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  • Content Management

    Digitization SolutionsDatamatics Global Services Limited The first and only services company from India to win the International Asia Pacific Quality Award.

  • About DatamaticsOver 30 Years of Excellence, since 1975 Pioneer in Offshore IT Services Anchored by a strong workforce of more than 3000+ employees and 1500+ Knowledge Associates Clients include 5 of the Top 10 Fortune 500 companies Thousands of projects delivered in 16 languages across 58 countries Industry verticals & technologically aligned competencies

  • Awards and AccreditationsThe Black Book of Outsourcings 2006 surveyRanked 1st in Publishing, Editorial and Print Services Outsourcing CompaniesAmong the Top 50 Best Managed Global BPO Vendors Ranked 12th in NASSCOM 2005 survey of third-party Indian ITES / BPO companies Listed amongst the 35 rising stars in The Global Outsourcing 100 in the April 6, 2006 issue of FORTUNE magazine

  • Commitment to QualitySEI CMM Level 5PCMM Level 5ISO 9001-2000SAS 70PMP InitiativeSix Sigma InitiativeHIPAA Compliant ProcessesRBNQAIAPQA

  • Content ManagementDatamatics offers end to end content Management solutions, which includeContent DesignImaging SolutionsData capture and DigitizationCreative Services

  • Digitization SolutionsDatamatics offers end to end solutions for digitization of documents and the services include

    Scanning & Imaging servicesOCRMeta data captureData cleansingArchiving etc

  • TechnologyDatamatics has developed automation tools that form a part of the solution package for digitization efforts. Some of the highlights of the tools are

    Built using Artificial Intelligence and Fuzzy LogicMinimal manual interventionHigh quality outputQuicker turnaround time and high efficiency

  • iQ tooliQ Automated tool that captures metadata automatically from a document

    Uses Artificial intelligence and FuzzyImproves the turn-around-time by up to 50%Reduce cost by up to 60%Enhance accuracy due to highest possible automationSeamless integration with enterprise applications

  • UsabilityThe tool can be used on inputs like

    NewspapersStructured & Unstructured FormsMagazinesBooksJournals

  • Metadata Capture DemoSelect and open the input file through the tool

  • The tool is customized to capture various metadata from the document, as required by the client.Metadata capture DemoMetadata FieldsTitleCountryStateCityDateLanguageFront Page

  • The tool automatically captures the required field from the document and displays the captured text with the level of confidence on accuracyThe user can correct or accept the data captured by the toolMetadata capture Demo

  • In a similar fashion, the complete metadata required for the document are capturedMetadata capture Demo

  • Data can also be captured is any specific format requiredMetadata capture Demo

  • Options of drop down menu is also available where the data can be selected from the options available.Metadata capture Demo

  • Once the metadata is captured the data can be retrieved in any output format required like XML, Access, SQL, Excel etc.Metadata capture Demo

  • Click n Capture ToolClick n Capture Automated tool that captures data from the PDF file and generates XML automatically by the click of a button

    Captures data just by selection of the textGenerates XML on click of a buttonCan be customized for any DTD and tagging guidelines

  • UsabilityThe tool can be used on inputs like

    MagazinesBooksJournalsLeaflets, Brochures etc.

  • Click n Capture - DemoSelect and open the input file through the tool

  • Click n Capture - DemoThe fields like Periodical name, Volume, Issue, Date are captured by the tool from the file name. Special file naming conversion is to be followed for every file

  • The tool displays various fields that are to be captured from the file. These fields can be customized to suit the tagging guidelines and the DTD that is to be followedClick n Capture - DemoHT Title RU CategorySM SubtitleP ParaLG Fig LegendLD SummaryAu - Author XML Generate XML

  • Click on the button and select the text in the file to be capturedClick n Capture - DemoArticle Heading button clickedArticle Heading text selected

  • In a similar fashion, click on the field button and select the required text in the fileClick n Capture - Demo

  • Once all the fields in the file are captured, generate the XML by click of the XML buttonClick n Capture - Demo

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