How to connect and engage your team

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How do you connect and engage your distributed and disengaged team? Empower them to work like a network.


  • 1. How to connect andengage your teamRight now,20%of your day is spentlooking for companyinformation.One in three of your teammatesis disengaged from their work.And within five years40% working outside of the office.of your team will be remote orHow do you connect andengage your distributed anddisengaged team? Empowerthem to work like a network.Over400,000businesses worldwide have chosenMicrosoft and enterprise social toengage, inform, and connect theirworkforce.83% of these users felt betterconnected to their team.71%of business leaders report thatenterprise social tools increasedthe speed of access to knowledge.76%experienced more visibilityinto other departments orlocations.McKinsey reports that yourorganization has the potential toincrease worker productivity by20-25%when using enterprise social.Start working like a network to connect andengage your workforce today., 2013; Blessing White, 2011; Intuit, 2011; Yammer; McKinsey & Company, 2013