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2. What is a video digitization Video digitization is when an analogue video signal from a source such as a video tape or video camera is captured on a computer so as to edit or manipulate the images within the computer. To do this you need to use video editing software such as Adobe Premiere, Ulead Video( 3. Video Digitization Architecture 4. Video Digitization Workflow Connect video Cameraor video player Initial Video Editing Project to computer Capturing Video Publish/DeliveryEditing Video 5. Connect video camera orvideo player to computer Analog: using Composite or S-Video line Digital: using IEEE1394/Firewire line AnalogConnectconnection VideoCamera to computer Digital connection 6. Initial video editing project Define video frame size, video format, sample rate, etc. 7. Capturing video Tool in video editing software for video capturing 8. Editing video Cut/Insert/Title/Visual effect/Transition 9. Publish or Delivery 10. Video data Video Contained two types of data, a sequences of image (frame) and audio data. Video frame