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  • 7/31/2019 Black River - Augsut -FINAL


    Vol. 4 No. 8 August 21, 2012

    Proverbs 3:5




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    Senior Girl Scout Maggie Drake of Troop 3100, LongValley, wanted to raise awareness of the Food Pantry

    in her community. With this goal in mind, she tookher love of baking to help local families in need for her GirlScout Gold Award project.

    After researching the needs in her community, Drakediscovered that over seventy families in her town benefitfrom the Long Valley Food Pantry regularly. For her proj-ect entitled Baking A Difference, she chose to help thosefamilies in need and to educate others about how they canhelp as well. She held three workshops for younger GirlScouts where they packaged their own home-baked cookiesto be included in the holiday baskets distributed to the FoodPantry families during the Thanksgiving, Christmas, and

    Easter seasons. The workshops also included a number ofstations to create cards for the cookie boxes, a tour of theLong Valley Food Pantry, and a decorate your own cup-cake snack station. She also received donations of home-baked cookies from other Girl Scout troops, CCD classes,and the Garden Club of Long Valley. With these generouscookie donations, Drake was able to spread holiday cheereven further by distributing cookies to homebound seniorsthrough the Meals on Wheels program and to the LordsPantry at the Trinity United Methodist Church inHackettstown. Between the three workshops, over 500dozen cookies were baked and donated to families in need.

    In addition to the cookies, she set up food donationboxes in local churches to collect contributions of holidaybaking supplies. These supplies, which are not routinelystocked in the Food Pantry, allowed patrons to bake theirown special treats for the holidays.

    Drake has been active in Troop 3100 since kindergartenand has previously earned the Girl Scout Bronze and Silverawards as well as the Bronze and Silver Leadership awards.This fall she will be a senior at West Morris Central HighSchool where she is an honor student and an International

    Girl Scout Bakes A Difference

    Baccalaureate Diploma candidate.An active member of her school community, Drake is thesaxophone Section Leader in the marching band, a memberof the Concert Choir and Womens Ensemble, President ofthe Cultural Arts Club and a member of the Girls VarsityFencing team. She is a member of the peer ministry teamsat both St. Marks the Evangelist and St. Lukes churches.

    Drake has also earned the Presidential Gold VolunteerService Award for completing over 250 hours of communi-ty service.

    Maggie Drake of Troop 3100, Long Valley.

    By Ejvind Boccolini

    If you have been dreaming about going back to school,here is your opportunity.This might not be exactly what you had in mind, but it is

    quite wonderful: two excellent college professors, eachfrom renowned New Jersey universities, will be offeringcourses (non-credited) at the Washington Township PublicLibrary in Long Valley this September and October.

    The first series of courses (four courses) in September ison The Supreme Court in the American Political System,and the second series of courses in October (also four cours-

    es) is on The Story of the Symphony.These classes are incredibly inexpensive - $16 for the

    first series in September on politics, and that includes allfour classes; and then $16 for the second series in Octoberon music, and that includes all four classes. This offer willnot be topped - not with respect to price nor content, sogive some thought to attending these courses. The successof this program can lead to future courses in the "LifetimeLearning" program.

    These two "Lifetime Learning" courses will be held atthe Washington Township Public Library (WTPL) locatedat 37 East Springtown Road. They are for anyone who hasbeen wanting to engage in furthering his or her education,but has not been able to afford a course at a community col-

    Lifetime Learning Awaits You

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    Page 2, August 2012, Tell Them You Saw It In The Black River News


    hurch of the Messiah will be hostingits 6th Annual Tricky TrayFundraiser on Saturday September

    8th. Over 100 Gift Baskets and SpecialPrizes will be raffled off. Prizes include a32 Flat screen LED T.V., 2 tickets to theWestminster Kennel Club Dog show inNYC, Vivitar video camcorder, Workbench,Popcorn popper, Keurig Coffee Pot, Trainset, a decorative Carousel Horse created bya local artist, gift certificates to area restau-rants, and many more items for home andfamily. There is a $15 donation to partici-pate, which includes 25 regular tickets, achance in the door prize raffle, dessert and

    beverages. Hot foods and snacks will beavailable for purchase.Doors open at 5:30 and the first drawing

    will be at 7:00pm.All proceeds help to support the

    Churchs ministry and community outreachprograms. These include providing and

    serving meals at the Morris County home-less shelter, donating food to local foodpantries, providing Christmas and Easter

    gift baskets to needy families and seniors,and supporting a ministry which providesformula, baby food, diapers and other sup-plies for needy mothers with infants.

    The Church of the Messiah is located at50 State Route 24 (Co Rt. 513) in Chester,New Jersey. There is on-site parking andthe hall is air-conditioned and is handi-capped accessible.About The Church of the MessiahThe Church of the Messiah is the EpiscopalChurch serving Chester, Chester Township,

    Long Valley and surrounding areas.For further information, please contact:Chris Martin or Linda Ochs; FundraiserCommittee Chairpersons , 973-691-0184.Email: [email protected],Church office: 908-879-7208 .

    Church of the Messiah 6th AnnualTricky Tray


    he eleventh annual observance of9/11 will be held in Chester onTuesday, September 11, 2012. A

    prayer service, with music and speak-ers, will start at 7:30am at the FroehnerMemorial in Chubb Park off Route 513,followed by a silent color guard at theChester Firehouse on Main Street from8:45-10:30am, the time the Twin

    Towers were under attack. Invited toparticipate are the Chester VolunteerFire Company, the Chester Volunteer

    First Aid Squad, the Chester Boroughand Township Police Departments, andmembers of the Froehner family.Veterans and active military are invitedto attend in full dress uniform. Thepublic is welcome.

    Chester To Observe 9/11

    Get Your Business Noticed with the



    Call 973-252-9889 for information

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    Tell Them You Saw It In The Black River News, August 2012, Page 3

  • 7/31/2019 Black River - Augsut -FINAL


    Page 4, August 2012, Tell Them You Saw It In The Black River News

    lege or nearby college, or did not want totravel the distance to attend such a course.

    So, these courses can be an excellentexperience for local and regional individu-

    als. Take advantage of this "LifetimeLearning" program if you can fit it in yourschedule. It will be a rare and enjoyableexperience.

    Though attendees will not receive creditsfor the classes at WTPL, the courses willcertainly contain the intrinsic value thatthey may be looking for. They can gain theinsight and knowledge on politics andmusic history that they may have been hop-ing to gain. More information is available atthe library website, The

    library phone number is library is 908-876-3596.Library Director Jacqueline Zuzzi said in

    an interview last week that the library ispleased to announce this series of continu-ing education classes. The four classes ineach series are scheduled for Friday morn-ings, 10:30 am to 11:30 am in the MeetingRoom of the WTPL. The $16 cost for eachseries includes all four classes, and themoney wil go to the Friends of theWashington Township Public Library, (whofunded these courses), and to future courses.

    Those interested can register online atthe library website (mentioned above), and

    the class size is limited, so it is on a first-come, first-served basis.

    The library will contact each registrantvia phone or email prior to the first class ineach session. There will be a check-in table

    at the door for each of the four session with-in a series, so that library officials canensure that each individual attending thecourse is registered, so please make sureyou do register. No food or drink will beallowed in the meeting room, and attendeesare asked to turn off cell phones.

    This lifetime learning series is sponsoredby the Friends of the Washington TownshipPublic Library, who have been involved inthe hard work that resulted in making thisprogram a reality.

    The first course, "Series "1, is called"The Supreme Court in the AmericanPolitical System: Fashioning Policy andDoctrine," with Dr. Milton Heumann,Professor of Political Science, RutgersUniversity. The days of the courses areSept. 7, 14, 21 and 28.

    On each of the four days, respectively,the following topics will be discussed:"Civil Liberties within the AmericanPolitical System: Overview andPerspectives"; "Impact Analysis and theSupreme Court: Examining Compliance

    and Impact of Supreme Court Decisions";"Freedom of Speech I - Looking at the

    continued from front page

    Lifetime Learning Series...Court's standards for permissible andimpermissible speech"; and "Freedom ofSpeech II - Examining Symbolic Speech,When Actions are Considered Forms ofSpeech."

    Then the second course, "Series 2", iscalled "The Story o