wood,

    vintage 19th century prints, antiques; Jean Torrie, 19th cen-

    tury American country furniture, quilts; Carol Barkhorn,

    traditional primitives; Joan Benoit, lighting, jewelry, bath-

    room accessories; Michael Brailove, antique prints; Robert

    Schieke, oak furniture; and Carol Petraglia, primitives,

    stoneware; Cindikit Collectibles; Toni Baudoin Antiques;Bonnys Vintage Jewelry, silver smalls; Becoming

    Antiques, glass and ceramics 1880-1920; Beneva, military,

    glass, sterling silver; Ros-Al Floral and Antiques, Turquoise

    Mountain East; and Kathy Jansen.

    The revenue from the show will be used locally to pro-

    vide scholarships for high school students, birthday parties

    at Mendham Area Senior Housing, contributing to the

    Interfaith Food Pantry as well as exchange students incom-ing and outgoing. The funds will also support the organiza-

    tions Gift of Knowledge program which provides a dic-

    tionary to every third grade student in the Mendham public

    school as well as St. Josephs School.

    Internationally the Rotary Club continues to support

    Polio Plus as well as clean water projects and the Kopila

    Valley Childrens School in Surkhet, Nepal (started by

    Maggie Doyne, a graduate of West Morris Mendham High

    School). Through the Seeds of Light support is given to the

    Hloaia Primary School in Acornhoek, South Africa for well

    pump and irrigation for the schools garden.

    Plan to visit the show enjoying the antiquing experience!

    Rotary Club of Mendhams 33rd Antiques Show and Sale

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    Page 10, March 2014, Tell Them You Saw It In The Black River News Like us on facebook


    Since 1989

    B A N K R U P T C Y

    We are a Debt Relief Agency and can help you file for Bankruptcy Relief under the Federal Bankruptcy Act

    Mention This Ad & Receive A $25.00 Discount



    Chapter 7 - Liquidations Chapter 13 - Wage Earner Plans

    Evening Hours Available Call 908.850.6161

    It was disappointing to read Tom Lotitos

    factually inaccurate opinions about

    Congressman Leonard Lance. Leonard

    has consistently and tirelessly fought

    against the reckless policies of the Obama

    Administration. He is a perfect fit forMorris County voters residing in New

    Jerseys 7th Congressional District.

    Influential conservative groups like Club

    for Growth, Heritage Action and the

    American Conservative Union have rated

    Leonard Lance and Scott Garrett as New

    Jerseys top two most conservative mem-

    bers of Congress. National Right to Life has

    endorsed Leonard Lance for his pro-life

    votes in Washington. The National Rifle

    Association also endorsed Lance for his

    strong Second Amendment record.Despite Mr. Lotitos assertions, Leonard

    Lance never voted for Obamas Farm bill

    he voted against it. And not only did Lance

    oppose the trillion dollar farm bill but he

    voted for an amendment that would have

    eliminated the so-called Christmas tree tax.

    Tom Lotito is just dead-wrong on this issue.

    As New Jerseys only Republican on the

    House Energy and Commerce Committee,

    Leonard Lance has consistently supported

    an all-of-the-above energy policy that

    will help lower energy costs, create jobs and

    reduce our dependence on foreign sourcesof oil.

    Leonard has voted repeatedly to expedite

    the approval of the Keystone XL pipeline,

    twice voted to stop Obamas cap-and-trade

    proposals, voted against a carbon tax, voted

    to expand on-shore and off-shore U.S. ener-

    gy production, create new jobs and stream-

    line government red tape and regulations

    and voted to expedite natural gas pipeline

    approvals that will help lower energy bills

    for New Jersey households and businesses.

    Leonard recently voted against Obamasrequest to raise the debt limit. He has voted

    more than 50 times against Obamacare. He

    voted against pay raises for members of

    Congress and federal employees. And

    Leonard Lance has returned nearly

    $250,000 in unspent office funds for deficit

    reductions. Thats putting YOUR money

    A Letter to the Editor:where your mouth is.

    Leonard Lance has joined fellow conser-

    vative lawmakers in support of the STOP

    Act (H. Res. 442) to rein in an out-of-con-

    trol executive branch who has far exceeded

    its constitutional limits at nearly every turn.Just last week, Leonard voted to stop

    Obamas Internal Revenue Service from

    attempting to silence American citizens

    who merely seek to exercise their constitu-

    tionally-protected right to freedom of


    His consistent conservative record is

    exactly why voters in the 7th Congressional

    District have overwhelmingly reelected

    Leonard Lance for Congress in both 2010and 2012.

    Todd Mitchell

    Chief of Staff

    Rep. Leonard Lance

    Get Your Business Noticed with the



    Call 973-252-9889 for information

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    Breakthrough Treatment Now Available In Long ValleyImagine thirty to forty years ago if you were told that lasers

    would replace scalpels in surgery or that robotic instruments

    would build cars; you may not have believed it. By the same token

    would you believe that chiropractic treatments could be performed

    using a special hand-held instrument developed by NASA scien-

    tists; all while you were sitting in an upright position without turn-ing or twisting movements?

    Advances in computers and engineering technologies have

    been able to uniquely blend with chiropractic in order to both ana-

    lyze and treat the human body in such a way that was never before


    According to Dr. Michael S. Hyjek, This new form of comput-

    erized treatment is so gentle and effective, that it amazes even the

    most skeptical patients. Its called the ProAdjuster and is the latest,

    state-of-the-art technology in existence today, and the only one in

    the Long Valley area

    The ProAdjuster can safely and gently analyze and treat the

    spine and other joints to remove the nerve impingement that isoften the cause of pains in the low back, neck, shoulder and else-

    where in the body. It also works on a variety of muscular condi-

    tions to loosen tight muscles with ease and comfort. Many patients

    say that its like getting a mini-massage.

    It can also help increase the amount of motion in almost any

    joint. Even patients with knee, hip and foot problems such as plan-

    tar fasciitis are being helped. It is also covered by most insurance

    companies including medicare.

    Dr. Michael S. Hyjek, the secret to the ProAdjuster lies in its

    advanced piezoelectric sensor that is able to detect the slightest

    amount of restriction in a joint and then deliver an extremely pre-

    cise adjustment. He says that Even though traditional forms ofadjusting also work, people are drawn to this new technique

    because of how gentle it is and does not involve

    any twisting, especially in the neck. Many peo-

    ple love getting adjusted with traditional manual

    techniques, all of which are safe and effective,

    but there are a large number of people who never

    get to experience the amazing benefits of chiro-practic because they are scared to have their

    spines adjusted in that way, says Dr. Michael S. Hyjek, Now,

    there is no longer a reason for anyone to be weary. The

    ProAdjuster is perfect for anyone who has been thinking about

    going to a chiropractor, but hasnt yet made that decision. Dr.

    Michael S. Hyjek, wants everyone to be able to experience these

    same benefits and if you have any of the following conditions,

    the ProAdjuster may be the answer youve been looking for

    Low back discomfort Fibromyalgia

    Sciatic nerve pain * Planter Fascitis

    Neck and shoulder pain Knee or hip pain

    TMJ dysfunction Scoliosis

    Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Arthritis

    Headaches Sports injuries

    Treatment with the ProAdjuster is consistent, measurable and

    extremely gentle. There is no guesswork, and its safe for indi-

    viduals of all ages. Call our office today and mention this article

    to receive a FREE ProAdjuster analysis to pin-point your prob-

    lem area and see how the ProAdjuster can help. Call within thenext 7 days and you will also receive a complimentary nerve

    stress scan and computerized muscle test that can show the areas

    of your stress and how its affecting your body. Call 908-876-

    8777 today to reserve your free ProAdjuster Analysis Scan.

    (Reg. $125)

    This technological marvel can help you return to a healthier

    lifestyle. You may no longer have to live with a persistent,

    painful condition. Call us today.

    Dr. Michael S. Hyjek

    2 Mountain View Ave., Long Valley, NJ 07853

    [email protected]

    Dr. Michael S. Hyjek uses the ProAdjuster to analyzea patients spine and pin-point areas of nerve impinge-ment syndrome causing malfunction and pain.

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    Four years ago, MOACC leaders changed focus to our

    members, explains Stewart. Its all about bringing value to

    the members.

    MOACC President Peter King says, the shift came and

    we looked at it as a business, came up with ideas and

    through that came the growth. The whole attitude

    changed, What can we do for you? Thats how you should

    run life. How can we help? Its going to come back to you.

    If you are going to help others, its going to come back to


    The MOACC turned its focus on how it can help the

    small businesses, start-up companies and larger corpora-


    Based in Mt. Olive, the Chamber then pushed out to

    reach businesses in Long Valley and Chester.

    A monthly Lunch and Learn business education series,

    held every fourth Tuesday, was added two years ago to dis-cuss issues such as taxes and social media.

    A young Professionals Group began last year and is held

    monthly every second Thursday to help those under 40 to

    establish their business network.

    The MOACC found out what the larger employers need-

    ed and thus last year established the Business Executive

    Council, which is held quarterly for larger business execu-

    tives to discuss businesses and projects, such as waste man-

    agement, recycling, ride sharing and community service


    Other events include an annual Breakfast with the

    Mayor; Annual Awards Dinner to recognize business person

    and humanitarian of the year, and present $1,000 scholar-

    ship to an outstanding Mt. Olive High School senior in the

    business program, set for June 10, at Centenary College in

    Hackettstown; Legislative Dinner with congressman and

    state senators in Sept.; and Holiday Dinner in December.

    While other local area chambers do exist, Stewart says

    the MOACC offers more events.

    Our focus is different, says Stewart, owner of Nexben

    Management business consulting firm in Mt. Olive. We

    have a wide variety of events. We work together as a busi-

    ness community. We work together business to business.

    We are small business owners and we try to promote that.

    Competitors could be complimentary, says Stewart.

    They could be of value to you. Web developers have part-

    nered up to do business together; they refer to each other.

    As an all volunteer chamber, the MOACC volunteers its

    time to make it happen, says Stewart. We dont charge alot of money to be a member, with basic membership costs

    of $100.

    The challenge with volunteers is to make it succeed

    and continue on that path, says Stewart who chairs the

    MOACC Executive Business Council. The work the 11

    board members put in is a little hidden; all that volunteer

    time that goes unrecognized.

    Goals are to continue the growth of Young Professionals,

    attract larger businesses, sustain membership and increase

    from 100 members to 140, says Stewart, who has been

    involved with the MOACC for seven years, and the Morris

    County Chamber of Commerce for nine years.

    Although Stewart says, Im giving up business time to

    make this successful, all of his volunteer time with the

    MOACC has been worth it.

    Stewart had started his business in Morris Township and

    says I didnt know the talent we have in my backyard. He

    says he has found a very effective network through

    MOACC, and its now become a primary resource. There

    are some outstanding people out here that without having a

    chamber I wouldnt have known about it. There are so many

    great folks I can partner with out here.

    With Marketing in the Morning businesses within the

    Mt. Olive area are finding business in the Mt. Olive area,

    and are tagging up to build web sites and enhance public

    relations, says King. You think you are working in a bub-

    ble. The recognition we get when we go outside, has been

    worth all the effort.

    Weve always been a member of the town, says King,Director of Marketing at Paragon Village in Hackettstown.

    Being involved in the MOACC, gives us another avenue to

    reaching into the town.

    As president, King says the plan for the MOACC is to

    continue the growth and the strength and tweak what we

    need to tweak. People want to learn what they dont know,

    what they dont know, they want to find out.

    The next Marketing In the Morning Program is set for

    March 19 at the Corner Pub in Flanders, and April 16 at the

    Hackettstown Regional Medical Center. To get involved

    with the MOACC, go to or visit

    the group on Facebook or linked-in.

    Interconnect With Area Chamber...continued from front page

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    Gelsamina MalangaGelsa

    Broker/Sales AssociateOffice: 908-879-4900 Ext. 150


    Coldwell Banker

    191 Main Street, Chester, NJ 07930

    I am a Full Service Seller/Buyer Agent with 28 years of experience

    Go to for Listing Information and Lots of Photos of this Home!

    Want to See what your Home is Worth in Todays Market?

    Go to and Click on Market Snapshot


    Visit and Like my Facebook Real Estate Page for Timely Real Estate

    Very Spacious 4 Bedroom, 3 Full BathHome with Lake Views! Updated Kitchenwith Granite Countertops, Lots of Cabi-nets and Countertops. Formal LivingRoom and Dining Room with lots of Win-dows. Master Bedroom with Full Bath.Large Family Room with Woodburning

    Fireplace, Large Deck off Kitchen Over-looking Backyard. 2-Car Garage. CentralAir Conditioning. Public Sewer.

    27 Cedar Street


    Interest Rates are on the Rise....No Time to Wait!

    V.P, Connie Lott, our Travel

    Chairperson, has presented a great

    agenda for 2014. This year we will

    range quite a bit farther than in the past sev-

    eral years. The following discribes when

    and where we will be traveling.

    In addition to the trips described below,

    the Club has two meetings each month, the

    2nd and 4th Tuesday. This gives you an

    opportunity to get out of the house and meet

    others and learn valuable information from

    the speakers and entertainers at our meet-

    ings. And we always welcome new mem-

    bers. Meetings are held at the Presbyterian

    Church, Main Street, Chester Boro.

    The day trips are:

    March 27 - An Italian Fest at the Staaten

    in Staten Island, NY

    Featured is Frank Sinatra Stylist Steve

    Maglio and an entertaining comedian. Also

    a fine Italian meal and great music

    for dancing. So get aboard to enjoy a good


    Sign up date March 11.

    April 23 - Jukebox Saturday Night at

    LaNeves in Haledon, NJ

    A good time is always had when Joe Zisa is

    on the stage. Join us for a trip back in time

    with dancing and singing to the old

    tunes. Sign up date April 8

    May 28 A Mardi Gras - The Jefferson

    House, Lake Hopatcong

    Wear your brightest attire and celebrate a

    Mardi Gras with us. The trip includes:

    Luncheon Buffet, Boat tour on the lake,

    Festive entertainment. Sign up date May 13

    June 12, Peddler Village in Bucks

    County, PA

    Enjoy a full day of fun, food, shopping and

    a chance to ride an old fashioned

    carousel....Breakfast Buffet

    10 games of Bingo with fashions from the

    local shops (9:30 - 11:30)

    Shopping (11:30 - 12:30)

    Mystery Theatre Luncheon (the Golden

    Girls Murder Mystery 2:30 - 3:00)

    Wine tasting or a visit to the Gardens (3:00)

    Bus departs at 5:00pm. Sign up date May 27

    September 2 - MONHONK In New Paltz,


    Come with us and enjoy a day in Music

    Week at the Monhonk. In addition to two

    musicals you will receive:

    Buffet Luncheon, 15 % discount coupons

    for the gift shops, Complimentary lemonade

    and cookies for the ride home, Souvenirs to

    take home

    Sign up date August 12 - 35 persons


    October 15 - OKTOBERFEST - PLATZL

    BRAUHAUS In Pomona, NY

    Back by popular demand. Enjoy a day of

    real German fun and great food at a genuine

    German restaurant. You can make pretzels

    and beer. Entertainment includes real

    German dancers and UM Pa Pa music. Sign

    up date September 23


    Date has yet to be determined

    Bring in the Christmas Season with a trip to

    New York City and see the famous

    Rockettes and their delightful Christmas

    show. We will enjoy Lunch at Carmines

    prior to the Rockettes. The details to fol-


    The overnight trips are:

    May 4 - 8, 5 days 4 nights - WHITE



    We will experience the natural beauty of the

    White Mountains and the culture and old

    world charm of Quebec City. First class

    luxurious accomodations at the White

    Mountain Hotel and the Fairmont Le

    Chateau Frontenac. The best French and

    American cuisine; breathtaking views of

    both areas. A trip to be remembered.

    Deluxe, climate controlled motorcoach,

    Welcome reception, 2 nights at Chateau

    Frontenac, Special cocktail pricing at the

    White Mountain, An evening of entertain-

    ment, Guided sight-seeing tour of Quebec

    City, Round trip baggage handling, All

    room and meal taxes and gratuties

    Prices: $825 double, $1115 single, $765

    triple. Sign up now with payment.

    September 13 - 21 (9 days, 4 in Branson)


    in Branson, MO

    Spacious, video, restroom equipped

    Motorcoach, 6 nights lodging with 4 in

    Branson, 14 meals: 8 breakfasts, 6 dinners,

    Casino visits in St. Louis, MO while travel-

    ing to and from Branson, Admissions to 7

    Fabulous Branson shows: 3 morning shows;

    Cassandre-Voice of an Angel Show, George

    Dyer Show and Dublin's Irish Tenors with

    special guests, The Celtic Ladies

    3 evening shows: The Haygoods Show, The

    Dutton Family Show and the "IT" Show

    Showboat Branson Belles.

    Sign up date April 22 with $100 deposit

    For more information about the Club,

    you may contact Bob Jones, President 908-

    879-5355 or Fred Weippert Vice President


    Chester's 50 Plus Club Is On The Move Again

    Black River - March 2014_Black River - Base Edition 3/13/14 3:38 PM Page 14

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    Let Freedom Ring The Coretta Scott

    King Story

    Saturday, March 22nd at 2:00 P.M.

    Actress/Singer Carmen Artis brings the his-

    toric legacy of the legendary Coretta Scoot

    King to life through the concept of a

    "Freedom Concert' which Ms. King

    Performed all over the United States and

    Europe. She chronicles the Civil Rights

    Struggle through music and narrative.

    From Ms. King's humble upbringing in

    rural Alabama and partnership with Martin

    Luther King Jr., this living biography will

    fascinate, inform and entertain all.

    Lunch n Learn

    Monday, March 24, 2014 at noon

    Topic to be announced

    Chess Club for All Ages

    Thursday, March 27, 2014 at 7:00 p.m.

    All ages, join us to play on the LEGO chess

    board and challenge a friend to a game -

    play for points/prizes. No registration

    required - must know how to play.

    *Freedom Riders Saturday, March

    29th at 1 p.m.

    Film excerpts and Discussion with Dr.

    Christopher Fisher, Associate History

    Professor at the College of New Jersey.

    Freedom Riders tells the terrifying, moving,

    and suspenseful story of a time when white

    and black volunteers riding a bus into the

    Deep South risked being jailed, beaten, or

    killed, as white local and state authorities

    ignored or encouraged violent attacks. The

    Adult March 2014 Library Programsfilm includes previously unseen amateur

    8mm footage of the burning bus on which

    some Freedom Riders were temporarily

    trapped, taken by a local twelve-year-old

    and held as evidence since 1961 by the FBI.

    Introduction to the iPad

    Monday, March 31, 2014 at 10:00 a.m.

    Did you just get a new iPad for the holidays

    and not quite sure how to navigate around

    the device and use it to its fully capacity?

    If so, join us and find out how to navigate,

    organize and download apps from the Apple

    app store. Learn some tips and tricks to

    make your life easier when using the iPad

    for personal or business use. Learn about

    some great apps for reading, writing and for

    having fun. Find out what accessories you

    can purchase that adds even more function-

    ality to your iPad.

    Call the Library at 908-876-3596 or go to to sign up for the above pro-




    Fairytale Journeys by Eric Martin has

    been helping families with Disney

    Vacations for the past three years. I

    specialize in Walt Disney World Resort

    Travel, along with having access to Disney

    Cruise Line and Disneyland Resort in

    Anaheim California. I have successfully

    completed and stay current with Disneys

    Training classes. I have access to all ongo-

    ing promotions that Disney offers on all

    their Destinations. I can help with all areas

    of your vacation from where to stay, what

    passes to get, where to eat, making the

    reservations and much much more. Best of

    all my services are Free for you to use. Your

    family time is very important, so allow me

    do all the vacation planning, while you still

    tend to your everyday routine.

    Interested in Disney Vacations?

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    By Ejvind Boccolini

    The brand new Morris County

    Sheriffs Emergency Response Team

    is now a county-wide effort, includ-

    ing law enforcement officials not only from

    within the Sheriffs Office, but those select-

    ed from law enforcement agencies around

    the county.

    Those individuals with the highest quali-

    fications and skill level earned their place

    on this elite team, which now includes 16

    selected officers, in addition to the 17 from

    the Sheriff's Office (from two different

    bureaus - the Bureau of Law Enforcement

    and the Bureau of Corrections) that were

    selected prior to the recent testing.

    The S.E.R.T (Sheriff's Emergency

    Response Team) Commander Eugene Fluri,was interviewed recently by the Morristown

    News about his background and philoso-

    phies behind this difficult law enforcement


    Fluri served 26 years with the state

    police, and retired as the regional com-

    mander (captain) in Troop B (northern New

    Jersey). Before that he was the station com-

    mander with the Marine Service Unit, in

    Port Newark, NJ, and previously a member

    of an elite emergency response unit in

    another region of New Jersey. He started hiscareer by serving 10 years on the road as a

    New Jersey State Trooper.

    His extensive experience and training

    will lend itself well to the S.E.R.T. unit, and

    now Sheriff Edward Rochford is mention-

    ing how honored he is to have Fluri as


    Fluri calls it a "unique opportunity"

    because this is a now county-wide effort

    and the first time Morris County has an

    emergency response unit like this one.

    "This team is brand new," Fluri said,adding that he likes the mentoring aspect.

    Fluri said his team has an excellent mix

    of veteran officers; individuals with military

    experience; young, aspiring officers; and

    former tactical officers all with the strength,

    stamina, and know-how to make for a

    superb team.

    Im really happy with the selection, he


    These individuals chosen for the team

    have endured some of the most rigorousworkouts and nurtured courage and deter-

    mination for what can be, quite simply, very

    high-risk work. And the training is, indeed,

    continuous for members of this team.

    The selection process includes physical

    testing; firearm's testing; a verbal test;

    SWAT (Special Weapons And Tactics) train-

    ing course; and a medical screening. All

    current members succeeded through these

    phases before being chosen, and then

    recently a ceremony was held in which they

    were officially sworn in.They perform search and rescue mis-

    sions, respond to crimes, emergencies, nat-

    ural disasters, high-risk arrests, and threats

    of all kinds to the community. They provide

    dignitary protection as well, and work with

    the secret service upon request.

    Fluri explained that sometimes, nothing

    much happens during certain portions of the

    day. But other times, a true emergency

    exists - or great danger exists - and SERT

    members put their high level of physical,

    mental and intuitive skills to work.Fluri said, with the individuals on the

    SERT team, "integrity has to be a huge,

    huge part of our personnel." They have to

    want the job for the right reasons, he said.

    In the course of providing their service to

    the county, they are continuing to train, and

    provide coverage in discreet ways as

    SERT members did for the Super Bowl

    though they were in plain clothes and not

    known to members of the public.

    In Morris County, the emergency

    response team dates back to the early 1990s,though this is now the first time that all

    agencies in the county can participate, if


    The team is on the path of continuous

    learning, Fluri said, noting that there are

    Sheriffs Emergency Response Team Is Elite, And Now, County-Wide

    always new factors in our community and

    our world, and they have to continue to

    branch out, and observe and study what is


    SWAT teams have been around since the

    1920s, but became more prominent in met-

    ropolitan areas and cities during times of

    civil unrest, particularly in the 1960s. In the

    past, they were referred to a riot squads.

    Fluri said there is a need for these teams,

    and they have to be governed and stay with-

    in the constitution.

    Fluri said his team trains for "all threats,

    all emergencies, all crimes."

    In addition some tasks mentioned in this

    article, SERT members provide local law

    enforcement agencies with assistance

    against active shooters, search and rescue

    operations, floods and other natural disas-

    ters, and train weekly for responding to

    these calls.

    continued on page 4

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    CS Gymnastics Shadows Team flex their muscles at States March 15-16.

    Pictured are: Lucas, Vedh, Scott, Ryan, Jack.

    CS Gymnastics Shadows Team



    SOME MORE Join us for

    Eleventh Hour Rescues 2nd AnnualSpay-Ghetti Dinner and enjoy carbs and

    comfort food for a great cause!

    Attendees will feast on spaghetti, meat-

    balls and other treats prepared by Eleventh

    Hour Rescues volunteer chefs. The pro-

    ceeds for this important fund raising event

    will help raise much-needed funds to cover

    the costs of spaying and neutering for the

    thousands of rescued animals Eleventh

    Hour Rescue has under their care each year.

    The Spay-ghetti Dinner will also be an

    opportunity to promote the importance of

    spay and neuter to the local community.

    This is a people only event so leave the 4

    legged family members at home.

    Each ticket includes delicious, unlimited

    salad, bread, spaghetti, and meatballs. Due

    to the regulations at the venue, all bever-

    ages, both non-alcoholic and alcoholic, are

    available for additional cash purchase each.

    Delicious home-made desserts too will beavailable for additional cash purchase as

    well. In addition to the scrumptious meal,

    there will be a 50-50 raffle, an extensive

    tricky tray assortment to place your bids,

    and more for your enjoyment. Winners

    need not be present.

    This important event will be held at the

    Lake Hopatcong Elks Lodge, 201 Howard

    Blvd, Mt Arlington, NJ 07856, on Sunday,

    March 16, 2014. There will be 3 separate

    seatings: 2:00pm, 4:00pm, and 6:00pm.

    Advanced ticket purchase is: $15 per adult

    and $10 per child 12 and under. Tickets

    purchased at the door are: $20 per adult and

    $15 per child 12 and under.

    Advanced Ticket Purchases can be made

    conveniently online at:

    2nd Annual Spay-Ghetti DinnerPresented by Eleventh Hour Rescue

    Get Your Business Noticed with the



    Call 973-252-9889 for information

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    Deborah Waddell,Dipl. Ac., C.A.

    Valley Professional Center, 59 East Mill Road (Rt. 24),Suite 2-201-A, Long Valley, New Jersey, 07853 (908) 876-3643

    Treating: Mental and Emotional Issues

    Musculo-skeletal and Neurological

    Upper Respiratory Tract

    Gastrointestinal Disorders Reproductive System


    Deborah Torrance,Dipl. Ac., C.A.

    Increasingly, people are looking for more naturalapproaches to help relieve painful conditions rather thanrelying on pain medications with their myriad of side

    effects. Acupuncture has no side effects and can be helpfulfor treating all types of pain, regardless of what is causingthe pain or where it is located. Some studies show that thepain relief Acupuncture provides can last for months oreven indefinitely.

    Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) of the brain beforeand after Acupuncture treatment for pain shows dramaticdecreases in brain activity up to 70%. This decrease inbrain activity in certain areas of the brain is thought to bethe reason for the reduction of pain caused the Acupuncturetreatments. Other studies have shown that the levels ofendorphins dramatically increase after Acupuncture treat-ments. Endorphins are our bodys natural pain killers. Inaddition to reducing pain, Acupuncture also hastens thehealing process by increasing circulation and attractingwhite blood cells to an injured area.

    The basis of Acupuncture is expressed in this famousChinese saying: Bu tong ze tong, tong ze bu tong whichmeans free flow: no pain, no free flow: pain. In otherwords, any kind of pain or illness represents an obstructionin the normal flow of Qi or life force (energy). Simply put,

    Acupuncture moves Qi, hence flow is restored and healingbegins.

    Lets take a look at Acupuncture and low back pain. Didyou know that low back pain affects approximately 75 90% of people in this country at some point in their lives?The common cold holds the number one position as themost common ailment causing lost work days. Most peo-ple seek out Acupuncture to treat low back pain more thanany other illness.

    How Chinese Medicine Views Low Back PainAlmost 85% of the low back cases are classified by

    Western physicians as non-specific. When a patient isseen by an Acupuncturist, the back pain is looked at from

    Oriental medical perspective and is seen as a disruption ofthe flow of Qi within the area, associated with a specificimbalance and then treated according to the individualssigns and symptoms.

    The disruption or obstruction of the flow of Qi thatresults in low back pain is usually associated with the fol-lowing three imbalances or disharmonies within the body:

    1. Weak or deficient Kidney Qi In oriental medi-cine, the lower back is referred to as the dwelling of theKidneys. The majority of chronic low back pain conditionsare associated with Kidney deficiency. This type of condi-tion usually manifests as a dull pain that comes and goesand is aggravated by overuse and overtiredness andimproves with rest.

    2. Stagnation of Qi and Blood When the flow of Qiwithin the channels or meridians along the back that tra-verse the lumbar region becomes congested or obstructed, itis referred to as the stagnation of Qi and blood. Stagnationof Qi and blood causes a stabbing fixed pain that is oftenworse with rest and better with movement.

    3. Invasion of Cold and Dampness Cold, damp typelow back pain is often worse in the morning and when theweather is cold and damp. Contrary to what Western med-icine believes, weather can definitely affect pain when it isderived from an invasion of Cold and Dampness. This typeof pain improves with movement and the application ofheat.

    Now there are studies that support the efficacy ofAcupuncture for low back pain. While acupuncture hasbeen readily accepted as a viable option for low back painin modern mainstream medicine, there had been little

    research to prove that it works. That is no longer the case.In a German study, published in the Archives of InternalMedicine, 1,162 adults with chronic, lower back pain weredivided into groups treated with the standard pharmaceuti-cal and exercise therapy commonly used in Western medi-cine and Acupuncture. The researchers reported thatAcupuncture provided relief and lasting benefit to nearlytwice as many lower back pain patients as drugs and exer-cise. Forty-eight percent of the Acupuncture patientsreported at least a 1/3 decrease in pain along with improve-ment in their ability to function, versus only 27% of thepatients treated with conventional Western methods. As weall know, it is very easy to become addicted to pain medica-

    tions particularly when taking these medications for longterm use, which is often the case with back pain patients.

    In another recent study published in the Annals ofInternal Medicine, researchers from the University OfMaryland School Of Medicine analyzed 33 studies cover-ing more than 2,100 patients from around the world onAcupuncture for low back pain. They found Acupuncture

    Acupuncture and Pain Managementprovided definite pain relief in the both the short and longterm after the end of Acupuncture treatment.

    Are you plagued by back pain, have you consideredAcupuncture? If you or someone you love suffers fromacute and chronic back pain, call Skylands Acupuncture &Wellness Center to find out more about how Acupunctureand Oriental medicine can help you.

    Deborah Waddell completed her Master s level

    degree from the Eastern School of Acupuncture in Mont-

    clair, NJ. She received her Acupuncture Certification

    from the New Jersey Board of of Medical Examiners

    (C.A.) and from the National Commission for the

    Certification of Acupuncturists (Dipl. Ac.). Deborah also

    has a degree in Biology and Chemistry with summa cum

    laude Honors from Felician College.-

    When considering the threat of air pollution, manypeople immediately note the damage done byexcessive emissions from vehicles and factories.

    However, the air inside a home is susceptible to pol lution aswell. The following are some of the more common sources

    of indoor air pollution that can prove just as harmful tohuman beings as those sources emanating from outside ourhomes.

    * Carpet: Some materials in carpet emit volatile organiccompounds, or VOCs, which are emitted as gases and canhave both short- and long-term adverse health effects. Theconcentration of many VOCs is as much as 10 times higherindoors than outdoors. When purchasing new carpet, home-owners can choose low-VOC adhesives that do not containformaldehyde. It's also ideal to install new carpet in springor early summer, when windows can be opened to air outthe carpet for several hours without compromising comfortfor those people inside the home.

    * Glue: Glue is widely considered a handy cure-all forminor problems around the house, but glue may also becompromising your health. Certain glues and adhesives likerubber cement emit VOCs, which can irritate the eyes andeven the nervous system, and some may even emit toxicformaldehyde. When purchasing glues and other adhesives,opt for water-based products and avoid using glues andadhesives in smaller, poorly ventilated areas of your home.

    * Air fresheners: The U.S. Environmental ProtectionAgency notes that many household air fresheners almostcontinuously release pollutants. While some air freshenersare safe, the best way to freshen air in a home is to open the

    windows and let fresh air inside. When possible, open thewindows to let fresh air in rather than relying on potential-ly harmful store-bought air fresheners.

    * Older appliances: Old or malfunctioning stoves, fur-naces and space heaters pose both safety and health risksaround a home. Old or malfunctioning stoves increase therisk of fire around a home. But such products also intermit-tently release pollutants, putting residents' health in jeop-ardy. Homeowners should look into replacing especially oldappliances, as today's newer products are both more effi-cient and liable to emit fewer pollutants than older products.Malfunctioning products should be fixed immediately orreplaced if repairs are unlikely to significantly extend the

    life expectancy of the product.

    Common Sourcesof Indoor Air Pollution

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    Baggage Handling Including Gratuities

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    Smaller Groups. 20 to 40 guests per tour.

    More Legroom. Deluxe, state-of-the-artmotorcoaches with EXTRA legroom.

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    Buffet Breakfast Daily. A very hearty start toeach day!

    6 Dinners & 1 Lunch. Including pasta or soup,

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    Wireless Headset to hear your guide clearlyand distinctly in public places.

    1 Tote Bag Per Person, baggage tags and traveldocuments included.

    Baggage Handling. Never touch your bag!(except at airports)

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    Half-day Tour to Delos

    Visit of Local Wine Museum

    including wine tasting.

    1 Deluxe Backpack & Document Wallet p/p

    Baggage Handling throughout

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    Enter to win tickets to events, localtheaters and gift certificates and more

    All you have to do it

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    By Ejvind Boccolini

    New Morris County Clerk Ann F.

    Grossi was surprised when she

    learned about a job opening for

    county clerk, but her ability to successfully

    earn this title was no surprise, due to her

    great legal and management experience.

    In an interview with the Morristown

    News recently, Grossi, who is serving a five-

    year term as clerk until Dec. 31, 1018, said

    she did not know that previous clerk Joan

    Bramhall (who served from 1999 to 2013)

    was going to retire, but instead thought that

    Bramhall may serve another five years as


    Grossi previously thought about the pos-

    sibility of serving as county clerk, but noted

    that she had plans to run for freeholder again

    a job which she enjoyed very much. But

    when Bramhall retired, Grossi noted that the

    opportunity presented itself and came out

    of left field.

    Now, Grossi thanks her helpful and

    impressive staff for its efficiency, and will

    continue to offer strong, and excellent public

    service. Grossi also wants to bring the

    clerks office to a new level of technology

    and open a satellite office perhaps in the

    Rockaway Townsquare Mall.

    Grossi said the clerks office is deposito-

    ry for legal documents - deeds, mortgages,

    trade names, and maps. It also issues pass-

    ports, county ids, and veteran ids.

    Grossi herself has a strong legal back-

    ground, having worked as an attorney with a

    private practice, and was a freeholder for 3

    years in Morris County, on council in

    Parsippany, and served as council vice pres-


    Grossi also worked for the state as Chief

    Morris County Clerk Ann F. Grossi Brings Strong Management,And Excellent Legal Background To County

    of Enforcement of the New Jersey

    Department of Law and Public Safety, over-

    seeing 5 offices and also 3 satellite offices.

    As an attorney, she is very well-versed in

    civil service, and union contracts negotiation

    and arbitration. She also served as counsel

    for several libraries in Morris County.

    As a freeholder in Morris County, she

    said the position gave me a full back-

    ground for what the county does.

    Now, she has 34 individuals on staff not

    including the deputy.

    Grossi notes that the county performs a

    myriad of functions for its residents, some of

    which may be unknown to its community

    members. The many departments operate in

    a most effective way, working to keep mat-

    ters in balance at all times.

    Things get done because the county gets

    them done, said Grossi, adding that some-

    times not everyone knows that tasks are

    being successfully completed and that it is

    the county officials and employees that

    achieve this for its residents.

    I have a great staff here, Grossi said,

    thanking her officials and employees.

    Grossi noted that she wants to enhance

    and automate, within reason, more facets of

    the county.

    She also wants the community to know

    they are open for business. The hours are

    8 am to 4:30 pm, Mondaythrough Friday,

    with Registry recording offered until 4 pm.

    There are hours on Wednesday until 7 pm

    for passports only, and the location of the

    County Clerks office is the first floor of the

    Administration and Records Building on

    Court Street in Morristown. Residents of

    any New Jersey county can use the passport


    Grossi said there are many ancient docu-

    ments on file in the clerks office, and gave

    an example by showing the 1906 Morris

    County Manual. It lists towns, legislative

    districts, county offices, commissions, and


    I think a lot of people call us about pass-

    ports, she said, adding that the office col-

    lects recording and filing fees. She said,

    through our fees the state gets the lion's

    share, and added that the clerks office

    receives a fee for every document they file.

    In 2012, the clerks office generated $36

    million, and in 2013, $50 million. The coun-

    ty received about 7 or 8 million dollars in

    continued on next page

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    2012, for example, and that is one tax point.

    The clerks office also has an online doc-

    ument research facility, in which communi-

    ty members can perform an official records

    public search, and Grossi said the clerksoffice is launching facebook page.

    Grossi said she wants to move the clerks

    office into a new level of technology, and

    this will include electronic transmissions

    with respect to additional services that the

    clerks office offers.

    The clerks office is not yet ready to do

    deeds with e-filing, but otherwise the clerks

    office is operational with respect to e-filing.

    Were looking forward to getting that

    done, Grossi said, referring to the e-filing

    of deeds.Grossi also wants to have a satellite

    office in, perhaps the Rockaway

    Townsquare Mall, and wants to implement

    outreach passport services. They will look to

    have a caravan schedule advertised, in

    which there will be a mobile unit out in the

    field where people can take advantage of the


    Grossi said the clerks office was estab-

    lished in 1739, and is one of three constitu-

    tional offices (county, sheriff and surrogate).

    It is established by statute, meaning that it is

    in the N.J. Constitution. As clerk, Grossi

    also performs weddings, and the clerks

    office tabulates the results of the election


    This is tradition, as is the way they decide

    what order the names of candidates within agiven contest will appear on a ballot. They

    have a "hat box in which they put the name

    of each candidate (written on a piece of

    paper) inside its own tiny glass container.

    Containers are handpicked, randomly, and

    the first one handpicked gets on the ballot

    first, and so on.

    Visit website www.morriscountyclerk.

    org/ and residents will notice that the top

    paragraph of the page conveniently lists

    some important services that are offered.

    There are clickable links in blue type todirect community members to the proper

    destination to get all the information they


    The paragraph reads: Visit our office to

    get a passport, record and file land transac-

    tions, apply to become a Notary Public, get

    a County ID Card, or during election time,

    vote in person. Our goal is to continue the

    excellent public service youve come to

    expect from the Morris County Clerks


    continued from previous page

    Morris County Clerk...

    The fifth-annual cross country race,

    Tackle the Trail 5K & 1-Mile

    Fitness/Dog Walk will be held onSunday, April 13, 2014. This event takes

    place at Central Park of Morris County in

    Parsippany on a course featuring varying

    terrain with beautiful views. Registrants

    enjoy long sleeve wicking t-shirts, awards,

    giveaways, music, and refreshments. Pre-

    registration is only $20; $25 for race day

    registration. Pre-registration ends April 9.


    7:00 a.m. - 8:45 a.m. Registration and

    packet pick up

    9:00 a.m. - 1-Mile Fitness/Dog Walk start

    9:15 a.m. - 5K start

    10:00 a.m. - Awards (approximate time)Last year, Tackle the Trail attracted over

    200 runners and walkers, ranging in age

    from 6 to 72, from New Jersey, New York,

    and Pennsylvania.

    The Morris County Park Commission

    features one of the regions best park sys-

    tems in the state of New Jersey. It currently

    protects and maintains 18,600 acres at 38

    distinct sites plus offers a year-round calen-

    dar of events and activities for all to enjoy!

    Tackle the Trail 5K & 1-MileFitness/Dog Walk at Central Park

    of Morris County

    Sunday Breakfast Fundraiser on April,

    20 from 8:00am-11:30am at the

    Musconetcong Lodge #42 F&AM,

    located at Rt. 46 and International Dr., Budd


    Breakfast is served buffet style menu

    scrambled eggs, pancakes, Belgian waffles,

    Texas French toast, bacon, sausage, pork

    roll, home fries, OJ, apple juice, coffee, tea,

    milk and chocolate milk.

    So come and enjoy a delicious breakfast

    at a reasonable price . Adults $7.00 Sr. $6.00

    Children $4.00 Pay at door. Questions call.


    Sunday Breakfast Fundraiser

    Next Issue Date April 15, 2014, Deadline April 4Call for info. 973-252-9889

    P 22 M h 2014 T ll Th Y S I I Th Bl k Ri N Lik f b k f b k / li

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    Please Note: The views and opinions of these columns does not reflect the view and opinions of MJ Media LLC. Contact the individual writers with your feedback.

    Thomas Lotito reporting

    2014 is a congressional election year.

    Washington Twp., 7th district

    Representative Leonard Lance, is

    being challenged in the primary by

    Businessman David Larsen of Tewsksbury.

    Inside word is, the 7th district doesn't sup-

    port establishment Republicans ideals and

    Leonard Lance is nervous about Larsen'sbid, causing Lance to almost double the

    amount of money he'll spend on the race

    than he spent in 2012.

    Fact: Rep. Lance lost in Washington

    Twp. and Morris County primaries by more

    than a 2-1 margin in 2012, and the word is

    he is very concerned about this portion of

    the district. Lance represents himself in

    political mailers as a conservative but he's

    not. His voting record tells a different story.

    Lance votes more with Obama and

    Democrats then he does for conservativecauses. Lance was given cover by the house

    leadership to vote against his own provision

    in the Farm Bill to raise oil prices to con-

    sumers because it's an election year. The

    Farm Bill passed and is a massive corporate

    and welfare giveaway of almost a trillion

    dollars.($956.4 billion)

    Lance's provision in the Farm Bill will

    ad three cents a gallon to the price of home

    heating oil to give nearly 50 million to

    "National Oilheat Research Alliance" (

    NORA)Dave Larsen of Tewksbury, a Ronald

    Regan Conservative with a strong faith in

    God, believes in the sanctity of the family

    and is a pro-life advocate. Dave Larsen is

    also a strong supporter of the second

    amendment, is also pro-busisness and

    believes the country is headed in the wrong

    direction under the current administration.

    Larsen believes in a strong dollar and that

    you should keep more of the money you

    earn, not the government. Larsen will not

    vote to raise taxes and will support a bal-anced budget. Larsen will never vote to

    fund Obamacare and you can count on him

    to vote to repeal it.

    Now onto the Senate Race, starring Cory

    Booker. Republicans are running scared, no

    one in the N.J. Republican party wants to

    run against Corrie Booker because they

    know Booker will win hands down, even if

    he doesn't campaign or run TV ads. During

    the Senate Race last year against Steve

    Lonnegan, Booker never once campaigned

    in South of Woodbridge and beat Steve

    Lonnegan soundly.

    I've stayed away from criticizing Gov.

    Chris Christie's exploits up until this point

    because of close personal ties to my local

    Republican party, but no more. The gloves

    are off.

    Christie has made a mess of the

    Republican party. First by stabbing Romneyin the back in 2012 by inviting Obama to

    N.J. for a photo op during the aftermath of

    Hurricane Sandy just before the election.

    Christie, with his N.J. Soprano's style of

    bullying and governing, was not happy with

    the way he was treated by the Romney cam-

    paign. His Kubuki dance with president

    Obama, besides being an embarrassment,

    was a payback to the Romney Campaign for

    being turned down for the vice president

    slot. The Romeny Campaign saw Christie

    as a loose cannon and did not want to soiltheir reputation having Christie as a VP.

    But where was the president when his

    dance partner, Chris Christie was being

    attacked by the media for his administra-

    tion's closing the George Washington bridge

    as a political payback for not receiving the

    endorsement of Fort Lee's Democratic

    Mayor? I believe that Christie knew about

    the bridge closing because no one inside a

    political campaign or an administration

    does anything on their own or they would

    immediately be fired because of the prob-lems that it would cause.

    Yes, there are no emails to prove my

    assertion but often operatives inside an

    administration are told not to email the can-

    didate or office holder directly because it

    wold distract them. What I'm saying is there

    are no emails because Christie was told or

    ordered the bridge closing verbally in a pri-

    vate meeting. That's my opinion, take it for

    what it's worth.

    Christie's pandering to the president

    however did cause him to win by an over-whelming margin in his reelection for

    Governor. But bear in mind, Christie had no

    coat tails in the legislature and is caving in

    to every liberal Democrat progressive

    dream by approving same sex marriage and

    common core in our schools. I don't want

    Christie to do this to America and the

    Congress if elected president.

    I digress, I voted for a Republican

    Governor in 2009 and I expected Chris

    Christie to appoint a strong Republican to

    by Harlin Parker

    Politicians on the right hate govern-

    ment. We all get that. But politicians

    of all stripes bemoan taxes. Rare is

    the politician who comes right out and

    advocates for raising taxes. Of course we

    all know that the right wingers, in their dis-

    dain for government, would rather plunge a

    knife into their own hearts before theyd

    ever vote for a raise in anyones taxes.

    Well, at least thats the party line even

    though it is not true. Youll remember that

    Governor Christie and his flock have voted

    a number of times, with no problem, to raise

    taxes, mostly hitting the least well off in our

    state. That little trick entailed repealing

    property tax rebates. Since the wealthiest in

    New Jersey no longer receive these rebates,

    Im thinking it was much easier for the

    Republicans to vote for this. OK no, theytechnically did not vote for a raise in taxes.

    Thats true. And thats what they keep

    telling us. But the only, and direct, result of

    the vote was to raise taxes on those of us

    least able to afford those additional proper-

    ty taxes. And here we see the old slight of

    hand, the dissembling that goes on, as

    politicians say one thing while they do the

    polar opposite. Youre shocked?

    Surprised? I certainly hope not.

    So along with all the other shenanigansour well fed Governor has been up to, many

    of which are finally seeing the light of day,

    comes the revelation that last years rise of

    bridge and tunnel tolls was somehow stage

    managed to make our governor, and New

    Yorks governor, look like heroes as they

    stood strong for us, the meek little taxpayers

    and motorists, as they did battle for us

    against the rapacious Port Authority board.

    It was an epic battle. Yes, it was. The two

    governors fought hard, fought the good

    fight, and were able to beat back the raise intolls although they were unable to prevent


    Our former governor, or acting governor,

    whichever youd prefer, Richard Cody, in

    response to the news reports about the kabu-

    ki dance between the governors and the Port

    Authority, proclaimed that he was shocked!

    Yes indeed, shocked! And surprised! I

    think he was really, really disappointed too.

    What an outrageous thing to do to the good

    people of New Jersey, and even those of

    New York! Why, this is not how things are

    supposed to work. Oh where is the hon-

    esty? Oh where is the transparency? Oh,

    this will not do. No, this will not do. Were

    you shocked? Were you surprised? I cer-

    tainly hope not.

    And now come reports of 50 or so peo-

    ple Christie placed on the Port Authority

    payroll. No aptitude or experience for the

    jobs required. Just a connection. I dont

    believe these new reports include the gover-

    nors high school pal, David Wildstein,

    who, shortly after Christie became gover-

    nor, was given a job at the Port Authority

    that had never existed before and, since

    Wildsteins less-than-glamorous departure,

    exists again no more. Are you shocked?

    Are you surprised? I certainly hope not.

    Lets understand something. New Jerseyisnt unique in this but we clearly do it up to

    an extreme. Many years ago, all of these

    authorities and commissions did not

    exist. The ports, the water systems, the

    highways, all were run by government, state

    and even local. But some time ago our

    political leaders learned how delightfully

    magical these quasi-governmental entities

    could be. No longer would our government,

    run by people we get to elect, run things.

    No, by establishing a separate authority, youcan raise money by borrowing (with no

    politician voting to borrow a dime) and

    imposing fees (which are not taxes, and

    again with no politician voting for any

    fees). Plus, these authorities and commis-

    sions are wonderful places to employ the

    ner do well supporters, family members,

    and hangers on of politicians and political

    parties. A three-fer. What joy! No politi-

    cian has to take any responsibility for any-


    So when money needs to be raised to payfor, oh, a bridge repair, no politician