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SFS intec SDF2 for cladding panels to steel

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Fast and easy installation of cladding panels to thin steel with SFS intec SDF2

Text of SFS intec SDF2 for cladding panels to steel

  • 1. Wobbel screw: SDF2

2. Application: to fix a "non-metallic" claddingpanel on thin steelItem 1Item 2GipsumFibercementGipsum-Cement 0.75 - 1.25 mm steelCalcium-Silicat or 2.5 mm aluminiumHardwoodPlasticAluminiumThickness 6 - 12 mm 3. Existing solution: Wing type screw 4. Function of wing screwsThe wings enlarge the The wings break when Drill the steel andhole in the soft material they contact steel thread form into the steel+=But: It only works if the wings are stronger than the first material andweaker than the steel ! In thin steel they often do not break off but drill a large hole. 5. Our challenge We were looking for a high quality stainless steel fastener thatworks in every case Can be used in thin steel Independent from material density, machine speed etc Nice aesthetical head which can be colour matched 6. Our solution: Wobbel screw SDF2 7. Function: 8. Function: its wobbling around the excentricdrill point 9. Function: 10. Function: 11. Function: the point drills the steel 12. Function: 13. Function: it clamps the two material properlytogether 14. Features No problems with wings which are breaking too early (hole is notenlarged) or too late (no pull out load) Easy installation of cladding panels High quality stainless steel fastener A2, AISI 304 Suitable for thin materials (0.75 - 1.25mm steel), so the structurecould be made in thinner steel to save money Suitable for soft materials (aluminium) For hard cladding panels (fibre cement etc) Competitive price 15. StatusEasy installation

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