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Engage. Connect. Own. St. Helen’s Catholic School Training August 7 th , 2013. Getting Connected Communicating with parents and students Teachers (PLNs) Student Centered Learning Dialogue of needs Examples of classroom setup Types of assessment tools Technology Integration - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Engage. Connect. Own

Engage. Connect. OwnSt. Helens Catholic School TrainingAugust 7th, 2013

Todays AgendaGetting ConnectedCommunicating with parents and studentsTeachers (PLNs)Student Centered LearningDialogue of needs Examples of classroom setupTypes of assessment toolsTechnology IntegrationSMART lesson resourcesSAS Curriculum PathwaysConnecting LearnersStatic vs. DynamicWebsite/ emailSmoreVoki Create your avatar

Text Web technologyRemind 101Cel.ly

Remind 101 Class

Connecting LearnersStatic vs. DynamicWebsite/ emailSmoreTackkVoki Create your avatar

Text Web technologyRemind 101Cel.ly

Cel.ly Classroom

In the ClassroomDocument camerasTaking photosRecording videoEnlarging images/ texts

QR CodesCreating QR codesUses for QR codesQR Treasure Hunt creator

Web based & Device Neutral for Assessment:Mentimeter (DN)Socrative (DN)Quizlet (DN)Answer Pad (DN)Near Pod (Apple App or Web)Infuse Learning (All browsers but Explorer)

Digital Farm ModelLearning how to learn is an essential lifelong skill. Who Owns the Learning? Alan November (2012)Goal: Students feel autonomous, masterful, and purposeful

Student jobs in the Digital ClassroomTutorial Designers (Mathtrain.TV)Student Scribes (Google docs)Student Researchers Global Communicators and collaborators (TodaysMeet)Anywhere, Anytime LearningWireless networks allow for various devices, each having different capabilities.Make Device Neutral Assignments (DNA)Web based (any device)PrintableNot app specificPlace them in virtual classroom such as Edmodo

Exploration TimeOwn your learningDiscover your tool and master itExpectations:Understand and communicate the tool to the group Create one example to show the groupDiscuss and analyze how this tool can be used in class this yearUse Edmodo code 4iuu5f to post information

Have a great year!Please contact me at ilearn@leggettlearning.com if you have any questions or ideasAll resources are listed on the website http://www.leggettlearning.comClick on your training link and the password is train