NxRay_global Presentation Sept 2012

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<ul><li><p>Private &amp; Confidential </p><p>When You Surf We Test </p></li><li><p>Private &amp; Confidential </p><p> Swiss Mobility Solutions is a provider of systems and services for measuring and monitoring the Quality of mobile broadband. </p><p> The Company was founded in February 2009 </p><p> Offices in Switzerland (HQ office), Spain (R&amp;D Center and Operation), Chile (Operation) and sales offices in Italy, Portugal, Colombia </p><p> Today 32 people, whereas 23 in R&amp;D </p><p> SMS management have over 23 years of experience in telecommunications. </p><p>NxRay- Your Partner for Mobile Brodband testing </p></li><li><p>Private &amp; Confidential </p><p>NxRay is a tool for.... </p><p>QoE Quality </p><p>of Experience </p><p>QoS Quality </p><p>of Service </p><p> Drive testing Static service monitoring h24 Evaluation of Network performance Measure the network in the most important points </p><p> Gran scale distribution Passive monitoring &amp; Active testing using subscribers devices True subscribers perception of entire network Measure where your customers are </p><p>Customer Satisfaction </p></li><li><p>NxRay architecture for QoE &amp; QoS </p><p>NxClient </p><p>NxWire iXRay </p><p>NxDroid </p><p>NxBerry </p><p>NxWeb NxMirror </p><p>NxServer </p></li><li><p>Private &amp; Confidential </p><p>Lets talk of our QoE concept </p></li><li><p>Private &amp; Confidential </p><p> SW application for subscribers devices (Smartphones, USB modems) running in back ground for passive monitoring </p><p> SW applications for Smartphone to interactive with the subscribers for active testing using: </p><p> Speed tests (Throughput and Latency network) </p><p> Customers Feedback (Major events as drop calls, low throughput, echo in call) </p><p> Utilities for final subscribers (map coverage, events, etc) </p><p>How we design the Quality of Experience? </p></li><li><p>Private &amp; Confidential </p><p> Help you to better understand your subscribers and to assure customer satisfaction </p><p> Quality of Experience monitoring using real live traffic (no HW costs) </p><p> Testing the same services and applications at the same locations of end-users </p><p> Monitoring thousands of clients </p><p> Cross departments utilization </p><p>Passive Monitoring from subscribers benefits </p></li><li><p>Private &amp; Confidential </p><p> Wireless operator can have its own SW application for speed tests, customer feedback and receive the log file results directly in NxServer </p><p> Subscribers will run speed tests where they are using own smartphones </p><p> Customer feedback helps to know where and which problems the subscribers have </p><p> Interaction with the final subscribers (any passive probes can have this feeling) </p><p>Active Testing from subscribers Benefits </p></li><li><p>Private &amp; Confidential </p><p>NxClient </p><p>NxDroid </p><p>NxBerry </p><p>NxWeb </p><p>NxMirror </p><p>NxServer </p><p>NxRay for passive QoE </p><p> Today available for Android, Black Berry and USB modems </p><p> Multi technology support </p><p> Supports a wide range of commercial USB Modems and smartphones </p><p> Logging of most important network radio trace parameters </p><p> Easy and quick installation </p><p> Minimum Log file size and deleted after successful upload </p><p> Non Intrusive SW application </p><p> No privacy issues </p></li><li><p>Private &amp; Confidential </p><p>NxDroid </p><p>IXRay </p><p>NxWeb </p><p>NxMirror </p><p>NxServer </p><p>NxRay for active QoE </p><p> GUI available for Android and iPhone </p><p> Multi technology support </p><p> Supports a wide range of commercial devices </p><p> Application customized with the same look &amp; fell of wireless operator </p><p> Ready for Google Play and Apple Store </p><p> Feeling with the end users </p></li><li><p>Private &amp; Confidential </p><p>Example of NxDroid integration with </p><p>wireless operator application </p><p>(passive &amp; active) </p></li><li><p>Private &amp; Confidential </p><p> Check your RADIO coverage </p><p> Test your network PERFORMANCE </p><p> Tell me your FEEDBACK </p><p> Whos CONSUMING my battery phone? </p><p>NxDroid for QoE </p><p> With the passive module in BACKGROUND </p></li><li><p>Private &amp; Confidential </p><p>NxDroid customized for WIND Italy </p><p>...... AND with NxDroid Passive in background </p></li><li><p>Private &amp; Confidential </p><p> IMSI/Hash </p><p> MCC, MNC, LAC, Cell ID </p><p> Connection Type </p><p> Technology (Data Bearer) </p><p> RxLev/RSCP </p><p> No Service/Retrieve Service </p><p> PDP Drop </p><p> PDP Fail </p><p> PDP fail and drop causes </p><p> User DL/UL Throughput (Active &amp; Passive) </p><p> Position </p><p> Call Events and Statistics </p><p> Traffic per process </p><p> RAM/CPU consumption </p><p> APN </p><p> Time in Wi-Fi </p><p> Latency </p><p> Customer Feedback </p><p>NxDroid logged parameters and events </p></li><li><p>Private &amp; Confidential </p><p>Example of NxClient integration with </p><p>wireless operator application </p><p>(passive &amp; active) </p></li><li><p>Private &amp; Confidential </p><p> TI changed NxClient in TIM Internet Checkup </p><p> Invitation to download Marketing message </p><p> Terms and Conditions </p></li><li><p>Private &amp; Confidential </p><p> On line Reporting </p><p> Administration and Management devices </p><p> Powerful Filtering </p><p> Export Functionality and Mapping </p><p> Troubleshooting </p><p> Customer Care Expert cockpit </p><p>NxWeb Powerful Web reporting tool </p></li><li><p>Private &amp; Confidential </p><p> GSM / EDGE Radio Quality </p><p> UMTS Radio Quality </p><p> Donwload Application Throughput </p><p> Upload Application Throughput </p><p> Call Statistics </p></li><li><p>Private &amp; Confidential </p><p> Map visualization of QoE events from passive monitoring: </p><p> Dropped Calls </p><p> Failed Calls </p><p> PDP Drop </p><p> No Service/Retrieved area </p><p> .... and from USER FEEDBACK module </p></li><li><p> Different coverage squares and zoom levels </p><p>Private &amp; Confidential </p><p>Customize colours and </p><p>thresholds </p><p>Select calculation </p><p>method, </p><p>averaging dBms </p><p>or linear values </p><p> Coverage map as perceived by your customers </p><p> Filters by timestamp, operator, technology and samples volume </p><p> Method calculation, thresholds and colors customizable </p><p> Both passive and active heatmaps are supported </p></li><li><p>Private &amp; Confidential </p><p>Map Stats Module Learn the indication per LAC/BTS/Cells based on the subscribers QoE </p><p>Low CQI distribution in this cell </p></li><li><p>Private &amp; Confidential </p><p> Wireless operators report an thousands of yearly calls to the customer care department with high amount of mobile broadband complaints and churn related to </p><p>the network experience. </p><p> According to El Mundo newspaper in Spain, Spanish consumers would save 5,2 billion with a simple wireless services provider change. Fierce competition and </p><p>consumers awareness on potentially better tariffs represent a challenge to overcome. </p><p> Mobile broadband researches have revealed that 84% percent of mobile broadband users in the UK have experienced network issues. Further to this, 62% of </p><p>participant consumers are ready and willing to pay for a higher quality of </p><p>experience. </p><p>Your customer is the most important asset </p></li><li><p>Private &amp; Confidential </p><p>End Users problems </p><p>Most common problems </p><p> Configuration </p><p> Inability to be connected </p><p> Low Throughput </p><p> Break of Connection/Stability </p><p>Most common causes </p><p> Network: Radio Layer, Throughput, IP Layers </p><p> Device: Device Type, Firmware, Configuration </p><p> PC/Laptop: Operating System, CPU &amp; RAM, Anti Virus, Browser </p></li><li><p>Private &amp; Confidential </p><p>Our Customer Care Expert work flow </p><p>Customer Calls Helpdesk </p><p>Customer Care goes to NxRay Server Device List and Filters for one IMSI </p><p>View List of Data Sessions for that IMSI </p><p>Check Customer Care Cockpit for easy to read results </p><p>Invite end user to perform a connectivity test or a one button </p><p>test </p><p>Provide Answer and Solution to Customer </p><p>Send Problem to 2nd Line Support with all information </p><p>helping customer care departments with NxRay </p></li><li><p>Private &amp; Confidential </p><p> Invite end users to download NxClient from the WEB site </p><p> Tigo Colombia uses NxClient also to help Customer Care people </p><p> Or embed NxClient file as a component of the dashboard installation </p><p> NxClient is automatically configured upon first dashboard installation </p></li><li><p>Private &amp; Confidential </p><p> High 2G technology usage is due to a wrong subscriber setting: Connection Type is GPRS only, automatically detected by CCE. The Tech Usage traffic lights in red indicate that there is at least 90% of 2G usage </p><p> The network may be performing correctly, whereas device/system settings can negatively affect to the end userA CEM based strategy requires not being blind on this! </p><p>CCE Example </p><p>Use of the unique one button and connectivity tests to rapidly solve </p><p>problems </p></li><li><p>Private &amp; Confidential </p><p>Static Monitoring </p><p>Drive Testing </p><p>Our probes for </p><p>Quality of Service </p></li><li><p>Private &amp; Confidential </p><p>NxClient NxDroid </p><p>iXRay </p><p>NxWeb </p><p>NxMirror </p><p>NxServer </p><p>NxRay for QoS </p><p> Today available for Android, iPhone, USB modems and ADSL </p><p>modems </p><p> Highly cost effective and flexible probes solution </p><p> Economical upgrade capabilities </p><p> Logging of most important network radio trace parameters </p><p> Relies on the NxServer infrastructure with no need of additional HW or SW components </p><p>NxWire </p></li><li><p>Private &amp; Confidential </p><p>NxClient and NxDroid active testing </p><p> Ping, FTP DL, FTP UL, HTTP Browser, HTTP Put, HTTP Get </p><p> Full Layer 3 decoding and logging </p><p> IP trace pcap file creation </p><p> Sequential mobile broadband benchmarking </p><p> Unattended Probe </p><p> Active testing product aimed for engineering use </p></li><li><p>Private &amp; Confidential </p><p>NxDroid Engineer module </p><p> BTS cells position and orientation </p><p> KPI selection and evolution time value </p><p> Real time drive testing results </p></li><li><p>Private &amp; Confidential </p><p>iXRay plus </p><p> Collection of Application Throughput, location and test related KPIs </p><p> Data Collection based on Active Measurements </p><p> FTP DL, FTP UL, Ping, HTTP Put, HTTP Get, Web Browsing </p><p> logging of the following Radio parameters: Cell ID, PSC, RSCP, RxLev, Ec/Io, UARFCN, Data Technology </p><p> Active testing product aimed for engineering use </p></li><li><p>Private &amp; Confidential </p><p>NxWire for fixed broadband </p><p> Supports both manual and remote test scheduling </p><p> Support of Ping, FTP DL, FTP UL, HTTP Put, HTTP Get, Web Browsing and Full Working Order tasks </p><p> Logging of IP Trace, IP.pcap file </p><p> Useful for general fixed broadband active testing (Ethernet, Wi-Fi, DSL modems, etc) </p><p> Active testing product aimed for engineering use </p></li><li><p>Private &amp; Confidential </p><p>Roadmap </p><p> Release 3.1 (November) </p><p> QoE: </p><p> NxBerry enhancements for passive monitoring </p><p> NxDroid client - new coverage map </p><p> NxDroid plus for Ad-hoc passive monitoring </p><p> QoS </p><p> NxClient LTE active testing full Layer 3 decoding </p><p> NxDroid client Layer 3 and IP Pcap file collection </p></li><li><p>Private &amp; Confidential </p><p>STC Use Case </p><p>Platform Active </p><p>Probe </p><p>Customer Experience Management System </p><p>Passive Probe GEO-location </p><p> STC requires SMS NxRay to complement probes and geo-location information for a full QoE monitoring </p><p> NxRay provides device, system KPIs for a complete E2E picture </p><p> NxRay CCE will be used for proactive problem solving and troubleshooting </p><p> NxRay is a vehicle to improve STCs Marketing Brand </p></li><li><p>Private &amp; Confidential </p><p>Highly Competitive &amp; Successful </p></li><li><p>Private &amp; Confidential </p><p>My contact details: </p><p>email: gcangani@swissms.ch </p><p>phone: +39 335 7570948 </p><p>www.swissmobilitysolutions.com </p></li><li><p>Private &amp; Confidential </p><p>Benefits </p></li><li><p>Private &amp; Confidential </p><p> Up to 25% reduction in regular drive testing </p><p> 5% to 15% reduction in optimization cost per tower </p><p> 10% to 30% reduction in Call Duration of Tier 1 Calls which are Network and Device related </p><p> 2% to 10% reduction in total churners </p></li></ul>