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  • Private & Confidential

    When You Surf We Test

  • Private & Confidential

    Swiss Mobility Solutions is a provider of systems and services for measuring and monitoring the Quality of mobile broadband.

    The Company was founded in February 2009

    Offices in Switzerland (HQ office), Spain (R&D Center and Operation), Chile (Operation) and sales offices in Italy, Portugal, Colombia

    Today 32 people, whereas 23 in R&D

    SMS management have over 23 years of experience in telecommunications.

    NxRay- Your Partner for Mobile Brodband testing

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    NxRay is a tool for....

    QoE Quality

    of Experience

    QoS Quality

    of Service

    Drive testing Static service monitoring h24 Evaluation of Network performance Measure the network in the most important points

    Gran scale distribution Passive monitoring & Active testing using subscribers devices True subscribers perception of entire network Measure where your customers are

    Customer Satisfaction

  • NxRay architecture for QoE & QoS


    NxWire iXRay



    NxWeb NxMirror


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    Lets talk of our QoE concept

  • Private & Confidential

    SW application for subscribers devices (Smartphones, USB modems) running in back ground for passive monitoring

    SW applications for Smartphone to interactive with the subscribers for active testing using:

    Speed tests (Throughput and Latency network)

    Customers Feedback (Major events as drop calls, low throughput, echo in call)

    Utilities for final subscribers (map coverage, events, etc)

    How we design the Quality of Experience?

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    Help you to better understand your subscribers and to assure customer satisfaction

    Quality of Experience monitoring using real live traffic (no HW costs)

    Testing the same services and applications at the same locations of end-users

    Monitoring thousands of clients

    Cross departments utilization

    Passive Monitoring from subscribers benefits

  • Private & Confidential

    Wireless operator can have its own SW application for speed tests, customer feedback and receive the log file results directly in NxServer

    Subscribers will run speed tests where they are using own smartphones

    Customer feedback helps to know where and which problems the subscribers have

    Interaction with the final subscribers (any passive probes can have this feeling)

    Active Testing from subscribers Benefits

  • Private & Confidential







    NxRay for passive QoE

    Today available for Android, Black Berry and USB modems

    Multi technology support

    Supports a wide range of commercial USB Modems and smartphones

    Logging of most important network radio trace parameters

    Easy and quick installation

    Minimum Log file size and deleted after successful upload

    Non Intrusive SW application

    No privacy issues

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    NxRay for active QoE

    GUI available for Android and iPhone

    Multi technology support

    Supports a wide range of commercial devices

    Application customized with the same look & fell of wireless operator

    Ready for Google Play and Apple Store

    Feeling with the end users

  • Private & Confidential

    Example of NxDroid integration with

    wireless operator application

    (passive & active)

  • Private & Confidential

    Check your RADIO coverage

    Test your network PERFORMANCE

    Tell me your FEEDBACK

    Whos CONSUMING my battery phone?

    NxDroid for QoE

    With the passive module in BACKGROUND

  • Private & Confidential

    NxDroid customized for WIND Italy

    ...... AND with NxDroid Passive in background

  • Private & Confidential


    MCC, MNC, LAC, Cell ID

    Connection Type

    Technology (Data Bearer)


    No Service/Retrieve Service

    PDP Drop

    PDP Fail

    PDP fail and drop causes

    User DL/UL Throughput (Active & Passive)


    Call Events and Statistics

    Traffic per process

    RAM/CPU consumption


    Time in Wi-Fi


    Customer Feedback

    NxDroid logged parameters and events

  • Private & Confidential

    Example of NxClient integration with

    wireless operator application

    (passive & active)

  • Private & Confidential

    TI changed NxClient in TIM Internet Checkup

    Invitation to download Marketing message

    Terms and Conditions

  • Private & Confidential

    On line Reporting

    Administration and Management devices

    Powerful Filtering

    Export Functionality and Mapping


    Customer Care Expert cockpit

    NxWeb Powerful Web reporting tool

  • Private & Confidential

    GSM / EDGE Radio Quality

    UMTS Radio Quality

    Donwload Application Throughput

    Upload Application Throughput

    Call Statistics

  • Private & Confidential

    Map visualization of QoE events from passive monitoring:

    Dropped Calls

    Failed Calls

    PDP Drop

    No Service/Retrieved area

    .... and from USER FEEDBACK module

  • Different coverage squares and zoom levels

    Private & Confidential

    Customize colours and


    Select calculation


    averaging dBms

    or linear values

    Coverage map as perceived by your customers

    Filters by timestamp, operator, technology and samples volume

    Method calculation, thresholds and colors customizable

    Both passive and active heatmaps are supported

  • Private & Confidential

    Map Stats Module Learn the indication per LAC/BTS/Cells based on the subscribers QoE

    Low CQI distribution in this cell

  • Private & Confidential

    Wireless operators report an thousands of yearly calls to the customer care department with high amount of mobile broadband complaints and churn related to

    the network experience.

    According to El Mundo newspaper in Spain, Spanish consumers would save 5,2 billion with a simple wireless services provider change. Fierce competition and

    consumers awareness on potentially better tariffs represent a challenge to overcome.

    Mobile broadband researches have revealed that 84% percent of mobile broadband users in the UK have experienced network issues. Further to this, 62% of

    participant consumers are ready and willing to pay for a higher quality of


    Your customer is the most important asset

  • Private & Confidential

    End Users problems

    Most common problems


    Inability to be connected

    Low Throughput

    Break of Connection/Stability

    Most common causes

    Network: Radio Layer, Throughput, IP Layers

    Device: Device Type, Firmware, Configuration

    PC/Laptop: Operating System, CPU & RAM, Anti Virus, Browser

  • Private & Confidential

    Our Customer Care Expert work flow

    Customer Calls Helpdesk

    Customer Care goes to NxRay Server Device List and Filters for one IMSI

    View List of Data Sessions for that IMSI

    Check Customer Care Cockpit for easy to read results

    Invite end user to perform a connectivity test or a one button


    Provide Answer and Solution to Customer

    Send Problem to 2nd Line Support with all information

    helping customer care departments with NxRay

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    Invite end users to download NxClient from the WEB site

    Tigo Colombia uses NxClient also to help Customer Care people

    Or embed NxClient file as a component of the dashboard installation

    NxClient is automatically configured upon first dashboard installation

  • Private & Confidential

    High 2G technology usage is due to a wrong subscriber setting: Connection Type is GPRS only, automatically detected by CCE. The Tech Usage traffic lights in red indicate that there is at least 90% of 2G usage

    The network may be performing correctly, whereas device/system settings can negatively affect to the end userA CEM based strategy requires not being blind on this!

    CCE Example

    Use of the unique one button and connectivity tests to rapidly solve


  • Private & Confidential

    Static Monitoring

    Drive Testing

    Our probes for

    Quality of Service

  • Private & Confidential

    NxClient NxDroid





    NxRay for QoS

    Today available for Android, iPhone, USB modems and ADSL


    Highly cost effective and flexible probes solution

    Economical upgrade capabilities

    Logging of most important network radio trace parameters

    Relies on the NxServer infrastructure with no need of additional HW or SW components


  • Private & Confidential

    NxClient and NxDroid active testing

    Ping, F