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  • With Digitization, iDOC and RFID Document & File Management

  • Services ProposedScanning and Digitization of old documentsStorage of digitized documents in iDOC DMSHard copy managementRFID (Radio Frequency Identification)

  • Scanning & Digitization

  • Scanning & Digitization Pay-per-click billing methodComplete data security and storage (ISO 27001:2005)High quality control (ISO 9001:2008)Digitization of all sizes of papersOutput in desired formatFastest delivery and uptime

    (200 images/minute)

  • Document Management System

  • Document Management SystemWorkflow creationEasy and customizable meta-tagging systemDocument sharing facilitiesTight permission for document viewing, Global RightPublic RightPrivate RightCustomization and creation of supported file extensions.Multi company & Concurrent useZip file can be uploaded and extractedProvision for Doc Properties and Document ActivitiesDocument Versioning, retrievalEmail facility for documents from the repository.

  • Hard Copy ManagementGathering all the old documents that have been piling up for yearsSegregated according to your convenience, be it by date, time, alphabetical order, user, creator etc. For torn, faded, old papers, to revive clarity Classified and processed hard copies are kept back in Shelves/ cupboards etc.

  • RFID for Document Security & ControlWHAT IS RFID? The use of Radio Frequency technology to enable data exchange between reading devices and items carrying RFID tags. RFID does not require line of sight or contact between the readers and tags.WHAT CONSTITUTES RFID SYSTEM? One or more RFID tags, One or more Reader, One or more Interrogators, One or more Host computers, Appropriate SoftwareRFID TAGS

    Memory : Size (16 bits - 512 Kbytes +) Read-Only, Read/Write or WORMArbitration (Anti-collision) : Ability to read one or many tags at a time and write one by one. Frequency : 125KHz 2.45 GHzSize : Thumbnail to Brick sizes Type: Hard or soft forms

  • RFID TagsActive - $$$Tags transmit RFID signalBattery poweredMore Read Range

    Passive - $Reader transmits RFID SignalTag reflects readers RF signalLess Read Range


  • RFID Components

  • How RDID System Works

  • Devices RequiredPRINTER/ ENCODING DEVICEHF & UHF ModulesEncode tag and print

    information simultaneouslyREADERReceive binary information from reader

    antenna and converts to digitalFeeds data to middleware or enterprise

    systemMay process some data, but usually

    processing occurs in middlewareTime is of the essenceGrab as much data as possible, let software filter

  • Devices RequiredANTENNAERequired for reading data on tagTransmit and Receive analog

    signalsControlled by a Reader

    MIDDLEWARE SOFTWAREDictates to printers/encoders what to encode

    on the tagTells readers when to look for tagsReceives data from readersPerforms necessary filterWhat does the data on the tag mean?Number that refers to somethingWhere should the data go, a database,


  • Frequencies

  • RFID Workflow

  • Problems & SolutionsProblem & Solution of Scanning & DMS

    Problems (Pre-Digitization)Solutions (Post Digitization)Disorganized DocumentsOrganized DocumentsHard Copy SystemPaperless OfficeManual Document SortingAutomatic IndexingTime consuming SearchFast RetrievalManual transportation postal & delivery issuesShared through e-mail, linking etc

  • Problems & SolutionsProblem & Solution of DMS (iDOC)

    Problems (Pre-Digitization)Solutions (Post Digitization)Manual storage of documentsSimple uploading of scanned copiesPoor document securityAssured access control, securityOnly physical access at locationDigital access via handheld devicesUtter mismanagementEasy managementWastage of work hoursIncreased productivity

  • Problem & Solution RFID

    Problems (Pre-RFID)Solutions (Post RFID)Unlikely document movements Restricted document movementPoor/no tracking of document mobilityAssured tracking of document mobilityMobility reason cannot be detectedPerson/ reason for misplacement is trackedOnly cameras can track document mobilityTracked without any human interferencePoor document securityEnhanced security

  • A Gatereader?

  • Library Antitheft


  • Presented by:Sanchari Das &Debolina ChoudhuryThank you