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  • 7/30/2019 Black River - May 2013


    Vol. 5 No. 5 May 21, 2013

    Proverbs 3:5





    he 5th grade Junior Troop #162 girls who attend

    Bragg School in Chester just completed their

    Bronze Award This is the highest award a JuniorGirl Scout can achieve. They identified a need at the

    Chester Library for a space for kids who are in the in-

    between ages of 3-5th grades. The library has a "Teen

    Room" and a childrens room, but no area designated for

    this age group. They re-decorated an area within the chil-

    drens room and named it " Cool Kidz Reading Lounge" -

    a name in which most of the 5th grade voted on. Troop 162

    created a piece of artwork for this new space and the

    library funded the purchase of the new chairs, carpet, and

    ottomans. The girls used their girl scout cookie sales prof-

    it to help fund the project as well.

    The Chester Area Pool Committee and Chester

    Borough council representatives are pleased to

    announce the Pool Grand Opening weekend on

    Saturday, May 25th Memorial Day, May 27th, from 10

    a.m. to 8 p.m. The pool will remain open on weekends only

    KIDZ Make a Difference

    Alexandra Amoresano, Samantha Cox, Shana Ling, Megan Lomelo, Izzy Tarran, Rachel Riordan.

    Summer Fun Begins At Chester Area Pooluntil June 27th and will then open seven days a week until

    Labor Day.

    Chester Area Pool is a state-of-the-art facility located on

    4.7 acres and is adjacent to the Black River Middle School,

    on North Road. There is ample parking, and areas for sun-bathing, relaxing in the shade and recreational activities.

    The complex currently consists of a 60 x 150 heated main

    pool, (handicapped accessible), a 76 x 52 shallow interac-

    tive pool, a filtered infant pool with a nearby play structure,

    waterslide, and concession. Bathrooms, showers, and

    changing facilities are also available. Members are encour-

    aged to take part in various pool activities, including social

    events, swim team and swim lesson programs.

    This year we are happy to announce more exciting

    changes to the pool. Currently the volleyball court will get

    a new facelift with 50 tons of authentic beach sand, and a

    new state of the art finger scanning program is in place forcontinued on page 2

  • 7/30/2019 Black River - May 2013


    Page 2, May 2013, Tell Them You Saw It In The Black River News


    Since 1989

    B A N K R U P T C Y

    We are a Debt Relief Agency and can help you file for Bankruptcy Relief under the Federal Bankruptcy Act

    Mention This Ad & Receive A $25.00 Discount


    N RELIEF FROM CREDITORSN Chapter 7 - LiquidationsN Chapter 13 - Wage Earner Plans

    Evening Hours Available Call 908.850.6161

    Summer Fun...

    easy access into the pool. Bathroom floors

    are resurfaced and everything will be in

    place just in time for Summer.

    Dont forget to invite your friends with

    only $4.00 admission for guests after

    5:00PM. We are also happy to announce

    that Bella Pizza-Gourmet Deli will once

    again be the Concessionaire this Summer


    Summer is right around the corner so if

    you havent registered dont delay.

    Memberships are limited and are on a first

    come first serve basis.

    Mark your calendar for the Kick off to

    Summer Bash Festivities at the official

    grand opening of Summer on June 29rd

    from 1:00 PM 4:00 PM where you will

    enjoy a delicious BBQ by Bella Pizza-Gourmet Deli & live entertainment provid-

    ed by the Kootz Band. For questions or

    comments you can visit our website at or to register go



    Do you have questions about your

    Medicare options? Help could be a

    phone call away. Local Counsellors

    Certified In The State Insurance Assistance

    Program (Ship) Are Available.For Washington Township residents call:

    973-784-4900 Ext. 208 and someone from

    the *Skylands Volunteer Resource Center

    will assist you in making an appointment at

    a local site in most cases in Washington


    *Skylands Volunteer Resource Center is

    the New Jersey State Health Insurance

    Assistance Program (SHIP) Local Office in

    Morris County

    If you are a Medicare beneficiary and

    resident of Morris County with questions

    about Medicare, call the SHIP office at

    Skylands Volunteer Resource Center for

    free, objective and confidential services.

    SHIP (State Health Insurance Assistance

    Program of Morris County) is a state-wide

    program, administered by the New JerseyDepartment of Health and Senior Services,

    Division of Senior Affairs, with major fund-

    ing from the U.S. Department of Health and

    Human Services Centers for Medicare and

    Medicaid Services. Skylands Volunteer

    Resource Center is the sponsoring organiza-

    tion for the program in Morris County.

    Morris County

    Skylands RSVP Volunteer Resource Center


    53 Stickle Avenue, Suite 2

    Rockaway, NJ 07866

    973-784-4900 Ext. 208 or SHIP Ext. 350

    continued from front page

    Attention Medicare Beneficiaries

    The flagpole on the front lawn of the

    Morris County Courthouse on

    Washington Street in Morristown

    will be painted this weekend and will need

    approximately two weeks to cure. As a

    result, Morris County officials want thepublic to know that flags will not be flying

    from the flagpole during that time.

    In the interim, however, an American

    flag will be placed outside of the front

    entrance to the courthouse during regular

    business hours.

    Flags will again be flown as soon as theflagpole is able to accept them.

    Courthouse Flagpole BeingRefurbished

  • 7/30/2019 Black River - May 2013


    Tell Them You Saw It In The Black River News, May 2013, Page 3

  • 7/30/2019 Black River - May 2013


    Page 4, May 2013, Tell Them You Saw It In The Black River News


    ine members of the Long Valley

    Woman's Club attended the Spring

    Luncheon and Achievement Day of

    the NJ State Federation of Women's Clubs,

    Highland District, held at Zeris Restaurant

    in Mountain Lakes on Wednesday, April


    The club was awarded certificates for

    "Best All Around Work" in the following


    Women's History, Domestic Violence

    Awareness & Prevention, Public Issue

    Community Service Program, International

    Outreach Community Service

    Program, and Home Life Community

    Service Program.Honors were awarded to individual

    women in a number of different categories

    and the following members came home

    with Gold Awards:

    Dorothy Walter for her fudge and filled

    cookies, Irene Satow for her oil painting,

    and Linda Allgeier for her quilted baby


    Those winning Blue Ribbons wereKathie Uber for her Zucchini Bread, Mary

    Lou Slowinski for her watercolor painting,

    and Janice Carruth for her pastel rendition.

    Also in attendance were Club President

    Joan Canonico, Club Historian Caroyn

    Covert, NJSFWC State By-Laws

    Chairperson Susan Hoekstra,

    Federation Secretary/Liaison Diane

    Maki, and club member Edie Patterson.

    For information about club membership

    contact Dorothy Beckbissinger at 908-832-

    6777.The Woman's Club meets at the

    Presbyterian Church on Bartley Road, Long

    Valley on the third Thursday of the month at


    The Long Valley Green Market is

    looking for artisans and vendors who

    meet the criteria of a farmers mar-

    ket. We are interested in local, sustainable

    products made by hand. LVGM is a produc-

    er-driven farmers market in beautifuldowntown Long Valley, NJ. Our address is

    20 Schooleys Mountain Road, Long Valley,

    NJ 07853.

    Our season has just begun and were

    here every Thursday from 3-7 pm from

    April through December.

    If youd like to be a vendor, or if you

    have questions contact [email protected]. You can download a ven-

    dor application on our website.

    Vendors Wanted!

    Attention Schools, Churches, Organizations

    Send Your Press Releases to [email protected]

    Kudos To The Long Valley Woman's ClubMembers At Achievement Day

    Get Your Business Noticed with the



    Call 973-252-9889 for information

  • 7/30/2019 Black River - May 2013


    Tell Them You Saw It In The Black River News, May 2013, Page 5





    All Miele products are instantly identifi-

    able by their innovative design, use ofthe finest technology and their unsur-passed commitment to quality. Few

    other companies can boast of asmany first to do... statements.

    In fact, Miele has built its

    reputation on introducing radi-cally new approaches to solvingreal problems long before oth-ers even identified the problem.


    On-Premise Repairs On-Site Parking Sales & Service All Makes & Models Cleaning, Tune-ups Adjustments Fast Efficient Affordable

    Established Since 1969

    NOW OPEN SUN. 10-2

    Mon.-Sat. 9:30am to 6pm

    We Sell & Repair Vacuums, Central Vacuums & Sewing Machines

    clip & save

    $10.00 OFFAny Vacuum, Sewing Machine

    Service or Central Vac

    1 Year Supply of Vacuum BagsPlus Special Bonus...


    Chester Mall Rt. 24 & 206 Chester



    Buy 2 packs vacuum bags

    & get one free.

    FREE Vacuum Bags

    Limit one coupon per customer.Not valid on sale items or with other promotions.

    clip & save

    Limit one coupon per customer.Not valid on sale items or with other promotions.

    Breakthrough Treatment Now Available In Long ValleyImagine thirty to forty years ago if you were told that lasers

    would replace scalpels in surgery or that robotic instruments

    would build cars; you may not have believed it. By the same token

    would you believe that chiropractic treatments could be performed

    using a special hand-held instrument developed by NASA scien-tists; all while you were sitting in an upright position without turn-

    ing or twisting movements?

    Advances in computers and engineering technologies have

    been able to uniquely blend with chiropractic in order to both ana-

    lyze and treat the human body in such a way that was never before


    According to Dr. Michael S. Hyjek, This new form of comput-

    erized treatment is so gentle and effective, that it amazes even the

    most skeptical patients. Its called the ProAdjuster and is the latest,

    state-of-the-art technology in existence today, and the only one in

    the Long Valley area

    The ProAdjuster can safely and gently analyze and treat the

    spine and other joints to remove the nerve impingement that is

    often the cause of pains in the low back, neck, shoulder and else-

    where in the body. It also works on a variety of muscular condi-

    tions to loosen tight muscles with ease and comfort. Many patients

    say that its like getting a mini-massage.

    It can also help increase the amount of motion in almost any

    joint. Even patients with knee, hip and foot problems such as plan-

    tar fasciitis are being helped. It is also covered by most insurance

    companies including medicare.

    Dr. Michael S. Hyjek, the secret to the ProAdjuster lies in its

    advanced piezoelectric sensor that is able to detect the slightest

    amount of restriction in a joint and then deliver an extremely pre-

    cise adjustment. He says that Even though traditional forms of

    adjusting also work, people are drawn to this new technique

    because of how gentle it is and does not involve

    any twisting, especially in the neck. Many peo-

    ple love getting adjusted with traditional manual

    techniques, all of which are safe and effective,

    but there are a large number of people who never

    get to experience the amazing benefits of chiro-

    practic because they are scared to have their

    spines adjusted in that way, says Dr. Michael S. Hyjek, Now,

    there is no longer a reason for anyone to be weary. The

    ProAdjuster is perfect for anyone who has been thinking about

    going to a chiropractor, but hasnt yet made that decision. Dr.

    Michael S. Hyjek, wants everyone to be able to experience thesesame benefits and if you have any of the following conditions,

    the ProAdjuster may be the answer youve been looking for

    Low back discomfort Fibromyalgia

    Sciatic nerve pain * Planter Fascitis

    Neck and shoulder pain Knee or hip pain

    TMJ dysfunction Scoliosis

    Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Arthritis

    Headaches Sports injuries

    Treatment with the ProAdjuster is consistent, measurable and

    extremely gentle. There is no guesswork, and its safe for indi-

    viduals of all ages. Call our office today and mention this article

    to receive a FREE ProAdjuster analysis to pin-point your prob-lem area and see how the ProAdjuster can help. Call within the

    next 7 days and you will also receive a complimentary nerve

    stress scan and computerized muscle test that can show the areas

    of your stress and how its affecting your body. Call 908-876-

    8777 today to reserve your free ProAdjuster Analysis Scan.

    (Reg. $125)

    This technological marvel can help you return to a healthier

    lifestyle. You may no longer have to live with a persistent,

    painful condition. Call us today.

    Dr. Michael S. Hyjek

    2 Mountain View Ave., Long Valley, NJ 07853

    [email protected]

    Dr. Michael S. Hyjek uses the ProAdjuster to analyzea patients spine and pin-point areas of nerve impinge-ment syndrome causing malfunction and pain.

  • 7/30/2019 Black River - May 2013


    Page 6, May 2013, Tell Them You Saw It In The Black River News

    On Saturday, May 25th, the Morris County Parks

    Commission and Fosterfields Living Historical

    Farm will present "Civil War Remembrances", a

    special event on the 150th Anniversary of the Civil War.The location is truly appropriate because of its direct con-

    nection to this momentous time in Americas history.

    General Joseph Warren Revere, grandson of Paul

    Revere, purchased the property in the mid-1800s and built

    the impressive Gothic Revival home, The Willows.

    Charles Foster purchased the farm in 1881, changing its

    name to Fosterfields.

    Early in the Civil War, Revere was appointed colonel of

    the 7th New Jersey Volunteer Infantry. His courage and per-

    formance through many battles had him quickly moving up

    the ranks. However, the Battle of Chancellorsville, Virginia

    in 1863 became Reveres most personally challenging timein his distinctive military career. Regrouping his men dur-

    ing the chaos of battle lead some to believe he was retreat-

    ing, which resulted in a court-martial. Eventually President

    Lincoln overturned the ruling, but General Revere turned in

    his resignation.

    Historian, actor and author William Chemerka will be

    portraying General Revere in the Willows, along with his

    wife Debbie as Mrs. Rosanna Revere. He will share with

    the public his experiences at Chancellorsvil le along with his

    undeserved court-martial. Bills latest book is about the

    Willows most celebrated inhabitant, titled General Joseph

    Warren Revere; the Gothic Saga of Paul Reveres


    In the Visitor Center, author and historian Robert Jones

    will present an impressive display of original Civil War arti-

    facts and memorabilia. The extensive exhibit covers just

    about everything related to the Civil War, but there is a

    strong emphasis on the personal side of the soldier what

    he carried, brought from home, or purchased from the camp


    Mr. Jones will also have available and will be signing his

    Civil War related books. Recently he completed his fourth

    book Civil War Artillery A Pictorial Introduction.Previous to that he has published The Civil War Canteen

    Second Edition and Battle of Gettysburg The Relics,

    Artifacts & Souvenirs. Although thousands of books have

    been written on Gettysburg, he was the first to have pub-

    lished an in-depth study with over 750 photographs on the

    rare battlefield relics and the unique souvenirs associated

    with the famous event.

    Anxious to get todays youth more involved in American

    History, Robert published his first childrens book titled

    Children at the Battle of Gettysburg Their Unforgettable

    Summer. The story itself is fictional, but based on actual

    events just prior to and through the famous 1863Pennsylvania battle. It lets children learn about Gettysburg

    and the Civil War in a fun and exciting way without even

    realizing it. The gory details of war were purposely avoid-

    ed and the kids today can put themselves directly in the

    middle of what was a calamitous experience by children

    Local Author has Book Signing and Civil War Exhibitsuch as them 150 years ago.

    This event is in conjunction with the 150th Anniversary

    of the Civil War and it is an opportunity for both young and

    old to experience and better understand the hardships and

    sacrifices which were made during the most horrendous

    time in our nations early beginning. Bob Jones and Bill

    Chemerka are both members of the 33rd New Jersey

    Volunteer Infantry and have been active in promoting Civil

    War history throughout New Jersey for over 20 years.

    Fosterfields is also a working farm with a variety of ani-

    mals - using the tools, techniques and materials of the 19th

    century. The event is on Saturday, May 25th and "Mr. and

    Mrs. Revere" will be at their front door to welcome all from

    1:00 3:30. Mr. Jones will be in the Visitors Center the

    entire day from 10:00 5:00 to discuss the Civil War, sign

    books, and explain the artifacts on display. Fosterfields is

    located at 73 Kahdena Rd., Morristown, NJ (973) 326-7645

    Get Your Business Noticed with the



    Call 973-252-9889 for information

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    Tell Them You Saw It In The Black River News, May 2013, Page 7

  • 7/30/2019 Black River - May 2013


    Page 8, May 2013, Tell Them You Saw It In The Black River News

    surgical and restorative

    aspects of implant therapy.

    Dr. Goldberg graduated

    from the University ofConnecticut and earned his

    dental degree at the presti-

    gious University of

    Michigan. He has advanced

    training in: cosmetic smile

    design, implants, porcelain

    veneers, bone grafting, sinus

    grafting, occlusion, complex

    restorative treatments and

    full mouth reconstruction.

    He is a member, AssociateFellow, Fellow, or Master in

    the following associations:

    American Academy of

    Implant Dentistry, the

    International Congress of

    Oral Implantologists,

    Academy of General

    Dentistry, American Dental

    Association, NJ Dental

    Association, Tri-County

    Dental Society and BergenCounty Implant Study Club.

    Dr. Ira Goldbergs web-

    site is www.DrIra The office

    phone number is 973-328-



    r. Ira Goldberg, a

    dentist offering a

    wide range of gener-

    al, implant, cosmetic, andrestorative procedures,

    announces the grand opening

    of his new office located in

    the Roxbury Mall at 15

    Commerce Boulevard, Suite

    201 in Succasunna. Roxbury

    Township Mayor Fred Hall

    cut the official grand opening

    ribbon on Saturday, April

    13th for Dr. Goldbergs new

    dental facility.

    The office, which featuresstate-of-the-art dental tech-

    nology, spacious new patient

    areas, and a variety of other

    amenities, is located on the

    second floor of the same

    building as Bank of America

    and State Farm Insurance

    Our entire team is really

    excited to be in this new

    office, says the Succasunna

    dentist. Its a beautiful and

    relaxing atmosphere for ourpatients and their families,

    and the convenient location

    makes it easy to plan some-

    thing fun before or after a

    dental appointment.

    Dr. Goldberg, who has

    been practicing dentistry

    here in northern New Jersey

    for 17 years, provides com-

    prehensive dental services

    including cosmetic dentistry,dental implants from start to

    finish, teeth whitening,

    veneers, crowns, fillings,

    root canals, dentures, plus

    free consultations & second

    opinions . The dentist and his

    team provide gentle, caring

    service in a comfortable,

    state of the art facility.

    The dentist is highly

    experienced in implant den-tistry, performing both the

    Roxbury Mayor Cuts Ribbon at the Grand Openingof a New Dental Office in Succasunna

  • 7/30/2019 Black River - May 2013


    Tell Them You Saw It In The Black River News, May 2013, Page 9

    By Katie Halse


    ou may recognize his name from hispast appearances on Saturday Night

    Live. These days, Breuer is also awell-known resident of Chester, where heuses his background in comedy to bringattention to important issues within thecommunity at The Hive.

    The Hive is located in the ChesterSprings mall, and is a new store in the area.This store is run by the Morris County ArtsWorkshop (MCAW), and is designed to pro-vide a creative outlet for people within thecommunity.

    Breuer, an author, filmmaker, and stand-up comedian, recently hosted a fundraising

    event for the MCAW. This event, titled "AnEvening With Jim Breuer" began with acomic impression of Jane Shatz, director ofMCAW. However, the smiles and laughterfrom the crowd turned to serious and atten-tive faces as Breuer began to describe thereason for the event.

    The comedian explained that he wasimpressed by the passion Shatz had for theorganization. Breuer continued on, statingthat he felt strongly about getting the artsout into the community. He explained that

    he began the Family Film Festival as aneffort to help "encourage arts here in

    Chester" with film classes and improvclasses. The goal, states Breuer, is for peo-ple to come to support the arts in their own

    community rather than traveling into a larg-er city.

    Breuer believes that The Hive is an opti-mal place for opportunities such as improvclasses. During the evening, he told theaudience that he could see himself usingThe Hive for many reasons, one of which isto storyboard his ideas. In addition, hewould like to use the space to teach animprov class for local children. Breuerexplained that there are many children with-in the community who are "dying to doimprov with nowhere to go."

    Part of his passion is to bring arts to chil-dren, as the programs tend to be the firstones cut in schools to help save money.Breuer noted that while education is certain-ly a vital component of any school, "it canput people in a box and smother the pas-sion." He continued on to say that passionshould be explored by all children, and notleft in the background.

    Breuer's involvement has been crucialnot just to get an important message out thecommunity, but also for the longevity of

    MCAW. Lori Klavsons, MCAW volunteer,was grateful for the time the comedian spent

    Jim Breuer Focuses on Making Art a Priorityin Chester and the Surrounding Area

    during his evening in town. Klavsons notedthat Breuer was helpful in several ways,helping to give their "almost non-existent

    budget" a boost, and to "keep free scholar-ships and lessons going."

    The event lasted for a total of two hours,and included many stories, many of whichrevolved around his career, life, family, andthe town of Chester. While many of hisstatements regarding the town broughtlaughter from the audience, there were sin-cere and truthful messages behind them.Some of the lines from the night include his

    jokes that "the neighbors live 40 milesaway" and that he uses a tractor to go trick-or-treating around town on Halloween.

    Grace Bible Chapel in Chester willhost Bible Day Camp from August5th-August 9th.

    Join us for Son Safari. The programincludes Bible teaching and memorization,activities, snacks, special events, crafts,sports, singing, and skits.

    In the event of rain, activities will beheld indoors. Preschool Camp 9-11:30 andElementary School Camp 9-3

    For more information and registrationforms go to: orcall 908-879-5061

    Grace Bible Chapter Hosts Day Campfor 36th Year!

  • 7/30/2019 Black River - May 2013


    Page 10, May 2013, Tell Them You Saw It In The Black River News

    The forensics team of Saint

    Michael School, Netcong

    proudly retained the coveted

    Ronetco Cup during the spring compe-

    tition of the Northwest Jersey

    Forensics League held at ReverendBrown School in Sparta on April 25.

    Fourth through eighth grade ccontes-

    tants from four schools memorized

    poetry selectionsupon which they were

    critiqued by a panel of judges.

    Saint Michael contestants took first,

    second, and third place in both the var-sity and junior varsity divisions. No

    school has achieved such a record in

    recent history. Coach Clara Bajc

    said, " I am very proud of every one

    of our students. They truly work

    together as a team to prepare for com-

    petitions, and they appreciate theefforts of all their fellow competitors."

    (Back: L-R Haily C., Andrew S., Olivia G., Olufikayo O., Isabella B., Middle: Gio G., Ciara F., Rohan M., Analisa C.

    Would you like some help with identifying exoticinvasive plants on your property? Oriental bitter-sweet, Japanese barberry, Japanese honeysuckle,

    Autumn olive, Multiflora rose, Garlic youknow how to identify any of these exotic invasive plantsgrowing on your property? A member of the ChesterEnvironmental Commission will be happy to walk yourproperty with you, show you how to identify these problem-atic plants, and make suggestions for control. This publicservice is absolutely free! Our goal is to improve the healthof Chester's forests and natural areas. Please call (908) 879-5100 x823 or email [email protected] to requesta visit.

    Attention Chester Residents!

    Roxbury Company #1 Fire Department, located at

    122 Main Street, Succasunna, will be hosting a

    fundraiser to Help Us To Extinguish The Flame On

    Kids Cancer - Head Shaving Event on Saturday, June 15th

    2013, starting at 12 Pm - ?. Rain Or Shine.

    Fun and Games, Food, Dj, Irish Dancers, Bagpipes,

    Facepainters, Glitter Tattoos, Airbrushing Artists

    Appearances By Members of The NJ Devils, Tricky Tray

    Raffle, 50/50, WDHA Vanzilla

    Clothing Bin Drive By: Turn Key Enterprises, Pink

    Fire Truck.

    Info Call: Tom 973 224 7738, Jennifer 973 590 4960 or

    Francesca 973 895 5637

    Roxbury-Randolph FireDepartments to Host Head

    Shaving Fundraiser

  • 7/30/2019 Black River - May 2013


    Tell Them You Saw It In The Black River News, May 2013, Page 11

    The foundation of Lionism is eyesight

    preservation. The Chester Lions

    Club supports any and all eyesight

    projects. One of the most important aspects

    of eyesight conservation is collecting used

    eyeglasses to help those in need. The WorldHealth Organization estimates that the eye-

    sight of one-fourth of the worlds popula-

    tion can be improved by the use of correc-

    tive lenses. In keeping with this worldwide

    need, Governor Chris Christie has pro-

    claimed May 2013 as EYEGLASS RECY-

    CLING MONTH. The Governor has sin-

    gled out New Jersey Multiple District 16 for

    their repeated devotion to helping others,

    the concerned and compassionate members

    of the New Jersey Lions Clubs have earned

    the respect and admiration of all who knowof their efforts and have set the standard for

    community service that other organizations

    might emulate.

    Numerous collection boxes have been

    installed at strategic locations in Chester

    and Long Valley. Used glasses and hearing

    aids may be recycled at the following loca-


    Long Valley Library - East Springtown Rd.

    Long Valley, NJ

    Long Valley Eye Care - 623 East Mill

    Street, Long Valley, NJ

    Visual Eyes - Rt. 57, Mansfield, NJ

    Visual Eyes - Byrum Plaza, Byrum, NJ

    Wal Mart Eye Care - Rt. 57 West, Mansfield

    (Hackettstown), NJEyeDox - Rt. 57 West, Mansfield, NJ

    Pearle Vision - Rt. 57 West, Mansfield, NJ

    Chester Librar - 25 West Main St. Chester,


    PeapackGladstone Bank - Main Street,

    Chester, NJ

    Chester Post Office - Sentry Lane, Chester,


    Niki Silverstein Eyes - 408 Main St.

    Chester, NJ

    American Legion - Gold/Purple drop-off

    box on Rt. 24, Chester, NJChester Meat Market - Chester Mall,

    Chester, NJ

    Please deposit your old eyeglasses and

    hearing aids at the locations indicated. Your

    donation will help improve someones qual-

    ity of life.

    For further information on eyeglass recy-

    cling and on Lionism please contact Phil

    Savell at 908 879 6543 or visit our website


    Donate Your Old Eyeglasses

    Attention Schools, Churches, OrganizationsSend Your Press Releases to [email protected]

  • 7/30/2019 Black River - May 2013


    Page 12, May 2013, Tell Them You Saw It In The Black River News








    orris View Healthcare Center in

    Morris Township will host a vet-

    erans program, How to Make the

    Most of Your Veterans Benefit, on

    Thursday, May 30, from 2 p.m. to 3 p.m.

    The program will be presented by

    Hospice of New Jersey, with the agencys

    social work supervisor Hannah Fisher,

    LCSW, ACHP-SW, the featured speaker.

    Fisher has a masters in Social Work from

    Fordham University. She has been in the

    Social Work field for more than 10 years,

    first at Hackensack Medical Center, fol-

    lowed by her current role at Hospice of New


    Morris View resident veterans, families

    and community members are welcome.

    Light refreshments will be provided.

    Morris View Healthcare Center is locat-

    ed at 540 West Hanover Ave., in Morris


    Morris View Hosts Benefit ProgramFor Veterans

    Roxbury & Randolph Fire Departments

    Sponsoring St. Baldrick's FundraiserHelp us to extinguish the flame on kid's cancer..

    Roxbury Company #1 Fire Dept.,122 main street, Succasunna,

    (next to Merry Heart Nursing Home) on Saturday, June 15, 2013, 12:pm to ?.

    Seeking: food venders, handmade-homemade crafters & retail venders.

    Pickles, bbq foods.

    All forms of entertainment for young & old alike are needed:

    clowns, sand art, spin art, facepainters, magicians, tarot readers,

    handwriting analysis, caricaturists.

    Part of the street will be closed for this event! 6 --8 ft tables & chairs are provided.

    Please call francesca for info & applications. 973 895 5637

  • 7/30/2019 Black River - May 2013


    Tell Them You Saw It In The Black River News, May 2013, Page 13

  • 7/30/2019 Black River - May 2013


    Page 14, May 2013, Tell Them You Saw It In The Black River News

    Chester residents are buzzing about the towns newestaddition The Hive, a storefront location for TheMorris County Arts Workshop (MCAW), the non-

    profit organization which brings after-school art, music,language arts, and cultural programs to youth and seniorsin Chester, Mendham, Mt. Olive and surrounding areas.The Hive officially opened with a ribbon cutting ceremonyon Saturday, April 20, 2013. It is situated in the ChesterSprings (ShopRite) Mall on Route 206 in Chester. Thespace incorporates an art gallery, performing arts space,class areas, casual seating for conversation and a potteryworkshop.

    The excitement surrounding its opening started mid-week with a special fundraising event hosted by Chesterresident,renowned stand-up comedian, author and filmmak-er Jim Breuer, formerly of Saturday Night Live.Addressing a sold out crowd, Breuer mesmerized the audi-

    ence with poignant stories about his experiences, tales thatbrought out thunderous laughter, an open Q&A segment,and, of course, his uncanny imitation and enthusiasm ofMCAW Founder and Director Jane Shatz. Breuer, who ison the board at MCAW, affirmed, I want to encourage thearts here in Chester. Yes, Chester! Film, improv, open micnights all here at The Hive so people can come here andnot have to go into the City.

    Breuer also announced he is planning another FamilyFilm Festival this summer with MCAW and ChesterRecreation. Last years event took place at the Gazebolawn in Chester and featured performances by MCAW andlocal bands and a series of homemade films submitted for

    prizes.The Hive activity continued well into the weekend.

    Chester Borough Mayor Robert Davis, Chester TownshipMayor Bill Cogger, and Billy Andrews, property managerof Ramco-Gershenson Properties, the owners of theChester Springs Mall, were on hand with a crowd of art

    patrons to assist Shatz in the ribbon cutting ceremony. BothMayor Davis and Mayor Cogger concurred they are grate-ful for MCAWs efforts and are active supporters of thearts. The Hive will bring a higher element in the educa-tion of the arts for children of all ages, commented MayorDavis.

    MCAW is amazing, added Mayor Cogger. Theyunderstand the arts are the core to a civilization and bring-ing people together.

    Andrews further pointed out that the concept of anactive art space, such as The Hive, in a retail mall is some-thing special.

    Other activities during the Grand Opening Celebration

    included performances by the MCAW string ensemble andrenowned jazz saxophonist and teacher Allen Won; live artby Charley Pellecer; crafts; Legos; and gallery previews.

    Chester Recreation Director Maxine Finney commented,Chester now has a place for the arts where the communitycan come together to be creative. She plans to host more

    joint events with MCAW including the Summer ArcheryCamp in July and popular Haunted Halloween Workshopcoming this October.

    In addition to various art classes, other activities at TheHive include Guest Art Displays, Lecture Series, andWriting Workshops. The organization is continually seek-ing help to support its non-profit programs, including its

    annual Haunted Halloween Workshop, Art in Public SpacesInitiative, and Home for the Arts building. To make a dona-

    tion or for additional information, please or contact Director Jane Shatzat (908)531-8433.

    About Jim Breuer

    Jim Breuer is a former cast member of Saturday NightLive. For more than 20 years, he has entertained fans withhis standup comedy. He has appeared in numerous actingroles and guest spots and is a radio host on XM/SiriusSatellite Radio. He is also the author of Im Not High andthe critically acclaimed documentary More than Me, whichhumorously and poignantly chronicles a cross-countrystand-up comedy tour and the challenges Breuer faced withhis companion his frail 84-year-old, and equally humor-ous Dad. For additional information on Jim Breuer and hisupcoming tour dates, visit

    About the Morris County Arts WorkshopFounded in 2003 by Jane Shatz, a Juilliard School of

    Music dance alumna and Chester resident, the MorrisCounty Arts Workshop (MCAW) is a non-profit group cre-ated to nurture and promote the love for the arts in childrenof all ages. The program is community based and offers awide variety of classes from musical instrument lessons tovoice to painting to yoga to language and martial arts.Classes are currently held in Chester, Mendham and MountOlive public schools as well as The Hive in the ChesterSprings Shopping Center on Route 206 in Chester, NJ.There are two sessions per year which culminate with aspecial Showcase performance and art display in the falland spring. In addition, MCAW runs five weeks of sum-mer camp for pre-kindergarten to age 15. For additional

    information and class schedules,

    The Morris County Arts Workshop (Mcaw) BuzzingWith Activity During Its Grand Opening Of The Hive

  • 7/30/2019 Black River - May 2013


    Tell Them You Saw It In The Black River News, May 2013, Page 15

    With this coupon. Cannot be combinedwith any other offer. Expires 6/30/13


    with purchaseof 6 Bagels

    With this coupon. Cannot be combinedwith any other offer. Expires 6/30/13


    with purchaseof a Dozen Bagels

    With this coupon. Cannot be combinedwith any other offer. Expires 6/30/13


    with purchaseof 6 Bagels

    With this coupon. Cannot be combinedwith any other offer. Expires 6/30/13


    with purchaseof a Dozen Bagels

    With this coupon. Cannot be combinedwith any other offer. Expires 6/30/13


    with purchase of anyPanini Sandwich

    (Select Sizes)

    50% OFF50% OFF

    With this coupon. Cannot be combinedwith any other offer. Expires 6/30/13

    Any SandwichBuy 1 Sandwich, Get the2nd of Equal or Lesser

    Value 1/2 PRICE

    By Keri Cifaretto

    Baseball Games played as they did in

    the late 1800's. Vintage uniforms,

    wooden bats and no gloves in the

    field. They were exciting to watch at the

    Ringwood Manor today (5/5/13) and they

    are coming to Chester this Saturday for

    Chester Family Fun Day.

    20th Century Baseball Comingto Chester

  • 7/30/2019 Black River - May 2013


    Page 16, May 2013, Tell Them You Saw It In The Black River News

    Meet The Morris County Clerk Candidates

    Iknow what it takes to

    operate the Morris

    County Clerks Office

    and no other candidate has

    my work experience or cre-dentials. That is why twenty-

    four Republican Mayors

    have endorsed me and I have

    earned the support of

    Congressman Rodney

    Frelinghuysen, Senators

    Joseph Pennacchio and

    Leanna Brown, former

    County Clerk Joseph Bell

    and County Surrogate John


    As a practicing attorney

    and small business owner, I

    regularly use the Clerks


    As a Freeholder, I oversee

    the operations of the countys

    more than 311 million dollar

    budget, including the Clerks

    office. I have delivered a 0%

    flat tax for 2013. Prior to the

    Governors 2% CAP, I

    capped municipal spending

    to the rate of inflation!

    As a Parsippany Council

    President and Vice President,

    I reduced spending, generat-

    ed millions of dollars in rev-

    enue, wrote ordinances, testi-

    fied in Trenton, and spon-

    sored the 911 memorial. As

    Chief of Enforcement over

    statewide operations, I com-

    manded a staff of more than

    100 public employees with

    five statewide regional and

    three satellite offices.

    I will make the Clerks

    office the most efficient and

    technologically advanced

    office in the State and protect

    your interests. I ask for your

    support again on June 4th.

    To learn more visit

    Ann Grossi

    Zbigniew Nowacki, 41,

    is running as a

    Republican candidate

    for Morris County Clerk in

    the June Primary. Nowackiwas born in Poland and

    served as an infantryman in

    the Polish Army. He immi-

    grated to the United States in

    1992, married in 1993 and

    worked numerous jobs while

    learning English. He became

    a U.S. citizen in 1996 and has

    resided in Denville for over

    17 years. Nowacki earned an

    Associate of Science in

    Business Administration

    from County College of

    Morris and a Bachelor of

    Science in Accounting from

    Fairleigh Dickinson

    University degrees earned

    while raising a family.

    Nowackis current posi-

    tion in the Treasurers Office

    of the County of Morris

    gives him insight into the

    countys functions and oper-

    ations and a very good

    understanding of finances in

    the county. The County

    Clerks position would be a

    natural transition for


    By running for Clerk,

    Nowacki feels he could make

    an impact in Morris County.His sole purpose would be to

    serve the residents, a full

    time commitment that he

    would not take lightly. He

    proposes relocating polling

    locations from schools to

    alternate sites in our commu-

    nities for school safety. In the

    interim, he recommends

    background checks for all

    new poll workers.

    Zbigniew Nowacki

    Laurie "Hall" Bogaard

    is the President of the

    Morris County

    Women Republican Club.

    Laurie has practiced forover 25 years in the fields of

    Real Estate, Land Use,

    Trusts and Estates, and

    Health Care Litigation.

    Laurie lives in Chester

    with her husband and their

    two children. She is a grad-

    uate of Drew University and

    The Dickinson School of


    Laurie is called upon by

    various real estate compa-

    nies to lecture on current

    issues and legal develop-

    ments, and also serves as a

    mentor to young real estate

    professionals and Drew

    University students.

    She has volunteered for

    many years through various

    municipal boards such as

    the Environmental

    Commission, Board of

    Health, Planning Board, and

    Chester Area Pool

    Committee. She also served

    as a Morris County election

    law attorney for Governor

    Christie's campaign.She is a good listener

    and organizer. Laurie is

    very familiar with the

    Clerk's duties as she fre-

    quently interacts with the

    clerk/recorders office as

    required in her practice of

    residential real estate.

    Laurie certainly has the

    right experience to continue

    the success of Joan

    Bramhall in the position of

    Morris County Clerk

    Laurie "Hall" Bogaard

  • 7/30/2019 Black River - May 2013


    Tell Them You Saw It In The Black River News, May 2013, Page 17

    My fifteen years on theJefferson TownshipCouncil, as well as my

    experience in the Clerks officeunder then Clerk AlfonseScerbo, will be a major asset in

    continuing the level of serviceprovided to the residents andbusinesses of Morris County. Ipride myself on my communica-tion skills, work ethic and strongbelief that to be an effectiveleader, it takes a team effort.Should I be elected, together wewill work tirelessly to continuethe advancement of the newesttechnology and enhance theexperience at the Clerks office.My ability to resolve any issuefacing the good people whowork in the trenches at theClerks office without pointingfingers will provide a work envi-ronment to succeed. Born and Raised in HanoverTownship to Joe and RuthSanchelli One of ten Children Reside in Jefferson Township Married 19 years to wifeDeborah, two children Brett andCourtney Vice President Jefferson Twp.Council and member of councilfor 15 years

    Past member Jefferson Twp.Planning Board Jefferson Twp. contract negoti-

    ations committee Camp Jefferson Committee.Our camp now hosts over 500children throughout the summermonths. 4th degree member Knights ofColumbus 20 plus years. Member National RifleAssociation Member new Jersey StateFederation of Sportsman Clubs Member Sons of AmericanLegion Past Executive Board MemberMorris County RepublicanCounty Committee Inspector Morris County Dept.of Public Works Retired Auto Racing DirectorDIRT Motorsports, OrangeCounty Fair Speedway Proven Long Term Leadership Common Sense Approach

    Compassion Dependable Hes Just Like You

    Michael Sanchelli

    My name is TerryO ' C o n n o rR e d w i n e ,

    Democratic Candidate forthe office of Morris County

    Clerk. I am running to givethe people of Morris Countya choice in this election , theright to elect an honest, openand willing individual dedi-cated to making a difference.

    The job of Clerk, whoworks for residents of MorrisCounty, includes filing,recording births, mortgagesand land deeds, performsweddings,issues passports,serves as a notary, preparesthe election ballot and over-sees the voting process.

    I am qualified for theposition of Morris CountyClerk. I have worked in theairline industry since 1977and my skills as a flightattendant overseeing flightswith a staff of 10-14 crewmembers has given me theopportunity to serve the pub-lic as a safety coordinator,team leader, (purser) and liai-son between the passengers

    and the airlines. In addition,as a purser, I was responsiblefor assigning duties to staff,

    organizing service plans andproviding quality care duringinflight emergencies.

    Having lost many dearfriends and co workers onSeptember 11, flight 93 and175, I volunteered to assistgrieving family members andco workers and currentlyserve as Chairperson ofProfessional Standards andEmployee Assistance Person( EAP) for the Association ofFlight Attendants and

    Communication Workersof America at UnitedAirlines.

    When elected, I plan tomodernize,streamline, makethe process. More-efficient

    and, more user friendly toseniors and all people ofMorris County.

    Terry O'Connor Redwine

    James J. Vigilante ofParsippany brings politicalexperience, military leader-

    ship, organizational skills andbusiness expertise as he runs forMorris County Clerk in the

    upcoming Republican primary.If elected in the June 4 elec-tion, Vigilante will replace JoanBramhall who has held the seatfor the past three terms. With 12years of political experience ascouncilman of the ParsippanyTownship Council, Vigilante isconfident he can take over ascounty clerk.

    I would consider it a privi-lege and honor to serve my fel-low county residents as theirCounty Clerk, says Vigilante,48. My military leadership and

    organizational skills combinedwith my governing and smallbusiness ownership leadershipexperience is the perfect combi-nation the next clerk needs toposses to pick up where ClerkBramhall left off.

    Vigilante says, JoanBramhall has built one of themost efficiently run countyclerks office in the State of NewJersey. The reins need to behanded to a person who has leadand motivated a team of peoplein an operational system, and I

    have. I will improve upon theeffectiveness of the clerksoffice and I will insure that the

    honorable workers in that officecontinue to have the tools andresources they need to deliverthe services to the people ofMorris County. These improve-ments will contribute to the goalto the County Freeholders indelivering a reduced tax budget.

    I will get the job done for less.A lifelong resident of

    Parsippany, Vigilante graduatedParsippany High School in 1982and earned his associates degreefrom Butler County CommunityCollege in Eldorado, Kansas. Heserved the U.S. Air Force from1982-1986; NJ Air NationalGuard 1986-1988; and Air ForceReserves from 2002 to present.

    Professionally, Vigilante isthe owner of a ConstructionManagement Company; ownerof a construction company; a

    licensed real estate agent; andformer owner of a pest controlbusiness.

    James J. Vigilante

    Meet The Morris County Clerk Candidates

  • 7/30/2019 Black River - May 2013


    Page 18, May 2013, Tell Them You Saw It In The Black River News

    Doug Cabana is the sen-

    ior serving member of

    the Board of Chosen

    Freeholders, having

    joined the board in April

    1997. A former president ofthe New Jersey Association of

    Counties, it was under his

    leadership in 2006 that the

    association became an initial

    driving force behind the now

    popular concept of shared

    services. Cabana was mayor

    of Boonton Township for six

    years and was a member of

    the townships governing body

    for 11 years. Freeholder

    Cabana is an attorney who also

    has a degree in business man-

    agement from Ithaca College.

    Selected by his peers as

    Freeholder Director for 2013,

    Tom Mastrangelo was elected

    to the Morris County Board of

    Chosen Freeholders in 2010. A resi-

    dent of Morris County for nearly 30

    years, Tom is a business executive

    with over 20 years of executive sales

    and leadership management both in

    corporate and small business. He

    earned his B.A. from Seton Hall

    University, an M.B.A. from Fairleigh

    Dickinson University, where he per-

    formed his International Business

    study in England, and a J.D. of Law

    degree from Seton Hall UniversitySchool of Law. A resident of

    Montville, Tom is married to Debbie

    and has three grown children.

    Kathy DeFillippo is Deputy

    Mayor in the Township of

    Roxbury. She has served on

    the township council since 2006.

    Kathy was Deputy Mayor in 2008,2012, 2013 and Mayor in 2009.

    Prior to joining the council she

    served on the Zoning Board of

    Adjustment. Kathy serves on vari-

    ous committees in Roxbury includ-

    ing the Water & Sewer committee

    and the Economic Development

    committee. She is also the

    President of the Roxbury Area

    Chamber of Commerce and serves

    on the board of the NJ Metro

    Chapter of the National MSSociety. Kathy brought Walk MS

    to Horseshoe Lake in Roxbury in

    2006. Every April over a thousand

    people walk at the Roxbury walk

    site to raise money and awareness

    for people afflicted with this devas-tating disease.

    Kathy graduated from SUNY

    New Paltz with a BA in education

    and a minor in special education.

    She is a retired Certified Vocational

    Rehabilitation Counselor. She was

    a Director of a Sheltered Workshop

    for physically and mentally handi-

    capped adults in New York before

    working in the insurance industry

    in the Washington DC area provid-

    ing medical management and voca-tional rehabilitation services to

    injured workers.

    Kathy and her husband, Bob,

    have lived in Roxbury since 1994

    with their three children, Scott,Laura Jean and Rob.

    Meet The Morris County Freeholder Candidates

    Tom Mastrangelo

    Kathy DeFillippo


















    Doug Cabana

    Morris County Freeholders and ClerkCandidates to Debate Thursday

    On behalf of the Republican Clubs of the Chesters &

    Mendhams, Mt. Olive and Washington Township we are

    please to invite you to our sponsored debate for the

    Freeholder and County Clerk Candidates. The date of the debate

    is May 23rd, Thursday, from 7:00pm to 9:00pm at the Lodge on

    Schooley's Mountain. Doors will open at 6:30. The logistics of

    the debate are as follows: 7:00pm County Clerk and 8:00pm

    Freeholder. The lodge is located at 91 East Springtown Rd, Long

    Valley, NJ 07853 (GPS address)

  • 7/30/2019 Black River - May 2013


    Tell Them You Saw It In The Black River News, May 2013, Page 19

    Barbara Eames, of

    Whippany, is a candidate

    for Morris County

    Freeholder in the June 4

    Republican primary. Barbara con-siders herself a non-establishment

    conservative, bringing years of

    grassroots activism to her cam-


    Eames believes that county

    government needs to be down-

    sized. This means reducing the tax

    burden by looking for both effi-

    ciencies and a prioritization of nec-

    essary services and spending.

    The Freeholders participation

    in a large regional planning organ-ization threatens personal property

    rights, and grants too much deci-

    sion-making authority to non-

    elected bureaucrats, rather than

    local elected officials.

    With 25% of Morris Countys

    land area already protected from

    development, $95 million still sits

    in the County Preservation Trust

    Fund. It is time to re-examine the

    policy of continuing to tax citizens

    to acquire Open Space.

    Eames was a nine-year member

    of the Hanover Twp. Board of

    Education, serving as president of

    both her local and County school

    boards. She has been an electedmember of the Morris County

    Republican Committee since 1993.

    She has advised state legislators

    on policy issues, and worked

    closely with local grass roots

    organizations to train citizens to

    support local, state, and national

    candidates for public office.

    Eames is a music teacher in the

    South-Orange and Maplewood

    School District.

    Barbara Eames

    My name is StephenDeHart and I amrunning for Morris

    County Freeholder. I havefinancial experience andresponsibility being a privatebusinesses owner , a realestate investor , and a gradu-ate with a degree inEconomics. My family haslived in Morris County sincebefore the Revolution. Theyfought in the RevolutionaryWar, served on the FirstContintental Congress, andhelped shape the NJConstitution. My runningmate Barbara Eames and I are

    contending as ConservativeRepublicans against theRegular RepublicanOrganization. We are non -establishment candidates.

    As a caring life long resi-dent of Morris County I haveunfortunately noticed a

    potentially unrestrictedincrease in government athigher levels due to ideas ofregionalization and landposession.

    In Morris County alone,25% of land has been boughtby government entities.Nearly $95 million rightfullybelonging to the tax payers ofMorris County sits in a slushfund used by the county todole out political favors whileinaccurate comparisons areirresponsibly used to spendbeyond their means.Programs such as Open Spacecreate no tax revenue, but

    plenty of spending proving tobe detrimental to our econo-my.

    There are very few peoplewilling to address our countydebt of over $250 million.This type of spending andborrowing is masked by rev-

    enue given to local govern-ment offices and agenciessuch as Homeland Security aswell as rises in costs to the

    public in Health Services,County Clerk Fees, andMotor Vehicle Fines.

    These are just a few exam-ples to why I am running forfreeholder. I hope to see youat the voting booths on June 4th.

    Meet The Morris County Freeholder Candidates

    Stephen DeHart
























    Dont Forget To Vote

    Tuesday, June 4th!!

  • 7/30/2019 Black River - May 2013


    Page 20, May 2013, Tell Them You Saw It In The Black River News

    After 17 years in Morristown the

    Shops at 14 Pine Street is closing its

    doors. Proprietors Dick and Donna

    Lohmeyer have owned the building at 14

    Pine for more than 30 years and operated a

    high-end gift and housewares store in itsince 1996.

    Having recently contracted to sell the

    building, the Lohmeyers will close the

    Shops at 14 Pine Street in its current form

    and are hosting a closing sale during the

    coming months.

    It has been an absolute pleasure to be a

    part of the Morristown business community

    and serve our loyal customers for the past

    17 years, said Donna Lohmeyer. While

    we are closing the store as you know it, the

    possibility remains that we will return toMorristown with a smaller version of our

    retail operation, continuing to offer our key


    As part of the store closing and scaling

    back, the Shops at 14 Pine Street is holding

    a going out of business sale, with a

    storewide discount of 30% off regular

    prices. In addition, the stores clearance sec-

    tion will feature savings of 40 to 70% off

    regular prices. Though some brands includ-

    ing Byers Choice, Mariposa and Lampe

    Berger may be excluded from the 30%

    storewide discounting, there are special val-

    ues on those brands as well.

    Customers can expect to find reduced

    prices on Byers Choice Carolers &

    Accessories, making this a great time toenhance your own collection or purchase

    holiday gifts for others. Lovers of the

    Lampe Berger fragrance system will also

    see reduced prices on lamps and fragrances.

    The Shops at 14 Pine Street is well

    stocked for spring and summer occasions

    including weddings, new baby, graduation

    and teacher gifts. There is also a complete

    line of lovely beach themed gifts and house-

    wares to help re-open your summer home or

    thank a gracious hostess.

    Smart shoppers can also plan ahead forthe Holidays by purchasing gifts and deco-

    rative items for the home including Santas,

    ornaments and ceramics. Items for

    Halloween, Fall and Christmas are already

    on display, with new items arriving before

    the store closes.

    For more details on our brands and the

    store closing sale, please visit our website and follow us on

    Twitter @Shop14Pine

    Morristowns Shops at 14 Pine Street Closing

  • 7/30/2019 Black River - May 2013


    Tell Them You Saw It In The Black River News, May 2013, Page 21

    As we are all becoming more aware

    of keeping fit and finding new fit-

    ness activities, CS Gymnastics has

    a great fitness based class especially for

    children diagnosed with special needs. This

    age group of 7 14 year olds are able to

    benefit physically from small group, or one

    on one instruction, designed specifically to

    meet their emotional, social, and physical

    needs. During each Fitastics class stu-

    dents are able to focus on specific physical

    challenges of strength, balance, and flexi-

    bility, in a safe environment with caring

    and knowledgeable CS Gymnastics staff.

    Trampolines, and obstacle courses encour-

    age gross motor navigation and problem

    solving. Movement activities facilitate sen-

    sory involvement. One on one lessons can

    further help students to improve focus and

    attention on physical sequences or fear chal-

    lenges. Enrollment is available year round.

    Call for current days and times for group

    Fitastics at C&S Gymnastics

    lessons or one on one appointments. School

    aides are encouraged to come along and

    participate during small group lessons.

    More information is available by contacting

    CS Gymnastics in Flanders,www.csgym-

  • 7/30/2019 Black River - May 2013


    Page 24 May 2013 Tell Them You Saw It In The Black River News

  • 7/30/2019 Black River - May 2013


    Page 24, May 2013, Tell Them You Saw It In The Black River News


    atriots Path Council, the regional head-

    quarters for Boy Scouts of America serv-

    ing scouting in northern New Jersey, will

    be sending five, 36-scout troops to the 2013

    National Scout Jamboree this summer. One of

    these troops is Jamboree Troop A319 with

    scouts and leaders from as far north as High

    Point and as far south as Chester, NJ. Jamboree,

    held once every four years, will be located in the

    newest Boy Scouts of America high adventure

    facility, the Summit Bechtel Reserve, in the

    mountains of West Virginia. With over 1,000

    acres, the facility will host more than 40,000

    scouts, leaders and staff from across the nation.

    Scouts attending Jamboree 2013 this summerwill be there for the grand opening of

    Jamborees new permanent home.

    Jamboree Troop A319 meets routinely to pre-

    pare for their trip to Jamboree. The scouts par-

    ticipate in ice breaker activities to get to know

    one another as they begin to work together as a

    team in their patrol. Each patrol has been tasked

    to choose a patrol name, design a patch and

    patrol flag, and come up with a skit and a cheer

    that they will present to the other A319 patrols

    during their practice shakedown campout

    weekend. A flag competition will take place

    amongst the troops patrols. The winning patrol

    will go on to compete at Jamboree with other

    patrol flag winners for a chance to display their

    flag at the Jamboree stadium. A special Class A

    uniform is required at Jamboree which will

    proudly display the Troops name A319, the

    official 2013 Jamboree patch, and the specially

    designed patrol patch.

    Attending Jamboree is a chance to experi-

    ence what Sir Robert Baden-Powell, the founder

    of the Boy Scouts, envisioned for scouting. He

    envisioned a large encampment of scouts to cel-

    ebrate scouting while enjoying the highest level

    of scouting experience. Scouts will spend 10

    days camping, meeting other scouts from acrossthe nation, and participate in high adventure

    activities such as whitewater rafting, archery,

    rock climbing, zip lines, mountain biking, boat-

    ing, and more. They will learn new skills that

    they may not otherwise have the chance to try.

    In addition, Jamboree will hold exhibits and sta-

    dium shows with entertainment, and will give

    opportunities for the scouts to visit nearby his-

    toric places and perform conservation projects

    in the local environment. A once in a lifetime

    experience awaits these scouts.

    Jamboree Troop A319 Prepares to Attend2013 National Boy Scout Jamboree

    Jamboree Troop A319 Scoutmaster Eric Van Es (far left) and Assistant Scoutmaster Gerry

    Serpico (far right) respectfully look on while Chester Boy Scout Troop 139 scouts QuinnCollins (left) and Brian Jeffers (right) proudly participate in the Jamboree Troops closing

    ceremony to Retire the Colors.

    Tell Them You Saw It In The Black River News May 2013 Page 25

  • 7/30/2019 Black River - May 2013


    Tell Them You Saw It In The Black River News, May 2013, Page 25

    Visit the Long Valley Green Market

    and enjoy all that our local farmers,

    artisans and vendors have to offer.

    Choose from locally grown early greens,

    fresh eggs, homemade pasta, grass-fed beef,

    hand made empanadas, artisan bread, deli-

    cious desserts and quiche and so much

    more! Looking for a perfect gift or maybe a

    little something for you? With a variety of

    skilled artists, LVGM has everything from

    handcrafted jewelry to organic spa prod-

    ucts, photography and pottery.

    Meet your friends, bring your family and

    join LVGM in supporting our local farmers

    and artisans.

    We have fun events planned for each

    week, so be sure to check out our Website and Facebook

    Page for more details. Heres whats hap-

    pening next month

    May 23: Memorial Day, lets kick off

    summer with our own LVGM Block Party.Live music, great food and warm weather!

    May 30: Our first ever Salad Dressing

    contest, think you make the best dressing

    this side of the Mississippithen prove it!

    Local farmers will be on hand with lots of

    fresh greens for tasting. Contest rules to fol-


    Please join us every Thursday from 3pm-

    7pm for live music, fun family events and

    support local business at its best.

    Stop by Pines & Needles on Thursday

    evening, May 23rd from 6pm -8pm

    and treat yourself to a glass of wine &

    Oderves. This will be a great night to relax

    & unwind. Go home with great decorating

    tips for your home or office. The store is

    stocked with Antique and eclectic,

    reclaimed and repurposed items; all one-of-

    a kind items you won't find anywhere else.

    Everyone is welcome. Store is located adja-

    cent to Redwoods on Main Street in


    On Friday the 10th of May the Mobile

    Discovery Center will travel from Augusta,

    Georgia to visit the Saint Michael School

    students. This activity is housed in an

    18wheeler van and staffed by US Armymilitary and Department of Army civilian

    personnel, Mobile Discovery Center

    (MDC) van presentations show young peo-

    ple that studying science, technology and

    math can be exciting and fun as well as

    essential to their future. Each MDC presen-

    tation consists of hands on, interactive sci-

    ence demonstrations. Normally 6 sessions

    are conducted each day, and each session

    accommodates from 32-40 students. Mobile

    Discovery Center programs are made possi-

    ble by a partnership between the U.S. Armyand the National Science Center.

    To find out more contact Mr. Ernest

    Jackson, the Saint Michael School Principal

    at 973-349-0039 or erjackson.princi-

    [email protected] or visit the


    Mobile Discovery CenterTo Visit Saint Michael School

    Though not necessarily common,

    migraine headaches can affect chil-dren as well as adults. One study

    found that by age 15, 5 percent of all chil-

    dren and adolescents had suffered from

    migraine headaches, while 15 percent had

    experienced tension headaches. Children

    often suffer from headaches because of a

    cold, fever, illness or infection, including

    infections of the throat and ears. Sinusitis

    also may cause a child to suffer from

    headaches. Ideas as to what causes a

    migraine headache have changed over the

    years. Scientists long linked a migraine

    headache to the dilating and narrowing of

    blood vessels on the surface of the brain.But now scientists suspect a genetic link

    could be behind migraine headaches. An

    estimated 70 percent of children and adoles-

    cents who have migraines have an immedi-

    ate family member who also suffers from

    migraines or did as a child. Such youngsters

    also may be inheriting a tendency to be

    affected by migraine headache triggers like

    bright lights, changesin the weather and

    fatigue. Kids who spend too much time in

    the sun or are too physically active may also

    be susceptible to migraine headaches.

    Did You Know?

    Long Valley Green Market

    Pines & Needles Wine & Cheese Tasting

    Attention Schools, Churches, Organizations Send Your

    Press Releases to [email protected]

    Womens Wash,Cut & Style

    $5 OFFOne coupon per customer.

    Coupons may not be combinedwith any other offer.

    Expires 6/20/13

    New Client Special!


    $10 OFFKids Cuts

    Color or HighlightService with Cut & Style

    One coupon per customer.Coupons may not be combined with

    any other offer. Expires 6/20/13

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    any other offer. Expires 6/20/13

    One coupon per customer. Coupons may not be com-bined with any other offer. Expires Expires 6/20/13

    Brazilian KeratinHair Straightening


    $90 OFF

    With slected stylists. One coupon per customer.Coupons may not be combined with any other offer.

    Expires 6/20/13


    With slected stylists.One coupon per customer. Couponsmay not be combined with any other

    offer. Expires 6/20/13

    One coupon per customer. Coupons may not be combined with any other offer. Expires 6/20/13FREE MANICUREwith Pedicure. Only with Melanie

    $10 OFFProm Up Do

    Page 26, May 2013, Tell Them You Saw It In The Black River News

  • 7/30/2019 Black River - May 2013


    g , y ,

    Washington Township will host

    their Annual Memorial Day

    Ceremony to salute our brave

    servicemen and servicewomen who have

    given so much for our country. This annualevent will be held on Saturday, May 25 in

    RockSpring Park at 12 PM at the War

    Memorial Site. Our Keynote speaker for

    this year in memory of his son is James

    Smith, Sr. A road dedication ceremony in

    honor & memory of CPL James Jamie E.

    Smith Jr. will also take place.

    Rock Spring Park is dedicated to this

    program and will be closed to all otheractivities on this day. Any questions regard-

    ing this event please contact the recreation

    office at (908) 876-5941.

    The Long Valley Green Market is

    looking for enthusiastic musicians

    who would like to perform on

    Thursday afternoons. Its a great way to get

    out in front of an audience and showcase

    your talent!We are interested in acoustic soloists or

    groups who would have enough material to

    play for our customers at the Market for an

    hour or two.

    Please contact us at info@longvalley- and reference LVGM


    Market hours are 3pm to 7pm, The

    Market Square Building, 2o Schooleys Mt.Rd.

    Look forward to hearing some great



    ow Impact Zumba will be offered

    on Tuesdays and Thursdays12:30 To

    1:15pm at t The LONG VALLEYFIRST AID SQUAD Building, located at 70

    East Mill Rd.

    The fee (due at each session) is $3.00 for

    seniors, $5.00 all others.

    This Program Has Been Designed For

    The Beginner And Older Active Adult, A

    Person Who Hasnt Been Exercising In A

    Long Time Or Individuals Who May Be

    Limited Physically. Zumba For Beginners

    & Seniors Is Done At A Lower Intensity

    Than Regular Zumba You Can Work At

    Your Own Pace. The Easy-To-Follow

    Program Allows Anyone Any Age To

    Perform The Zumba Moves.Are You Ready To Have Fun?? Be Sure

    To Wear Comfortable Workout Clothing,

    Bring Water And A Towel, Along With A

    Ready To Party Mood!!

    The Class Is Taught By A Certified

    Zumba Instructor

    If you have any questions call Ruth Spae,

    Senior Program Coordinator at 908-876-

    5941 or send an E-mail to seniors@wtmor-

    Annual Memorial Day CeremonyAttention All Musicians!

    Low Impact Zumba Great For Beginners,People With Joint Problems And Seniors!

    Tell Them You Saw It In The Black River News, May 2013, Page 27

  • 7/30/2019 Black River - May 2013


    Back in 1970, the Autosport Automotive Group was

    founded by Gerald A. Lustig. His first store was a

    Fiat dealership in Bound Brook, NJ. Over the years,

    the group famous for its no pressure approach to car sales,

    expanded to over 14 franchises, both domestic and import.

    President Gerald A. Lustig states "An opportunity camealong for us to get back in the Fiat business after all of these

    years. I have always thought their cars were pretty trick and

    definitely a lot of fun to drive. I actually raced a few Fiats

    in the SCCA over the years. We're excited to be the exclu-

    sive Fiat dealer in the Morris County Area. Fiat of Morris

    County, here on Route 53 in Denville is a new Fiat studio

    and offers a unique vehicle with some incredible attributes."

    Sales Manager Mike Olsen really appreciates the her-

    itage and future of this unique marque and knows why it

    should be a big success in this area. "I am so happy to be

    part of the Autosport Automotive Group. It's exciting to be

    part of a dealer group with owners that are as excited aboutthe brand as I am. This new studio location, right in the

    middle of Denville, NJ is going to offer the community a

    great car and incredible car buying experience."

    Autosport Automotive Group VP Steven Lustig has a

    great appreciation for the Fiat brand from both a marketing

    perspective and the driving experience. When I first started

    seeing the commercials and marketing materials for the Fiat

    brand I said to myself, "Now there's a brand with a clear

    vision and a brand that gets it. Mike asked me if I would

    drive the Fiat Abarth Cabrio around a bit so we could get a

    little exposure. What I didn't expect was the smile that car

    put on my face the first time I took it out. In fact, I can't help

    Fiat from Italy to Denville!

    but smile still every time I drive it. Now I just have to make

    sure my wife doesn't get to the garage before me in the

    morning. The very emotion I felt driving the car was the

    catalyst for our 'Rediscover' campaign."

    Fiat of Morris County offers some incredible amenities.

    Every new and pre-owned vehicle comes with an exclusive

    complimentary maintenance program and for a limited

    time, all new Fiats are being delivered with a free iPad,

    courtesy of Fiat of Morris County. Steven Lustig says "We

    have a great facility with an incredible team. These cars are

    so much fun to drive! We invite everyone to come down,

    have an espresso with us, and take one for a test drive and

    try not to smile".

    Page 28, May 2013, Tell Them You Saw It In The Black River News

  • 7/30/2019 Black River - May 2013


    Deborah Waddell,Dipl. Ac., C.A.

    Valley Professional Center, 59 East Mill Road (Rt. 24),Suite 2-201-A, Long Valley, New Jersey, 07853 (908) 876-3643

    Treating: Mental and Emotional Issues

    Musculo-skeletal and Neurological

    Upper Respiratory Tract

    Gastrointestinal Disorders Reproductive System


    Deborah Torrance,Dipl. Ac., C.A.

    So many of my patients have come to Acupuncture as

    a last resort for their fibromyalgia pain, exhausting

    every other treatment for this menacing and painful

    disease. The most common symptoms associated with

    fibromyalgia are as follows: pain in the muscles and joints,

    brain fog, digestive problems, insomnia and fatigue. Each

    individual diagnosed with fibromyalgia exhibit varying

    symptoms based on the length of the disease. Fibromyalgia

    is tenacious in nature and expresses itself differently in each

    individual. It is this differentiation of symptoms in each

    individual that responds so well to Acupuncture and

    Chinese Medicine. Each individual is diagnosed based on

    their presenting symptoms according to Chinese medical

    diagnosis, not because a patient has been diagnosed with

    fibromyalgia. Each patient is evaluated and a treatment

    plan is designed for that patient only.

    I have found over the many years of treating fibromyal-

    gia that my patients look healthy, hence their pain and

    symptoms very often are not taken seriously and many have

    been put on anti-depressants by their doctors. As a result,

    fibro sufferers receive little empathy from family, friends,

    and health care practitioners. Western doctors often avoid

    billing using a fibromyalgia code fearing reprisals from

    insurance companies that are still debating the validity of

    the disease. Most fibromyalgia patients dont respond well

    to pain medication and have found little response to drug


    No one knows or understands how and why fibromyal-

    gia originated. Western medicine has yet to determine the

    cause, although some believe it may be an autoimmune dis-

    ease. However, according to the ancient theories of

    Chinese medical differential diagnosis, fibromyalgia fol-

    lows patterns of imbalances associated with Qi (energy),

    organs and energetic qualities of the body leading to pain

    syndromes, some of the following pattern are most oftenseen in patients suffering with fibromyalgia:

    1. External Pathogens- According to Chinese medicine,

    a cold or flu is treated by releasing the pathogen to the exte-

    rior. Part of this process includes opening the pours by

    causing a sweat. If an exterior pathogen is not treated prop-

    erly, it can become latent and lodged in the interior of the

    body. This unresolved virus can lodge itself in the muscle

    tissue, or more seriously, n the organs of the body.

    Interestingly, antibiotics are often used when a person

    comes down with a cold or flu, but Chinese medicine

    knows that antibiotics are very cold in nature and cold caus-

    es contraction. When antibiotics are used in the presence of

    an exterior pathogen, the pathogen cannot move to the exte-

    rior thus getting trapped in the muscle tissue.

    2. Liver Qi Constraints - The Livers main job is its abil-

    ity to move Qi throughout the entire body. When the Liver

    function becomes obstructed or constrained there is a ten-

    dency for the Liver to become heated. Not only does the

    Liver function become impaired, but the Liver overacts on

    other systems. It can affect the Heart function causing

    insomnia and the Spleen and Large Intestine functions caus-

    ing digestive difficulties. With Liver Qi obstructions there

    is typically an emotional component or imbalance causing

    frustration, easy to anger and even depression.

    3. Dampness Phlegm is produced in the body when

    there is too much dampness, this Phlegm is a sticky sub-

    stance which can adhere to every cell in your body.

    According to Chinese medicine, Phlegm is not just restrict-ed to your respiratory system. People suffering from

    fibromyalgia often have Phlegm lodged in the muscle tissue

    causing stagnation and pain. This is one of the factors that

    make fibromyalgia patients difficult to treat with western

    medicine. Western medicine has no way of recognizing or

    clearing dampness from the tissues, but Chinese medicine

    and Acupuncture have been doing this for thousands of


    4. Qi Deficiency Many patients with fibromyalgia suf-

    fer from severe fatigue. Their energy is often so depleted

    that they cant hold down a job or even care for their fami-

    lies. Chinese medicine knows how to build your Qi or ener-gy without further strengthening the pathogen. This is why

    fibromyalgia patients cannot use typical supplements that

    build energy and vitality in the body.

    The patterns listed above are the main underlying pat-

    terns seen in fibromyalgia patients. The only way for a

    Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Provides Relief

    for Those Who Suffer From Fibromyalgiapatient to regain their health in this situation is to release the

    pathogen and resolve the dampness. Both Chinese herbal

    formulas and Acupuncture can get you back on the road to

    wellness. For a more detailed explanation, please see my

    website, and click on pain

    management, under the section for articles, and also read

    the testimonials from my fibromyalgia patients.

    Deborah Waddell completed her Master s level

    degree from the Eastern School of Acupuncture in Mont-

    clair, NJ. She received her Acupuncture Certification

    from the New Jersey Board of of Medical Examiners

    (C.A.) and from the National Commission for the

    Certification of Acupuncturists (Dipl. Ac.). Deborah also

    has a degree in Biology and Chemistry with summa cum

    laude Honors from Felician College.-

    Sugar: Not So SweetFor Your Health

    Men and women often joke about needing their

    daily "sugar fix." But the American Heart

    Association notes that the average American is

    consuming nearly twice the amount of sugar he or she

    should be, a mistake that could be jeopardizing sugar con-

    sumers' long-term health.

    If sugar is a staple of your diet, then the following are a

    handful of factors that might make you reconsider your

    relationship with the sweet stuff.

    * Sugar may increase risk of diabetes. Studies have

    shown a link between sugar consumption and diabetes. A

    study published in the journal Diabetes Care revealed thatsubjects who drank one to two servings of sugar per day

    were 26 percent more likely to develop type 2 diabetes than

    those who drank one serving of sugar per month or none at

    all. Sugar-sweetened beverages contribute to weight gain,

    and overweight and obesity are risk factors for diabetes.

    And the quick delivery of sugar to your body from sweet-

    ened beverages can lead to insulin resistance and inflamma-

    tion over time.

    * Excessive amounts of sugar can negatively affect your

    heart. A study in the Journal of the American Medical

    Association found that people who got 25 percent or more

    of their calories from added sugars were far more likely tohave low levels of HDL, also known as "good cholesterol,"

    than those whose diets included less than 5 percent sugar.

    Low HDLlevels increase your risk of stroke, heart disease

    and heart attack.

    * Sugar may negatively impact mood. A sugar high may

    temporarily boost your mood, but researchers from Baylor

    College of Medicine discovered a correlation between

    sugar consumption and depression. The exact link is

    unknown, but some researchers feel insulin resistance

    resulting from heavy sugar consumption forces the release

    of stress hormones, negatively affecting mood.

    Tell Them You Saw It In The Black River News, May 2013, Page 29

    J 1 t A FREE F il D t Vi it A N ti l T

  • 7/30/2019 Black River - May 2013


    by Michele Guttenberger

    Each year the National Park Service provides a special

    day of activities at the Thomas Edison Factory and

    Laboratories in West Orange, New Jersey. It iscalled Edison Day. Admission is free on this day. The tra-

    ditional programs for this event have been an organized

    family day of activities that includes: ranger talks on a vari-

    ety of topics, tour of Edisons Glenmont house and grounds,

    Edison innovative cement garage with the family cars, and

    film appreciation of Black Maria films (The West Orange

    Black Maria was the first movie studio in the United

    States). This years Edison Day will be held on Saturday,

    June 1st.

    Thomas Edisons West Orange location is a national

    treasure of the original factory and lab buildings that hous-

    es the tools, inventions, equipment, records, films and doc-uments of Thomas Edison. These building structures alone

    are museum artifacts of an industrial era in American histo-

    ry. This makes the Edison factory and lab location a unique

    place of being a museum inside of a museum.

    The West Orange location was Thomas Edisons vision.

    Edisons innovations outgrew his Menlo Park location. In

    1887 he employed Henry Hudson Holly an architect to

    design the largest laboratory ever built. The result was a six

    building lab complex that took a construction crew of 200

    men to build. Many historians believe that this New Jersey

    laboratory was the largest in the world when it was erected.

    It is estimated that half of Edisons 1,093 patents were con-

    ceived at the West Orange location such as: his work with

    motion pictures, patented improvements to the phonograph,

    and experiments with cement, alkaline batteries and rubber

    substitutes. It is the West Orange location that expandedEdisons horizons from inventor to successful manufactur-

    er, businessman, and marketer of his inventions to the pub-

    lic. In West Orange, New Jersey Edison created new inven-

    tions, manufactured them and then sold them to the world.

    The other half of this NPS national treasure in West

    Orange is Edisons home - the Glenmont Estate. It is a 29-

    room Queen Anne-style home resting on 15 acres of land

    and is only one mile away from Edisons labs and factories.

    In 1886 the Glenmont Estate became Edisons wedding gift

    to his second wife Mina Miller. Mina would open up the 30

    seat dining room to invite dinner guests that ranged from

    the Wright Brothers, Henry Ford, Charles Lindbergh, HelenKeller and the King of Siam. The home served as confer-

    ence center besides a family residence since they extensive-

    ly entertained their illustrious guests in their home. All of

    Edison familys original home furnishing have remained

    intact and in their exact rooms when Thomas and Mina

    lived there.

    The Glenmont estate is the birth place of New Jerseys

    42nd Governor - Charles Edison. He was the son of

    Thomas and Mina Edison. Their daughter Madeleine mar-

    ried John Eyre Sloane in the Drawing Room of the

    Glenmont home on June 17, 1914, a marriage that would

    bear the only grandchildren to Thomas Edison. The

    June 1st: A FREE Family Day to Visit A National TreasureThomas Edison Created In West orange

    Glenmont estate is the burial resting place of Thomas and

    Mina Edison. In 2012 New Jersey honored Mina EdisonsGlenmont estate with a Womens Heritage Trail marker to

    dedicate a Womens Heritage Trail where women played a

    pivotal role.

    Dont miss this free family admission day on June 1st

    that recollects the pivotal history that took place in New

    Jersey that ushered in 20th Century modern day living to

    America and also the world from Edisons West Orange

    labs and factories. The Thomas Alva Edison Museum- NPS

    Open Wednesday through Sunday. Hours are 9:00am -

    5:00pm Fee is $7.00 - 211 Main Street West Orange, NJ

    07052 Visit website for more details

    Page 30, May 2013, Tell Them You Saw It In The Black River News

    R b t i A k F D ti I t d f Gift f H B t Mit h

  • 7/30/2019 Black River - May 2013


    Olivia Rubenstein of Boonton

    Township, NJ, was about to cele-

    brate her Bat Mitzvah and wanted

    to do something special to help homeless

    dogs in need. Olivia is a Junior Volunteer

    with Eleventh Hour Rescue so she naturallydecided to make that organization her spe-

    cial cause. Instead of gifts, she asked for

    donations to Eleventh Hour Rescue of

    Rockaway, NJ, and her family and friends

    responded in a very generous manner.

    Olivia collected many donations of sup-

    plies such as high quality food products,

    collars, leashes, an