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Community Collaboration Convergence on Obesity Prevention Paula Przywojski, Registered Dietitian Black River Memorial Hospital Black River Falls, Wisconsin

Paula Przywojski, Registered Dietitian Black River Memorial Hospital Black River Falls, Wisconsin

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Paula Przywojski, Registered Dietitian Black River Memorial Hospital Black River Falls, Wisconsin Slide 2 Small rural community in West Central Wisconsin consisting of farm and forest land Largest city is Black River Falls with a population of 2500 persons. Six small towns/villages, comprise the rest of the county creating a total population of 20,449. ( Slide 3 A small population of migrant Hispanic workers and community members are also present within Jackson County as well as Amish. Native Americans (primarily Ho-Chunk Nation) comprise 6.2% of the county population and the Ho-Chunk Nation Administrative and Legislative Offices are located within Jackson County. High rate of poverty, suicide, obesity and infant mortality 65% Overweight and/or Obese Slide 4 Many active community partnerships provide support for a variety of community programs Slide 5 Walking/bike trail around perimeter of Black River Falls Much opportunity for outdoor recreation duet to natural beauty of area and number of County and State parks Community support for area parks, pools, and recreation center Strong community coalition and active community agencies: Lunda Trust, Black River Falls Are Foundation, Hoffman Construction and other area businesses Slide 6 Slide 7 Formed in early 2011with support and leadership of Emily Reynolds, MPA Community Outreach Specialist A Project of the WI Comprehensive Cancer Control Program Sponsoring Partners: - Black River Memorial Hospital - Black River Falls School District - Ho-Chunk Nation - Jackson County Public Health Department - Jackson County UW-Extension, Cooperative Extension - Together for Jackson County Kids Slide 8 Community Gardens will be abundant throughout the county A farm to School Program would be implemented within each school district and hospital in Jackson County Communities outside Black River Falls will have access to walking trails A harvest of the month program will be implemented throughout the county Healthier restaurant options/choices Slide 9 Vision: Community environments within Jackson County will promote and support healthy Lifestyles Mission: Promotes healthy lifestyles for children, their families, and the greater community Long term goal: Decrease the prevalence of obesity by promoting healthy eating and opportunities for physical activity Baseline: 30.5% of adults aged 20 years and older have a BMI of 30 or greater (2010 CHIP) Goal: By December 2015, reduce the percentage of obesity to 25% Received 2 grants: Change Tool and Rural Health Care Slide 10 Partnered with local grocery store to implement and sustain the first Friday of every month from 4-6 pm. Kick-off was March1st ! Support healthy food choices through increased access and consumption of fruits and vegetables Strive to promote locally grown produce. Tasting samples and recipes provided Goal is to add schools into the monthly rotation of produce to highlight Slide 11 Slide 12 Partnering with 500 Club from GundersenLutheran to offer this service to area restaurants. Current members: Taco Johns, McDonalds, Black River Memorial Hospital Cafeteria New member: Burnstads Grocery Stores Continuing to pursue this with other mostly independent establishments. Slide 13 Held on April 8 Goal: Educate community members on obesity prevention and publicize the work of Jackson in Action. Screening segments of HBO series, Weight of the Nation with panel discussion of health care providers from local agencies Taste testing and samples from area 500 club restaurants and healthier options from Black River School District. Slide 14 Bring partners together to create a cohesive Farmers Market Organize and distribute take-home garden plots Organize 2 Walk with the Docs/health care providers events Recruit 3 new partners to join Jackson in Action Coordinate local childhood obesity data. Slide 15 Involved in monthly Diabetes Education and Support Group Recently completed a 4 week Nutrition 101 series of evening classes that were open to the public- held during March National Nutrition month- great turnout with ~ 70 people at each session On leadership team of Jackson in Action Obesity Coalition Black River Memorial Hospital committed to making Jackson County a healthier community to live, work and play!