Marketing Presentation Sept 2012

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  • 1. non-traditional+ traditionalkatietownsend | tuesday, september 11,2012

2. hello. involved in: HHDA community outreach HAC on-air promotion ADP PBYP contests KHB events UW PSAs SMACi like to:runcraft/paintphotogchase kids 3. hello. 4. non-traditional/in-boundtake a minute.. 5. traditional.television radio print outdoor flyers direct mail - networking 6. traditional vs. social media 7. non-traditionalWAY more than just instagram guerilla - pinterest blogs /vlogs apps online - youtube -linked in email marketing special events text messaging qr codes - and more!Success is typically unpredictable but hasthe potential to be incredibly rewarding. 8. social media 9. social media 10. facebook 11. twitter 12. whats this birds name? 13. whats this? 14. video blogsanybody know who garyvaynerchuk is? 15. guerilla marketing 16. guerilla marketing 17. FAIL - aqua teen hunger force 18. some thoughts.know your brand first.dont just throw a facebook or twitter icon onyour print or tv clever in your marketing combinations.non-traditional media is about your content asit relates to CONTEXT.dont just use social media and non-traditionaloutlets to directly sell. give it a go. 19. bring it home 20. thank you.ktownsend@whlt.com601.606.6181facebook- /katownsend1twitter - @ktownsend1linkedin - /katietownsendinstagram katownsend1