Digitization and archiving

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Digitization and Archiving

Digitization and Archivingwww.daralraqmana.com

DAR Al-raqmana VisionDigitization is not a new concept. Yet, it doesnt reach its potentials.Our goal is to help in preserving and enriching the significant content, i.e. Heritage Maps, Books, Rare manuscripts, Family history, Newspaper, Old Purchase orders and forms, Old ContractsetcOur Endeavor to look after content! Well be creating a state-of-art and integrated digitization facility along side a fine digital repository platform with Browsing, Searching, reading and long-term preservation capabilities.

DAR Al-raqmana Perspective of DigitizationDigitization is not equal to Scanning!Scanning is pivotal, but its only a starting phase. Our target is to ;Save the original documentsEnrich the digital content with metadata and content classification and analysisCreate one-stop-platform to make the digital content at the users fingertipWe provide full stack of services aims at diminishing the access to the original document

DAR Al-raqmana ServicesLong Term PreservationModel the documents into Self-Contained package,OAIS Standard compliant wMaintain the Original archival packages and Deployment packagesAll backup, security and data integrity measures.Digitization workflowOrchestrate the production.Manages the operators, machines, servers, integration with other platforms, editing , reviewing and reportingHigh quality imagingSelect the suitable scanners and scanning method to achieve 100% digital replicaEnrich document descriptive metadata.Copyright evaluation engine: Our copyright engine takes care of the original copyrights, publishing date, location-based and user level access.

DAR Al-raqmana Services (Cont.)Arabic Text Recognition As well as, Latin text recognition; we are expert in handling the Arabic Text. Our calibers can analyze the text fonts and provide machine readable libraries, that elevate the OCRing recognition to produce more than 99% guaranteed quality for modern text.One-Stop platformBrowse, Search, Download, Print, Comment, Share and Personalize. Responsive design, for web-based or mobile browsing.High quality SearchExact and Morphological search (stem or root based) for both Arabic and Latin text.Content Search; the End user will be capable of searching the documents content, populating search snippets and highlight. All-In-One viewer Out Image-on-text viewer will group all mentioned above functionalities in one location.

Collection Care and imagingWe Handle the content with maximum careAssess the content based on Color set, paper size, paper quality andMany other factorsSelect the best approach to take the imageScannersCamerasNegatives readersChoose the most appropriate DPI, resolution, color profile, lightingsoftware and APIs to maintain the original files and create a digital replica and web oriented copy as well

Proper Ocring for High quality Search

Dar Al-raqmana developed a new machine readable Font library to reach a highest level of OCR accuracy The output of OCR process will be fed to a powerful Arabic-oriented search engineWe handle the Stem of the word to get more than Exact result; e.g. search with and youll get hits like , ,

System Architecture

We developed a customized and service oriented architecture. That fulfill all the list of features (mentioned previously)

Quality AssuranceWe do believe that the shortest way to the user satisfaction is the Quality Quality assurance is a key process in our workflowWe incorporate 2 levels of QA;Page level: an operator will review each and every page and make sure it meets certain standardsItem level: Ensure the whole quality of the images with the ocr output meets certain standards

Building the Digitization Facility

We do;Supply the equipment to existed digitization centerBuild it from scratch, with the top notch Scanners, Digital Cameras, PCs, Calibrated Monitors, Software

Outsourcing/Consultation SolutionsWe have a quite large bank of experts, in every field of of our Digitization Services.We are happy to supply a high skilled and well trained staff, to Institutions that plan to build digitization environmentWe do provide a consultation and devising the suitable Digitization solutions

TrainingOffer training in the latest digitization techniques and standards.Conduct training in specific areas; the measures of quality assurance, the techniques of image processing and optical character recognition (OCR).Provide training in building state-of-art digital repository

Digitization Workflow

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