FanDanz Presentation - Sept 2014

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FanDanz is the World's first Mobile Dancing game! Shake your phone and feel the rhytm... Challenge your friends and have fun!


  • 1. FanDanzMobile Dancing Game

2. Wanna Dance?So you can play dancing games onany console: Wii, Xbox,Playstation 3. and your Mobile?What if I Wanna Dance with mySmartphone? 4. Current Possibilities*Finger Dance (Guitar Hero style)*Tablet Camera!you are not really Dancing! 5. FanDanZ Mobile Dancing Game Dance the Artists you love Free Style Dancing EverywhereDEMO TIME!!!VIDEO 6. The TeamJuan Ignacio Bagnato-Entrepreneur / Engineer-iOs/Android Developer! Perfil ProfesionalDavid Botellaand Debbie Martin-Designers! Perfil ProfesionalMiguel A. D. Ferreira-Mentor-Expert on Digital Media ! Perfil ProfesionalZarpamos-Legal-Marketing-InternationalizationBrais Pena Sanchez-Product & Affiliate Manager! Perfil Profesional! Perfil Profesional 7. VisionFandanz wants to:boost the natural happiness and enthusiasm ofMusic FansWith mobile apps that manage that energy andmaximize it. 8. How do FanDanzwork? Freestyle dancing! The mobile detects yourmovements Compares with the musicWaveform Gives you a score (the better /the more Tested on Dancing Schools 9. Screenshots 10. Screenshots 11. Screenshots 12. Duels! Play Against friends in turns be the Top Fan Win some Badges Share on Facebook / Twitter 13. FanCoinz Monetization via InAppPurchases Buy Accessories to improveyour dance Buy weapons to damageyour rivals score. Unlock Special Items 14. After a lot of Interviews The EvolutionOn Platform Users CommentDec 2013 Android(Private) 200 users Quick Tutorial atlaunchApr 2014 Android(Play Store)2.000 users in 3daysNavigationMatchesDuelsJun 2014 Android(Play Store) 5.000 usersViralizationMapSep 2014 Android &Amazon Stores10.000Downloads! Music streaming 15. What have we learn? 90% Women 14 to 34 Years Old (60% teenagers) 40% Mexico 30% Brazil 20% Colombia 10% S. Korea Facebook Campaign: Very low Cost of User Acquisition 100 => 2000 users (0,05) 16. Market Size 1.500 million Mobile Devices in the globe Your Friends have a SmartPhone Everybody likes music! Dancing is a Social Activity Top Twitter accounts are artists(+10million followers each) Every month 12 million users buy virtual goods on games 17. Future Near: iOS Version Mid: Add support to Wearabledevices (watch, glasses, smartbracelet, rings) Far Away: lot of apps focusingon music, artists and fans 18. Thank You!Fandanz available on Google PlayiOs version coming 19. FANDANZ LINKSWEB www.fandanz.comANDROID PLAY STORE