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  1. 1. Aviation English testing and training solutions ENSURING PASSENGER SAFETY I AM ENGLISH WORLDWIDE
  2. 2. ICA0 considers clear and effective communications in English as imperative to international aviation safety. We ensure aviation personnel meet, maintain and manage their compliance with the language proficiency requirements set out in ICAO Doc 9835, The Manual on the Implementation of ICAO Language Proficiency Requirements. All pilots and air traffic controllers engaged in international aviation must achieve ICAO English Level 4 (Operational) or above in all 6 core skills: pronunciation structure vocabulary fluency comprehension interactions. Ranking flight safety first The RMIT Aviation English training and testing solutions achieve ICAOs fundamental objective of aviation safety RMIT global leaders in aviation and English language education Using RMIT to raise English language competence RMIT University is a leading Australian university with over 75,000 students that offers dedicated courses in: Aerospace Engineering Flight Training English language training. RMITs Aviation English products are developed by RMIT English Worldwide (REW), the independent language centre for RMIT University, in direct consultation with Air Services Australia, Qantas and other subject matter experts. RMIT has established an international reputation for delivering reliable and practical courses in Aviation English and offering operationally relevant tests. Pilots and air traffic controllers across the world choose to study and train with RMIT because we are global leaders in Aviation English training. We understand your requirements and provide you with: compliance with ICAOs Language Proficiency Requirements through a range of training and aviation specific testing endorsed by Civil Aviation Authorities worldwide the advanced English skills necessary to assure flight safety flexible delivery options to accommodate work schedules assessment of training requirements and a tailored package of deliverable solutions. Our solutions are cost effective. We save your organisation time and money by: minimising the frequency of testing preventing interruption to scheduling and allowing rostering continuity retaining licence validity.
  3. 3. RMIT University, Vietnam Hanoi Campus Ho Chi Minh Campus Shanghai Institute of Foreign Trade China Representative Office RMIT University, Melbourne campus RMIT English Worldwide Melbourne Language Centre RMIT Publishing Headquarters, Melbourne REW Bangkok Thailand The RMIT difference What differentiates RMIT from our competitors in aviation education is our unique focus on retaining, as well as attaining, hands on Aviation English language skills. RMIT understands the importance of providing aviation personnel with relatable content and practical scenarios. Developed by an in-house team of aviation experts and curriculum writers who specialise in aviation phraseology and English language teaching, the program ensures the real-life benefit of gaining proficiency in English and of proactively sustaining that proficiency to assure flight safety. RMIT offers your organisation: a focus on retaining and improving, as well as attaining English language skills scenario based testing tests specifically designed for pilots and air traffic controllers assessment in all six ICAO core skills training programs that develop skills and maintain proficiency between tests quality products that guarantee the validity and reliability of results. Locations of RMITs partners around the world.
  4. 4. RELTA assesses the English proficiency of pilots and air traffic controllers through rigorous testing of their speaking and listening skills. The test includes practical role-plays of air-ground situations, ensuring realistic simulations for both pilots and air traffic controllers. RELTAs test design and test structure reflect the ICAO holistic descriptors and use the six-band ICAO rating scale to score results across all six ICAO language proficiency criteria. To ensure consistent test delivery RMIT English Worldwide monitors, oversees and maintains security and quality standards internationally. RELTA: recognises the different language tasks for pilots and air traffic controllers rates candidates at all six ICAO language proficiency levels and offers fair and accurate assessment of language proficiency in both aviation phraseology and plain English allocates a minimum of 2 accredited RELTA raters for candidate assessment to ensure fairness and consistency saves you time by providing automated administration of testing and results is fully supported by an operational team ensuring high levels of customer service. RELTA Testing and Training Solutions Endorsed by over 25 ICAO Member States 90% of candidates who have completed our training achieved a Level 4 or higher on the RELTA test Over 23,000 candidates around the world have been assessed via RELTA
  5. 5. RMIT English Worldwide offers a range of courses to train and accredit personnel to deliver RELTA. REWs 3 RELTA training courses include: RELTA Administrator Training, Examiner Training and Rater Training that certifies trainees to manage testing, deliver tests and rate candidates according to industry standards. REWs teacher training courses include: Aviation Teacher Training that certifies teacher trainees to deliver the RMIT Aviation English training program. RELTAPIET instructor and examiner training
  6. 6. Radiotelephony English for pilots and air traffic controllers General English for Aviation RMITs Radiotelephony English comprises two coursesone designed for pilots and one for air traffic controllers to improve their plain English use in radiotelephony communications in compliance with ICAOs language proficiency requirements. RMITs Radiotelephony English courses are teacher led training solutions that we facilitate and implement based on your organisational requirements. Radiotelephony English courses: offer specific emphasis on listening and speaking skills for routine and non-routine aviation scenarios use industry-specific language as well as plain English include 125 hours of learning materials covering two core components: Workbook (65 hours) Computer Based Training (CBT) package (60 hours) deliver an engaging and challenging approach to aviation English education with operationally relevant learning activities based on a realistic range of ground and in-flight scenarios provide separate materials for pilots and air traffic controllers. Radiotelephony for Pilots Radiotelephony for Air Traffic Controllers Pre-departure Light traffic: routine Departure Light traffic: non-routine En route Complex traffic: routine Descent and arrival Complex traffic: non-routine Approach and landing General English for Aviation is a customised English language course for aviation personnel to improve their general English to assist in meeting ICAOs Language Proficiency Requirements. This course is best suited to personnel at an intermediate level and is designed for use in classroom settings. General English for Aviation: consists of up to 250 hours of language learning across two modules provides interactive course materials with relevant and meaningful tasks introducing a variety of safety-based scenarios focuses on improving language skills in general and aviation contexts offers flexible delivery options. We are strong supporters of the RELTA test as well as RMITs aviation English training products because of the high quality training materials and the fair and reliable structure of the test, not to mention the outstanding support we receive from RMIT English Worldwide. Joao Durao President of the Portuguese Pilots Association (2009-2011)
  7. 7. BL4 Pilots BL4 Air Traffic Controllers Landing Incidents Separation Onboard Incidents Co-ordination Runway Incursions Systems Technology Terrain Situational Awareness Weather Weather Near Misses Aircraft Unserviceabilities Engine Failure Onboard Incidents Forced Landings Human Factors Beyond Level 4 provides a very cost effective language training solution which prevents language erosion by allowing trainees to practise and develop their language skills between tests. This course provides: provides versions specific to pilots and air traffic controllers provides customised language support and feedback on each of the six core skill areas identified by ICAO comprises 80 hours of study material across 8 units and over 200 learning activities with each unit based on a safety-related topic supplies content based on real-life aviation safety scenarios, making engaging use of flight simulations, radar simulations (ATC version) and interactive role-plays provides individual monitoring of course progress by both assessors and participants through automated performance reports and personal review of recorded speech samples is supported by supplementary grammar materials specifically for pilots and for air traffic controllers. Beyond Level 4 Take the guided tour! To achieve Level 5
  8. 8. RMIT strives to promote safer skies and air travel by providing your organisation with the best Aviation English training and testing solutions to ensure you achieve and maintain compliance with ICAOs English Language Proficiency Requirements. We work with your organisation to: determine the best English language training solutions for your personnel provide product induction and teacher training to enable delivery of English language training liaise with governing authorities to have RELTA endorsed locally establish a RELTA test centre within your organisation provide RELTA training and support for the implementation of English language proficiency testing. Become a partner Find out more +61 3 9925 8191