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Genre Research How the Horror Genre has changed

Genre research, horror over time

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This is my presantation on the genre of horror and how it has changed.

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  • 1. Genre ResearchHow the Horror Genre has changed

2. Why do we watch horror movies? We watch horror movies for many reasons, the mainreason being we as the audience like to be scared orto see if a movie can actually scare us. A lot of people crave t feeling of fear and horror. Catharsis states that we enjoy being scared. 3. 1920s - Nosferatu Information: Released February17th 1922, it is a silent, black andwhite horror film with a runningtime of 94 minutes. Plot Summary: Thomas Hutter issent to Transylvania to visitand stay a new client, CountOrlok, who turn out to be avampire.Described as eerie and chilling. Famous Quote: Is this your wife?What a lovely throat. 4. I the 1920s many people were afraid of the monsters you find inliterature and therefore were feared basic monsters such asNosferatu and Dracula. As diegetic sound could not be recorded in the 1920s, film makershad to rely on non-diegetic sound (music) to create a scary tensionand mise en scene elements such as costume and setting. Nosferatu uses a dark castle with a mythical creature basedaround the idea of Bram Stokers book Dracula. They also use makeup and costume to make Nosferatu look like agothic monster. 5. 1930s Bride of Frankenstein Information: Released on April22nd 1935, it was on black andwhite but this time had sound. Plot Summary: In the film, achastened Henry Frankensteinabandons his plans to create life,only to be tempted and finallycoerced by the Monster,encouraged by Henry's old mentorDr. Pretorius, into creatingsomeone for him. Famous Quote: It's a perfect nightfor mystery and horror. The airitself is filled with monsters. 6. Horror films during the 1930s also have the same aspect that theyare based around mythical monsters from literature. The 1930s was the first decade to include diegetic sound withinmovies and therefore movies could include dialogue to the story tohook the audience. Costume and setting were still very important aspects of mise enscene that helped to portray a gothic mood to films. Although the movie is called Frankensteins Bride, his bride does notappear until the very end, playing fearful and scared towards herhusband due to the patriarchal society in the 1930s meaningFrankenstein is still the main character. 7. 1940s Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Information: Released on August12th 1941, it is a black and whitefilm that lasts 113 minutes. Plot Summary: A scientist namedDr. Jekyll who drinks a potionallowing him to turn into awerewolf named Mr. Hyde. Famous Quote: Quiet mindscannot be perplexed or frightenedbut go on in fortune or misfortuneat their own private pace, like aclock during a thunderstorm. 8. During the 1940s horror filmswere banned from Britain due tothe second world war andtherefore it was in America wheremost horror movies were filmed. The ideas for horrors in the 1940swere starting to think outside ofthe box and instead of justmonsters from literature, we nowstarted to see the idea of the wearwolf (such as Jekyll and Hyde), seacreatures and more paranormalmonsters. Women also had more dominantscreen time and bigger roles. 9. 1950s Creature from the Black Lagoon Information: released on December 31st, 1954. Its duration time is 80minutes. Plot Summary: Scientists go to the Amazon river to investigate fossils,however, as they go further down the river they come to a blacklagoon which is inhabited by a prehistoric creature, a half man, halfamphibious reptile. Famous Quotes: I can tell you something about this place. The boysaround here call it "The Black Lagoon"; a paradise. Only they saynobody has ever come back to prove it. 10. During the 1950s, the mainaudience for horror movieswere teenagers, horror filmswere now targeted towardsteens rather than adults. As the 1950s were just afterthe second world war, peoplewere most afraid ofradioactivity, aliens andscience that goes wrong etc.meaning that the targetaudience were done withtraditional monsters andwanting something new tobe scared of. Movies such as The Fly, TheBlob and Creature from theBlack Lagoon were verypopular and 11. 1960s - Psycho Information: released on June16th, 1960. The film lasts for109 minutes. Plot Summary: A youngwoman on the run stops off ata motel for the night whereshe is murdered by NormanBates, a man who has splitpersonality disorder. Famous Quotes: It's not likemy mother is a maniac or araving thing. She just goes alittle mad sometimes. We allgo a little mad sometimes.Haven't you? 12. The 1960s was quite crucial for the horrorgenre as Andrew Tudor, a horror historian,claims that before the 1960s horror filmshad closed narratives meaning they all endwith the monster being destroyed,however, past the 1960s, horror films nowhave open endings where it is not alwaysdefinite that the monster or evil character isdestroyed. The old horror was either dead or dying; anew horror was about to be born. PeterHutchings Things people were scared of in the 50swere not feared as much anymore. The rise of drugs, fashion, freedom andsexual liberation occurred The rise of exploring the human mind andhow it can go wrong came about. Monsters in movies were in human formand the idea of the killer became verypopular. 13. 1970s Texas Chainsaw Massacre Information: released onOctober 1st, 1974. This filmlasts 90 minutes. Plot Summary: A group ofteens break down in aremote town in Texas wherethey meet an odd familycontaining a serial killerwho uses a chainsaw todecapitate his victims. Famous Quote: Myfamily's always been intomeat. 14. The 1970s was the end of optimism and therefore horror movies gaineda better quality, with better plots and more inventive ideas. Colour pictures were also becoming increasingly popular during thistime. Horrors now contained society's fears making movies more scary andrealistic and more movies contain teenagers as the main characters. The idea that the evil antagonist could be in your house scared peopleand therefore it became a lot ore popular within the future. Because the 70s was around the time the defective pill Thalidomidecame out, a lot of society's fears were based around children which iswhat made The Excorcist (1973) so popular. 15. 1980s A Nightmare on Elm Street Information: released onNovember 9th, 1984. Itlasts 92 minutes. Plot Summary: Afterchildren accuse a man ofmolestation, their parentsburn him and heeventually comes back tokill them as teenagers intheir dreams. Famous Quote: Whateveryou do... don't fall asleep. 16. The 1980s saw a hugetechnological change and thereforespecial effects were moreprominent making horror movieslook more realistic. SFX, brighter colours and moregruesome killings came out duringthis decade. The VCR was also created in the80s meaning people could viewhorror movies from their ownhomes. A Nightmare on Elm Street was thedecades most famous movieincluding a lot of gore throughspecial effects and brightly lit sets. 17. 1990s Scream Information: released in1996 on December 20th.The film duration is 111minutes. Plot Summary: High schoolteens are being murderedby an unknowing killerobsessed with horrormovies who is disguised in ascream mask and costumewho calls his victims upbefore killing them. Famous Quote: What'syour favorite scary movie? 18. By the 1990s audiences were bored of the predictable storiesthat horrors Therefore intelligent, physcological horror films became verypopular. Movies such as Scream were made where the audience has toguess who the killer is out of all the characters. And Silence ofthe Lambs (1991), a movie about a cannibal who helps adetective catch a serial killer. Wes Craven says that audiences enjoy it when a characterwithin the film acknowledges and mocks horror conventions. 19. 2000s - Saw Information: released onOctober 1st, 2004. This film isapproximately 103 minutes. Plot Summary: A disturbedman makes people playdeadly games with violentchoices through devices hehas made to make themappreciate their lives more. Famous Quote: He doesn'twant us to cut through ourchains. He wants us to cutthrough our feet! 20. Because of the o0ccurance of 9/11 people were more fearful and scared ofwhat can happen in the real world. Physcological and supernatural horrors are/ were still popular and are set inplaces and situations that could really happen. As this decade was less than ten years ago, the effects that you can get formovies are of a very high standard making it easy to show gore and deadlyscenes that might have been more difficult to film/ present in the past. Movies such as Saw and REC. are especially popular due to gore and real lifesituations the victims are in (REC is shown through a POV and filmedusing ahandheld camera) Spoofs of horror movies are especially popular today such as Scary Movieand Shaun of the Dead 21. By looking at and researching the horror genrethrough the history of film I have seen which horrorconventions have changed and also seen whichconventions have stayed the same. I have seen howthis has happened through means of technology andalso how societys fears and events influence whatpeople in society are scared of at that point in time.For our movie we have chosen to do a supernaturalhorror as this seems to be becoming a popular genrefor this decade as movies we have looked at such asAnnabelle and Paranormal Activity have such highratings and gross a lot at the box office.