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  • InPractice No. 25/2013

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    Imprint Editorial team Staff of SFS intec

    Frequency of publication Annual

    Graphics and editing Marketing Services SFS intec

    Printing galledia AG, Berneck

    English translation Terra Firma International Limited, Welshpool

    Publisher SFS intec

    Cover The spectrum of products from our various divisions


    Energy efficiency: opportunities and challenges for corporations SFS intec and Unisteel

    04 Short reports news in brief from the world of SFS intec

    05 TAPTITE 2000® fasteners achieving faster, more secure assembly

    06 CAB-R door hinges integrate function and design

    07 WT fasteners holding the church together

    08 A comet created on Earth: realising a visionary design concept with ease

    10 Energy efficiency: opportunities and challenges for corporations

    12 Fastening systems SOL-F and SOL-R The fast, secure way to install photovoltaic panels

    14 Central development – local manufacture for system suppliers to the automotive industry

    16 Shoulder to shoulder SFS intec and Unisteel

    Dear Reader,

    Economic globalisation marches unstoppably onwards. This means a strong, international presence is vital in many sectors. This is unequivocally the case for SFS intec. The alliance with Unisteel is a logical response to this economic imperative; meeting it head on.

    Against the backdrop of an ever-more sub-divided indus- trial manufacturing landscape, taking care of resources and protecting the environment is now of central signifi- cance. We must all do our bit in this regard.

    What’s more, petrol and electricity prices are continuous- ly on the rise. That makes it all the more important to use energy carefully. You can read the deeply-considered views of the former German Minister for the Environ- ment, Professor Klaus Töpfer, on this highly topical theme in the article on page 10.

    When it comes to energy, it is so fascinating to observe again and again just how much potential for improvement of our products and services is lying dormant.

    Here’s hoping our InPractice provides you with a thought- provoking and informative read.

    Yours truly,


    18 Compact and efficient refrigeration compressors supported by know-how from SFS intec

    20 Revolutionary plastic transmission housing: an alternative with huge potential

    21 PUSHTITE® II guaranteeing absolute functional security of door locks

    22 The new TAURUS® blind rivet gun for just about every application

    24 Extensive support services for flat roofing installation

    26 KAIZEN/CIP at SFS intec increased customer benefits thanks to continuous

    improvement processes

    Helmut Binder CEO SFS intec

    A comet created on Earth

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    Simple operation

    The machine is simplicity itself to use. Adjusting the settings means the machine can be matched to the operator’s height. This makes for fatigue-free, ergonomic working.

    Though light in weight and easy to use, the CF60 is robust and built to last. It has already proven itself in real-world applications. The powerful drive system ensures rapid, easy installation. Complicated fastening procedures are now a thing of the past.

    The new CF60 installation tool demonstrates how close partnerships can help create highly creative solutions, increasing efficiency for customers.

    application. The guide nozzle, now extended to 160 mm, facilitates ergonomic operation. Close collaboration be- tween SFS intec and GESIPA® has generated a customer- centred solution, making work on roofing that much easier.

    Increased productivity with the new CF60 installation tool

    Handy cordless tool for efficient rivet fixing

    A made-to-measure solution

    These days, the flooring in modular building systems is generally instal- led using wing self tappers. The new CF60 insertion tool is ideal for this application. It has been develo- ped for manufacturers of modular buildings.

    Wing screws type SC in diameters from 4.8 to 5.5 mm and in lengths of up to 65 mm can be used. They are stored in a fastener pouch directly on the tool, enabling them to be loaded quickly.

    The peel rivet comes into its own in demanding riveting applications. It can be used for attaching roof coverings, where conventional rivets do not suffice. These excep- tionally long rivets cover a clamping range from 10 to 229 mm.

    Based on the GESIPA® AccuBird® there is now a new installation tool able to handle very long rivet lengths. The AccuBird® Peel Rivet is characterised by its ease of use, secure fixing and speed of installa- tion. A cordless tool was chosen to simplify installation and thus speed up operation by eliminating the cable.

    This development means SFS intec now offers the only battery-driven tool for peel rivets. It is extremely user-friendly and has universal

    Domestic appliance manufacturer Calor has drawn on the help of SFS intec to optimise its steam iron production. Application specialists analysed the assembly operation, identifying major improvement potential in the fasteners used. They recommended using TAPTITE 2000® thread forming screws. These create no metal chippings, offer rapid insertion and make for fast, efficient assembly.

    n TAPTITE 2000® with TORX PLUS® power drive and AUTOSERT®

    The French steam iron producer was looking for ways to optimise its production. In particular mounting the thermo- stats was constantly creating bottlenecks in the manufac- turing process.

    Calor approached the fastener specialists at SFS intec, who possess a wealth of experience in application engineering and fastening techniques.

    Easy assembly with TAPTITE 2000®

    In order to optimise assembly, the application engineers recommended TAPTITE 2000® thread forming screws. These form threads without metal chippings, eliminating previously time-consuming thread cutting and cleaning operations. The zinc plated and waxed surface of the TAPTITE 2000® also solved the problem of the dirty feed on the assembly line.

    n Thanks to the application- specific controls, the rivet is fully inserted with one squeeze of the trigger.

    n The CF60 is used to install type SC wing self tapping screws.

    Christian Arlanch, Electrical Components, [email protected]

    Achieving faster, more secure assembly with the ideal fastening system

    In addition, a changeover to TORX PLUS® with AUTOSERT® was adopted. This optimised insertion at high revs. and increased the driver life. SFS intec determined the optimum process window based on numerous tests. The established values ensure clean, efficient assembly – allowing Calor to significantly increase productivity.

    The customer benefits from custom solutions

    This example again goes to show the enormous improve- ment potential in the field of fastening technology. Thanks to the analysis, advice and system solution expertise of the team, an optimum combination of thread forming screw, power drive and surface finish was established and signifi- cantly accelerated assembly operations for this customer.

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    An interview with Enrico Piccinini, Product Manager at CORMO

    How did you come across the CAB-R hinge offered by SFS intec? We were told about the hinge during face-to-face presentations. We finally

    chose the CAB-R from SFS intec because the design appealed to us from the start.

    Were changes in your production necessary in order to use the CAB-R hinge? We focus on the needs of the market; not on those of our production people. We designed the door around the hinge. There were, however, very few adjustments required. SFS intec actually met us halfway and modified some components of the hinge assembly.

    Which SFS intec services did you particularly value? We were very satisfied with the support we received in choosing the right solution. Those responsible helped us tremendously in opening up this new market segment. We are still convinced that our belief is right: "Innovation is the best method of winning new market sectors."

    A prize-winning chapel in the style of Noah’s Ark

    Back in 2006, several church parishes agreed to build a chapel in the centre of Helsinki. The focus was not on the construction of a large metropolitan place of worship, but rather on the creation of a quiet, contemplative sanctuary of peace and tranquillity right in the heart of the busy city. That was the background to modelling the structure on Noah’s Ark, and constructing it almost entirely of timber.

    The architects K2S began planning the ambitious project in 2008. In 2010 it won the prestigious Chicago Athenaeum International Architecture Award. The Kamppi Chapel of Silence was opened on 31. May 2012.

    WT fasteners: enabling individualistic design

    For the architects the completely asymmetrical design of the chapel presented a particular challenge. Every com- ponent and fastening point required an individual solution. There are simply no two identical measurements or parts. In order to meet the need for different fasteners throughout, a flexible solution was sought.

    WT fasteners holding the church together

    CAB-R door hinges integrate function and design

    Founded in 1890, the CORMO

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