Tempeus polar-aviation-brochure
Tempeus polar-aviation-brochure
Tempeus polar-aviation-brochure
Tempeus polar-aviation-brochure

Tempeus polar-aviation-brochure

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    TEMPEUS MAINTENANCE ONLINE PORTALState-of-the-art tool for total project control and transparency




    The Tempeus Customer Online Portal oered by your service center ensures

    process transparency, gives you control over costs and keeps downtime in check

    to increase aircraft availability.

    Main features :Works

    Monitor & follow your aircraft works in real time.

    Percentage of progress for each task performed with photos, daily and weekly

    reports until the release.

    Maintenance history recorded in Tempeus. The maintenance history of your

    aircraft is recorded online and easily accessible at any time.

    Estimates and invoicesApprove your estimates onlineProforma invoices displayed in real timeMonitor your warranty claims easily.

    CommunicationDialogue with the customer support of your maintenance service center

    AccessAccess Tempeus portal from anywhere in the world login to tempeus.keitas.com

    Working smart with your service center

    The benet of the Tempeus Customer Online Portal is that

    you have 24/7 access to maintenance information and

    progress reports via the online portal, meaning you can

    always keep an eye on costs. Furthermore, the tool allows you

    to order and approve additional work at any time during the

    maintenance check.

  • ESTIMATES: Approve your estimates online and keeprecord of approved estimates

    TECHNICAL SUPPORT PAGE: - Displays in real time works in progresswith photos and reports.- Displays dialogues with the service center.

    Weekly reportsWorks pictures

    INVOICES: Proforma invoices displayed in real time.

    Estimate 6 - 3.29: Eng#2 S/N PCE-CH0281 - Replacement of #4 carbon seal to peform on wing by PWC MRT team. Total Price: 4'992 CHF.

    Details--------- task

    Tempeus online access

    From anywhere in the world, log to your Tempeus account at https://tempeus.keitas.com with the login and password provided by your service center.


    Tempeus use and access: 1650 per work order Keitas Systems is proud to provide a 24/7 free assistance, should you need any help with Tempeus.

  • For more information about Tempeus customer online portal at Polar Aviation, please contact: Polar Aviation Oy

    Tullimiehentie 8, 01530 Vantaa, Finland Tel. + 358 20 1612 600 (24h) maintenance@polaraviation.