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  • 4Private Sky gives you the convenience and flexibility to charter when you want as you want. We offer the highest level of security, comfort, convenience, flexibility and service in the industry. There are no start up costs, no monthly fees, and you have access to a network of aircraft ranging from turbo props, to large airliners. With help from our team of aviation experts, you can be assured you will have the right aircraft to suit your specific flight requirements.

    Since our formation in 2006, our company vision has remained the same: to deliver safe, reliable, honest, quality service to every client.

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  • 6At Private Sky our mission is your success. We are an aircraft charter agency not an operator, and are therefore able to focus on our customers exact needs at a moments notice. Not being bound to one operator allows us to select an aircraft that meets our customers needs, not the operators availability. Clients working with Private Sky achieve competitive pricing while having access to additional aircraft at reduced rates on a global network.

    Private Sky only works with top rated Aircraft Operators who make safety their priority. We are abundantly familiar with industrial standards and regulatory requirements.

    Whether it be weekly or daily crew rotations, cargo lifts of critical equipment, or last minute jet charters our team handles a variety of charters on a daily basis.


  • 7BUSINESS FLIGHTSTravel comfortably and efficiently with an aircraft and itinerary best suited to your Companies needs. Youll be able to schedule meetings in various locations in the same day with a private environment to prepare en-route. Whatever your needs Private Sky will be ready for take off at moments notice.

    SHIFT ROTATIONFrom 5 to 5000 passengers, Private Sky can assist you with your workforce transportation needs. We are ready to facilitate regional, national or international crew rotations on a schedule and budget that meets your projects requirements.

    VACATIONWhether its a family vacation, a getaway with friends, or a once in a lifetime trip Private Sky has the knowledge and experience to put you in the right aircraft to get the most from your trip.

    CHARTERSServing corporate and industrial clients, corporate retreats and family vacations.

  • 8Private Sky has the experience to assist clients with all their charter program needs. Our team has extensive knowledge setting up and assisting with large scale fly-in/fly-out programs across Canada. Our services include:

    Program Procedures and Standards

    Budget Development and Management

    Program Logistics (Manifests, ground transportation, commercial connections, etc.)

    Program Reporting (Utilization, regional demographics, costs, etc.)

    Corporate Flights

    Craft Flights

    Commercial Flights

    Aerodrome Access Agreements

    Aerodrome Development

    Aerodrome Management

    Aerodrome Operations

    Facility Infrastructure

    Fleet Assessments

    SMS Programs

    Safety Audits

    Aircraft Acquisition

    Aircraft Management

    Private Skys team of industry leaders are ready to assist our clients. We have vast experience from all aspects of the industry and our advisory team each has over 30 years of aviation experience ranging from Arctic to International operations.



  • 9INDUSTRIESPrivate Sky specializes in organizing crew rotations throughout Canada, including various mining and exploration companies across the Canadian Arctic.

    OIL & GASServing the key oil hubs including Calgary, Edmonton, Fort McMurray and Houston, Private Sky can support all your companies needs. Be it specialized personnel or critical parts to keep your operation running we are ready to assist you 24/7. Common charters include airliners and large turbo props for crew rotations and helicopters for remote site access and site tours.

    MININGFrom exploration support flights to construction and crew workforce rotations, we have a deep history in setting up charters for leading mining corporations around the globe and in some of the most challenging work environments. Our access to specialized equipment and turbo props aircraft are popular options in the mining industry due to their low operating costs and ability to land on rugged terrain.

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    Private Sky Aviation has proved to be a reliable and responsive provider of air support solutions, particularly shining in short timeline situations. We have run a number of high profile movements with Private Sky Aviation and their service is always top shelf.


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    Private Sky has access to aircraft not only throughout Canada, but the rest of the world; we are confident we have transportation that will meet your specific needs.

    Entry-level Light Jets and Mid-Size Jets are economical, yet fast. As one of the most popular chartered aircraft, they are optimal for short to midrange trips and offer average cruising speeds of 420 500 mph with a non-stop range of 1400 2000 miles.

    Ideal for group getaways or business, Heavy and Commercial Jets offer many cabin amenities and come standard with a flight attendant to further enhance your in-flight experience. Heavy Jets and Commercial Aircraft can travel 4,000 8,000 miles non-stop.

    Have a special request? Turbo Props, Helicopters and other specialty aircraft can often land in areas that jet aircraft cannot. Some of these aircraft are available on floats, skis and off strip tires, providing support to specialized jobs such as mining and exploration camps in remote locations. Let us help you select the right equipment for your needs.









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    Safety is a corporate value of Private Sky and we believe in providing our clients and staff with a safe and secure environment. Our promise to our clients is to build relationships with regularly audited air carriers that exceed all industry and government regulations for the highest safety standards. At Private Sky safety is an ongoing process and our partners are committed to continually developing, implementing and improving systems and procedures to ensure that all aviation activities uphold the highest level of performance.

    Private Sky has access to a wide range of cargo aircraft allowing us to fly your cargo nearly anywhere in the world. Whether you are looking to rush a specialized part across the country in a private jet with only hours of notice, or fly a shipment over 100,000 pounds, Private Sky can handle to request. Contact our team for a quote and details about cargo specifications.


    Canadian Aviation Regulations (CARs 703, 704 & 705)

    Federal Aviation (FAA part 135)


    Bulk & Drummed Fuel

    Remote Camp Re-Supply

    Oversized or heavy equipment

    Hot Shot part movements



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    Our unique partnerships with leading aviation companies in Canada and throughout the world have provided us with the opportunity to reach all four corners of the map. From remote areas in Northern Canada, tropical destinations south of the Equator, or large business epicenters, there are no limits to your destination. Not being tied down to one operator allows us to select an aircraft that meets our customers needs, not the operators availability, so we can be ready when you are.

    LOCATIONSNo matter where life takes you, our private charters can get you there.

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    The Private Sky team looks forward to welcoming you to charter, the most effective way to travel the globe. No request is too large or small. Our goal is your success, and our promise is to get you there safely, comfortably and on time.

    Contact Private Sky to request a quote for your next business trip, crew rotation, corporate event, remote exploration or vacation. All we need to know is where you want to go and with how many people. From there we will provide multiple options on appropriate aircraft, along with recommendations from our charter experts.


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    CALL US TOLL FREE AT | [email protected]

    Shift Rotation | Business Aircraft | Cargo | Travel Management | Consulting

    Calgary | Edmonton | Yellowknife | Vancouver | Kelowna | Toronto

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