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  • 8/3/2019 Black River - Oct. 2011


    Vol. 3 No. 10 October 19, 2011

    Proverbs 3:5




    Are you a retireewho likes to tinker

    with engines in

    your spare time? A college

    student who wants to learn

    about fundraising or PR?

    Or someone who wants to

    respond to the scene of an

    emergency and help your

    fellow community mem-

    bers in a medical emer-

    gency situation? The

    Chester Firs t Aid Squad(CFAS), an all-volunteer

    organization, is reaching

    out to residents of the

    Chesters to join its CFAS

    family of dedicated volun-

    teers. Volunteer opportuni-

    ties include both medical

    and non-medical personnel

    who perform a wide range

    of administrative tasks that

    keep the Squad's operations

    running smoothly.President Daniel Cribari

    said: "We welcome volun-

    teers who are interested in

    becoming CFAS medical

    volunteers, and we ensure

    that proper training is given

    to anyone who is interested.

    There is also a great need

    for administrative volun-

    teers to performback-office

    tasks. Both are very impor-

    tant roles that are critical in

    Community newspapers like the one you are reading

    are actually growing across the country. While larg-

    er paid papers struggle with keeping people sub-

    scribing the community free papers are still delivered to

    homes and businesses in the local communities they serve

    and people are reading them.

    The Internet provides people with the ability to find,

    search, read news and shop online.

    Our New Site is up and running!

    continued on page 20

    ( l. to r. ) Future CFAS Member Jack Rosenfeld; Associate Member Sophie Rosenfeld; CFAS Vice

    President & EMT Sam Rosenfeld. Family dog Chloe sometimes visits the family-friendly squad


    Chester First Aid Squad Seeking Medical andAdministrative Members:

    Volunteerism is Urged as CFAS Operations Grow

    running CFAS smoothly and successfully."Medical volunteers needed include:

    First Responders


    Ambulance Drivers

    There are many different types of back-

    office opportunities available, depending on

    a volunteer 's interes t and background,




    Mechanical/Ambulance Maintenance


    Marketing/Communications Community Relations

    Building & Grounds Maintenance

    Back Office/Administrative

    Strategic Planning

    According to Cribari, the time commit-

    ment doesn't have to be substantial. Any

    amount of time that you are willing to give

    is greatly appreciated and will be put to

    gooduse. Doyouwant tolearna new skill?

    Volunteering with CFAS will provide you

    with an excellent hands-on learning oppor-

    continued on page 14

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    Page 2, October 2011, Tell Them You Saw It In The Black River News


    rt of Dance presented

    students for Affiliate

    Examinations in New

    York City on June 25,2011. The

    American BalletTheatreAffiliate


    ABTCertifiedTeachers thatsuc-

    cessfully presenttheir studentsfor


    Art of Dance incorporates

    the American Ballet Theatre

    National Training

    Curriculum in their teaching,

    a breakthrough 8 level pro-

    gram that combines high

    quality artistic training withthe basics of dancer health

    and child development. The

    ABT National Training

    Curriculum consists of a

    comprehensive set of age-

    appropriate, outcome-based

    guidelines to provide the

    highest quality ballet training

    to dance students of all ages

    and ski ll levels . Pr imary

    through Level V is taught by

    ABT Certified teacher EricaKolodny and through Level

    Local Dance Studio Presents Students for Affiliate Examinations in theAmerican Ballet Theatre National Training Curriculum

    VIII is taught by Flavio

    Salazaar, who have both suc-

    cessfully completed these

    levels of the ABT NationalTraining Curriculum.

    American BalletTheatres

    National Training

    Curriculum is a program for

    the development and training

    of young students that

    embracessound ballet princi-

    ples and incorporates ele-

    ments of the French, Italian,

    and Russian schools of train-

    ing. Under the direction of

    ABT Artistic Director KevinMcKenzie, ABTs National

    Training Curriculum was

    designed and written by

    Franco De Vita and

    Raymond Lukens in collabo-ration with ABTs Artistic

    Advisors and the Medical

    Advisory Board.

    As a national ballet com-

    pany, ABT understands that

    it has a responsibility to take

    a leadership role in dance

    training and dance education

    in the United States, said

    ABT Executive Director,

    Rachel Moore. To this end,

    we have developed a newballet curriculum and a

    teacher training program that

    is both artistically sound and

    medically appropriate. Our

    goal is to provide teachers

    with the tools and informa-

    tion they need to provide the

    highest quality training to

    dance students ofall ages and

    skill levels.

    The National Training

    Curriculum fulfills ABTs

    missions as Americas

    National Ballet Company in

    bringing dance to the widest

    possible audience. While

    several training methods are

    soundly in place within the

    United States, ABTs

    National Training

    Curriculum can be used to

    enhance an existing syllabus

    and to assist teachers in

    working appropriately with

    young dancers. Attendees of

    the ABT Teacher Training

    Intensive program have the

    opportunity to become certi-

    fied in the National Training

    Curriculum by successfully

    passing comprehensive


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    Tell ThemYou Saw It In The Black River News - October 2011 - Page 3

  • 8/3/2019 Black River - Oct. 2011


    Page 4, October 2011, Tell Them You Saw It In The Black River News

    Washington Township Recreation

    Department is celebrating the

    holiday season with their Annual

    Senior Citizens Thanksgiving Luncheon on

    Wednesday, November 16, 2011at 11:00amat the Senior Center in Rock Spring Park,

    Long Valley.

    The event will include a catered lunch-

    eon of Turkey with gravy, stuffing, veg-

    etable, cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes

    and beverage.

    The Long Valley Junior Womens Club

    will be providing delicious holiday pies for


    The cost of this event is a non-refundable

    feeof $8.00 forresidentsand $9.00 for non-residents.

    Please send your check made payable to

    Washington Township Recreation to: WT

    Recreation, 50 Rock Road, Long Valley, NJ

    07853 before November 7th.

    At The Little Gym of Roxbury, chil-

    dren are developing skills like bal-

    anceand coordination, and so much

    more! In addition to the physical aspects of

    this program, kids are building confidence,

    making friends, and learning to take turns.

    They use their imaginationas the instructors

    weave confidence building activities into

    each themed lesson plan. Along with self

    confidence and a proud smile, children are

    demonstrating problem solving skills and

    creative expression while learninglife skills

    like sharing, cooperation, listening and

    leadership! And parents are beaming with

    pride with every roll and hang their child


    Serious Fun at The Little Gym

    Thanksgiving Luncheon for Seniors

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    Tell ThemYou Saw It In The Black River News - October 2011 - Page 5


    On-Premise Repairs On-Site Parking Sales & Service All Makes & Models Cleaning, Tune-ups Adjustments Fast Efficient Affordable

    Established Since 1969NOW OPEN SUN. 10-2

    Mon.-Sat. 9:30am to 6pm

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    Chester Mall Rt. 24 & 206 Chester908-879-9878

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    TRADE HIM IN.If you dont love your current vacuum,

    its time to break up.

    And theres no better placethan Chester Vacuum where

    your vacuum could be worth up to$100 OFF the price a

    NEW vacuum!

    And get up to

    $100 OFF aNEW vacuum.*Dependent on trade-in value

    and purchase model.

    Local Expert Shows NJ Parents HowTo Get The Most Money For Their

    Childrens College Education

    New Jersey parents suffering withfinding ways to pay for their chil-

    drens college education can final-

    ly get the solutions to their college funding


    Most families who earn $75,000 or more

    and own a home assume they are not eligi-

    ble for financial aid. However, most fami-

    lies with income over $100,000 are actually

    eligible for some types of need based

    financial aid. They simply need to know

    how to get their fair share.According to Newell, there are several

    easy things parents can do to substantially

    increase the amount of money they get from