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Black River Technical College Paragould

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Black River Technical College Paragould. Room Utilization. Student Population Growth. Paragould Student Services. Total Office Dimensions: 29’ X 14’. Student Services Front Desk. Financial Aid Desk. Advisement/Financial Aid Desk. Advisement Desk: Erin Holland. FERPA Compliance. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of Black River Technical College Paragould

Black River Technical College Paragould

Black River Technical CollegeParagouldRoom Utilization

1Student Population GrowthSemester and YearNumber of StudentsFall 2008468Fall 2009690Fall 2010840Fall 2011880Paragould Student ServicesSemester & YearNumber of Student Service Personnel in ParagouldFall 20081Fall 20092Fall 20104Fall 20114Total Office Dimensions: 29 X 14

Student Services Front Desk

Financial Aid Desk

Advisement Desk: Erin Holland

Advisement/Financial Aid DeskFERPA ComplianceFERPA AWARE!:If an eligible student believes that a school has improperly disclosed personally identifiable information from his or her education records to a third party, the student may complete a FERPA complaint form and should include the following specific information: the date or approximate date the alleged disclosure occurred or the date the student learned of the disclosure; the name of the school official who made the disclosure, if that is known; the third party to whom the disclosure was made; and the specific nature of the education records disclosed. ( Faculty DistributionSemester & YearInstructorsFull-Time ParagouldFull-Time Instructors teaching on both campusesFull-Time/Part-Time ParagouldAdjunctTotal InstructorsFall 20084521627Fall 20096742340Fall 201081042648Fall 201171341741Faculty OfficesFaculty Offices: 5 offices; 1 converted closet; and one converted classroom with sectionals (9 instructors share this area 20 x 30)

Paragould Class OfferingsSemester & YearTotal Number of Paragould Classes (10 classrooms)Total Number of CVN ClassesFall 2008756Fall 20091117Fall 201012514Fall 2011117 12Total # of classrooms: 10/14Total # of Computer Labs: 2/3Total # of Science Labs: 1CVN Room Utilization 2008Fall 2008 Classes held in TC106Room Utilization: Total Capacity: 36Used As CVNUsed as regular classroomBasic Human Nutrition24XFreshman English I15XFreshman English I11XFreshman English I30Freshman English II23XWorld Lit I21XIntro to Cost Acct7XAccounting I4XAdv Reading Technology20XLanguage Fundamentals12XPrinciples of Macro18XPrinciples of Supervision4XIntro to Taxes19XCVN Room Utilization 2009Fall 2009 Classes held in TC106Room Utilization: Total Capacity: 36Used As CVNUsed as regular classroomIntro to Psych21XBasic Human Nutrition23XMath for Nurses29XIntro Cost Acct5XPrin Acct II6XPrin of Macro9XPrin of Supervision6XPersonal Fin. Plng12XIntro to Taxes9XPrin of Acct II23XCVN Room Utilization 2010Fall 2010 Classes held in TC106Room Utilization: Total Capacity: 36Used As CVNUsed as regular classroomSmall Bus Mgmt8XIntro to Cost Acct5XAcct I4XCrim Investigaton12XBus Communication4XIntro to Taxes6XPrin of Macro8XPrin of Macro9XPrin of Supervision8XPer Financial Plan20XPrin of Micro8XPrin Acct I12XPrin Acct I6XPrin Acct I7XCVN Room Utilization 2011Fall 2011 Classes held in TC106Room Utilization: Total Capacity 36Used As CVNUsed as regular classroomCommunity Relations5XPolice Adm & Mgmt3XIntro to Chem19XIntro Cost Acct1XIntro Mang Acct3XProfessional Development5XAcct I 4XIntro to Taxes4XFinancial Acct7XPer Finan Pln13XPrin of Micro11XFinancial Acct12XProposed SolutionProposed Solution; Step #1Move Student Services to PAC 138.JustificationPAC 138 seats 32; CVN TC 106 seats 36; Total gain of 4 seatsEstablish offices in PAC 138 to house the 3 Student Services Officers and reception desk for secretary. Establish 1 office for Pathways Representative/AdjunctsEstablish 2 Instructor offices.

Moving Student Services from Technical Complex to Academic BuildingProposed SolutionProposed Solution; Step #1PAC138 has Technology/Location AdvantagesPhone lines already run to that classroomInternet access already run to that classroomParking is easily accessible No competition with industry or student population when potential students visit Student Services

Proposed SolutionProposed Solution; Step #2Move CVN Lab to vacated Student Services Room Dimensions: 29 X 14Limit size of CVN classes in Paragould to 15. Use vacated individual office for Computer Services personnel. Site already has cable connection for TV.

Moving CVN to Student ServicesProposed SolutionProposed Solution; Step #2Either/OrA. move CVN equipment from TC 106 to vacated Student Services area (or)B. invest in new CVN equipment and put in vacated Student Services areaThis allows us the convenience of a larger lab if there is a need. (2008/09 revisited)

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