Where Do You Go From Here?

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2. Where Do You Go From Here? Saturday, May 31, 2008 3. The Beginning He who has not prepared for the trip, should not begin his journey. A combination of vision and purpose will magnify your actions. Think Acts 8.4 4. the Working Middle Let us go into the next townsfor this purpose(Mark 1.38) Find Gods purpose: God seeks mans redemption. (2 Peter 3.9) God provided the way. (John 3.16) Luke 19.10 5. the Future Before Us! A man who sets his hand to the plow We must unite with purpose. (Acts 5.42) We must make know the wisdom of God. (Ephesians 3.10) Purpose + Vision = Results! 6. Where Do You Go From Here? He that does good for Gods sake seeks neither praise or reward; he is sure to receive both in the end. - William Penn 7. Where Do You Go From Here?