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CMoG Digitization Srategy

Text of Digitization strategy

  • 1. Digitization Strategy Preserving our Assets Code NameGODZILLA

2. Code Name: Godzilla The effort is monstrous and we continue to try to get our arms around it-Nancy Earley We must come together as an organization if we are to have any hope of taming the beast- David Whitehouse We have nothing to fear but fear itself -Rob Cassetti 3. What is Digitization?

  • Storing files in electronic format
  • Converting media to electronic form

4. What are some of our potential digital assets?

  • Photographs of Museums collections, events, and programs
  • Publications
  • Library resources
  • Sales and marketing content
  • Administrative records
  • Facility and historical files
  • The list is growing .

5. Why Digitize?

  • Stewardship
    • Expanded Accessibility (For internal and external users)
      • Anyone, anywhere, anytime
    • Preservation ..protecting our assets
      • Extend the life of our assets
      • Create a surrogate
      • Save on wear and tear of original
    • Workflow efficiency, organization, and better control

6. Supporting our digital world

  • Metadata is a form of cataloging
  • Data about data ..helps define a digital object
  • Descriptive, administrative, technical
  • Integrity and standards
  • Metadata will allow us accessibility while maintaining control

What makes an asset useful?Metadata 7. What about Copyright?

  • Copyrighted materials carry restrictions on use
  • We are bound by law to respect copyright protections of intellectual property
  • Metadata will help us manage restricted assets
  • Copyright offenders..????????

8. 9. How will we tame the beast?

  • Establish aDigitization teamwith the mission of setting policy, developing strategy, and defining the scope of the project.
  • Purchasesoftwareto help us manage these assets
  • Hire aDigital Asset Specialistto keep this effort on course

10. Meet the Digitization Team 11. Our Mission and Goals

  • Create an overall strategy for the museums digitization initiative
  • Define the scope of the project
    • (which assets will be considered for this effort)
  • Prioritize the workload
  • Lay foundation for any workflow or process changes needed
  • Manage Implementation through new Digital Asset Specialist.

12. Progress to date

  • Purchased a data vault for file storage
  • Purchased Portfolio to manage our digital assets
  • Began digitizing of library films
  • Migrating photographic images to data vault
  • Using Portfolio to beta sales/marketing images

13. Meet the Extended Team 14.