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  • 8/3/2019 Black River - December 2011


    Vol. 3 No. 12 December 13, 2011

    Proverbs 3:5




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    The West Morris Soccer Club (WMSC) donated 44 usedand new soccer balls to various orphanagesand villagesin Monrovia, Liberia this past August.

    Theclub collected 'gently used' balls from both recreation andtravel soccer members, and added a few new ones as well.

    The soccer balls were shipped to the brother of WMSCBoard member Bruce Sullivans, Paul Sullivan, who is

    assigned overseas in Monrovia this past year. Paul facilitat-ed the delivery and expressed his appreciation, this is likeChristmas in September for these children. Soccer plays alarge role in daily life and development here in Liberia.

    Paul indicated these balls will replace the makeshift ballsthey currently use, that consist of taped corrugated ballsmade from scraps. Unlike the current makeshift balls, thenew soccer balls will last for years.

    The West Morris Soccer club plans to hold another col-lection this coming spring. More details will be shared incoming months. West Morris Soccer Club offers an array ofsoccer programs ranging from introductory play to highly

    competitive teams and supports Mendham and Chesteryoung athletes. For more information on West MorrisSoccer Club, visit the club website at: www.

    West Morris Soccer Club SupportsThe Beautiful Game in Monrovia, Liberia

    Paul Sullivan (rear) is flanked by Monrovian orphans playing with donated West Morris Soccer Club balls.

    Church of the Messiah, located in ChesterNew Jerseyis sponsoring its second annual Cookie Walkfundraiser. Just in time for the holidays, you can

    purchase homemade cookies,breads, muffins, coffee cakesand other tempting treats. Come join the fun picking outgoodies for teachers, or office gifts, or for your own enjoy-

    mentTreats are displayed on long tables and you are provid-

    ed weigh a container and disposable gloves. Walk aroundthe tables and pick your own selection. The cookies arethen weighed and paid for by the pound.

    Dates: Saturday, December 17 from noon to 2:00p.m.Sunday, December 18 FROM 9:00a.m. to 2p.m.The Church of Messiah Episcopal Church is located at

    50 Route 24 West in Chester, New Jersey 07930. Forinformation or directions, please call 908-879-7208

    Cookie Walk at Church of the Messiah

  • 8/3/2019 Black River - December 2011


    Page 2, December 2011, Tell Them You Saw It In The Black River News

    First Congregational Church of Chester members handing out refreshments on the green

    in Morristown to those in need this Holiday Season. The Mustard Seed Child Care Center

    and other local businesses collected coats for donation. Thousands of coats were given

    away through The Market Street Mission. Featured in the picture are volunteers from


    To the Editor;


    n behalf of the Chester Lioness

    Club I would like to extend our

    most sincere thanks to the manyresidents, Scouts, and organizations of the

    Chesters and surrounding communities who

    donated a frozen turkey and canned or dry

    goods for the Thanksgiving Baskets to fam-

    ilies in need. All of the donors graciously

    wrote their e-mails or phone numbers on a

    list to be referenced for future use as needs

    develop within our communi ty and the

    immediate area.

    Annually, the Chester Lioness Club is

    responsible for more than 18 of the

    Thanksgiving Baskets which are given

    anonymously to folks in our area; however,

    the food pantry actually did more than 50

    baskets this Thanksgiving. The Lionesses

    provide a box of approximately 45 lbs of

    canned and dry foods which accompanies a

    large roasting pan containing a turkey and

    fresh vegetables (another 25-40 lbs) for

    each family. Your generosity in donating

    canned and dry goods as well as frozen

    turkeys provided an ample supply for the

    food pan try to make s imilar "baskets"

    which are actually given on a monthly

    basis. Extra turkeys, hams, lasagna etc. are

    stored in the food pantry freezers for distri-

    bution during the ensuing months.

    Our community businesses and farmersareoutstanding when a response is request-

    ed to provide assistance. Special thanks go

    to the owner of the Mendham Health &

    Racquet Club who annually donates numer-

    ous frozen turkeys, and to Alstede Farms,

    Ledgewood Farm Market and Ort Farms for

    generous donations of produce although

    this year's growing season was poor, and to

    Reckett Benckeiser (French Foods) for

    donations of condiments to make every-

    thing tasty! In addition, the Chester Shop

    Rite allowed customers to donate their free

    turkey directly by consumers leaving their

    information at the check out counter. This

    was an enormous blessing as the food

    pantry was able to obtain the frozen turkeys

    from the Shop Rite and transport them

    directly to the food pantry freezers .

    Many Thanks on behalf of the Chester

    Lioness Club, God Bless You All and have

    a Wonderful Holiday Season.

    Holly Simmenroth,

    Food Baskets Chairperson

    The Chester Lioness Club

    Letter to the Editor

  • 8/3/2019 Black River - December 2011


  • 8/3/2019 Black River - December 2011


    Page 4, December 2011, Tell Them You Saw It In The Black River News

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    By Josh Lashley

    Theindoorwinter sportsseason isnowunderway, butits nottoo late to take a glance back at what local programs wereable to accomplish during the fall, especially, when a team

    was able to achieve as much as the West Morris Central High

    Schoolfield hockeysquad didduringtheir 2011 season.West Morris had what can easily be described as an out-

    standing year as thetalliedan overall recordof 18-2 andwere10-1 in the Northwest Jersey Athletic Conference NationalDivision.

    WMC advanced to the semifinal round of the NJSIAANorth II Group III Sectional Tournament where they weredefeated by eventual Sectional andStateGroupIII championFreehold Borough.

    Although they may have made it look so at times, it was-nt an easy road for WMC, as they faced many tough oppo-nents on the field.

    This season we had a lot of overtime games, West

    Morris Central head coach Courtney Bertos said. Our firstone of the season, the girls won a 4-3 in overtimeagainstoneof the best teams in the area-Boonton. That showed howmuch heart they were going to have all season.

    Our two wins over Chatham were huge victories as well.They have a great team and we were not only able to beatthem once, but twice. And finally, our Madison game in theMorris County Tournament finalstands out because althoughwe didnt win, weplayed as hard as we could and left every-thing on the field.

    What really helped them was the solid, steady perform-ance of the team captains.

    Our senior captains really stood out as great leaders,

    Bertos said. Erin Gutkind, Michelle Hennelly, MichaelaDomaratzky, and Jen Cuozzo did a great job motivating and

    encouraging the younger players as well as leading with agood example on the field.

    Several student-athletes showed the ability to progressive-ly improve themselves as field hockey players and thus help-ing the team in general this year.

    A lot of our younger players stepped into this role,Bertos said. Sophomores Lindsay Roller, Emily Rubright,and Alyssa Perkalis and freshman Kayla Mosser all earnedstarting positions on varsity and contributed in differentwayseach game. They did so by providing goals, assists, defense,etc. They got better every day they came to practice and Icant wait to see them keep growing.

    Withthe depth andexperience that shehas returningto theroster, Bertos is optimistic for the 2012 season.

    Even though we are graduating some stand-out players,we had a fairly young team this year, Bertos said. We willbring back our whole defense, who now has experience inbig games. The younger players were able to contribute this

    year and last, and we have some girls eager on the sidelinesto win a starting position.I am very excited to seenext yearsgroup rise to the challenge.

    While the head coach excited about what the future holdsfor the program, she wont soon forget the contributions ofthis seasons senior class.

    I am extremelyproudof theteam's accomplishments thisseason, Bertos said. They followed in the traditions setbefore them andma