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  1. 1. Digitization Components Digitization projects are often complex and challenging in nature primarily due to the number of different activities involved in the process. There are 3 essential components that form the core of all digitization process: People - Scanning operators, Graphic Designers, Subject curators etc. Processes - Institution specific best practices/standards Infrastructure - Scanners, Image Processing software, OCR etc. The biggest challenge, therefore, lies in bringing all these individual components together on a common platform to ensure communication, consistent levels productivity & quality and overall process efficiency.
  2. 2. Key Digitization challenges Centralizing operations to bring together the different units and people involved Standardizing Operations and workflows irrespective of the media processed Optimizing and ensuring consistent levels of productivity and efficiency Ensuring consistent quality and integrity of the media Adhering to Metadata standards to ensure easy identification, access and interoperability Tracking and measuring the process Media and People(The old adage: If you cant measure, you cant improve!)
  3. 3. Digiflo Digitization Workflow Management Solutions Digiflo is a holistic digitization workflow management software specifically designed to address these increasing complexities and challenges to make the process simple, measurable and efficient. It brings together your infrastructure, people and practices to ensure superior and consistent productivity and quality, on every single project!
  4. 4. Metada ta entry Scanni ng QC Zero Post Proces sing QC One Curator review 1 OCR OCR Review Curator review 2 QC Final Packag ing Digiflo How it works Streamlining of activities
  5. 5. Customer Pain Points Digiflo Benefits
  6. 6. Centralization - Teams are geographically distributed Books are scanned in Belgium and processed in India. It is a nightmare to manage both teams on tight deadlines Pain Digiflos Remote management of projects centralizes your processes by bringing your teams together and helps you handle projects anywhere, anytime Why Digiflo
  7. 7. Standardization Designing multiple workflows for different media Pain Digiflo has the capabilities to process all kinds of print/still images including books, newspapers, manuscripts, dissertations etc. It standardizes your processes and workflows irrespective of the media that is processed. Why Digiflo
  8. 8. Workflows with standardized processes profiled and preconfigured for all kinds of still/print media. Why Digiflo Achieving Optimum levels of Productivity Suggest a faster way to process 1000s of books or items Pain
  9. 9. Cannot Find my content when I need it most Pain Digiflo comprehensively tracks all your physical and digital assets so content could be easily found at any point in time Why Digiflo Media Discovery
  10. 10. Cannot ascertain the quality of my deliverables Pain Digiflos multi-stage quality assurance tools ensure that media is moved on the next stage only after passing all the pre-defined quality parameters. This allows you to identify and fix bottlenecks and glitches in real time Quality Assurance Why Digiflo
  11. 11. Configurable Metadata Pain Metadata in Digiflo is completely configurable and depends on the requirements of your individual projects. Configurable output schemas include industry best/standard practices like Mets/Alto(Case In Point: The British Library), Mods, Mar21 etc. Why Digiflo Metadata export schemas
  12. 12. Pain Comprehensive reports help supervisors keep tab on who does what and when, in real time Why Digiflo Tracking/Measuring Unable to utilize 100% time of my skilled resources
  13. 13. Image Processing Tools Pain Digiflo has in-built post processing tools which take care of all your image processing needs like crop, deskew, despeckle, JP2 processing, Image manifestations and compressions etc. Why Digiflo Our workflows involves a lot of post-processing activities
  14. 14. Integrations Pain Digiflo has the capabilities to integrate with all of your library systems and repositories like Metadata repositories, Content Management systems, User authentications, digital repositories, archives & special collections repositories etc., thereby further automating the entire process Why Digiflo Can I integrate the software with any of our internal tools/applications?
  15. 15. Lite Version Pain Digiflo has specifically designed a Lite version for small to medium sized operations(up to 5 users). Irrespective of the size of the projects, standardization of the processes is the key to the success of digitization projects. Why Digiflo But we dont have many/large projects currently in operation
  16. 16. Consolidating final package for DMS Digiflo has an excellent mechanism to consolidate final package for easy consumption by the librarys DMS Why Digiflo
  17. 17. Scary Dynamics One Stop Solution Tracking Digital assets Project Management Scanners Software Distributed Teams Procedures and Processes Adhering to Standards Interfaces Packaging Hardware Media Why Digiflo Digiflo is the Holistic workflow management software that meticulously handles the dynamics of Digitization projects of any size under a SINGLE PLATFORM
  18. 18. To know more on how Digiflo can improve your processes and/or schedule a demo, Contact us: Thanks & Regards Kal Kalyan Budhavarti Marketing & Sales Manager kalyan@digiflo.in +91 9908399926 Skype: Kalyan_Digiflo LinkedIn: Kalyan Budhavarti Thank You!! Contact Us