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  1. 1. How to Recover Outlook Data
  2. 2. Table of Contents Microsoft Outlook- An Introduction Components of MS Outlook Features of MS Outlook Protocols associated Why to choose MS Outlook Introduction to Outlook Data Files OST Files PST Files What is PST File PST File Format Types Drawback of using PST files Top Reason for PST file corruption Error Message after PST File Corruption How to repair a Damaged PST file using Microsoft Inbox Repair Tool (scanpst.exe) Pros and Cons of scanpst.exe tool What to do if scanpst.exe fails to repair a corrupted PST. PCVITA Recover Outlook Specs. How tool works?
  3. 3. Microsoft Outlook-An Introduction Many Organization use MS Outlook (Email client) and Exchange Server (Mail Server) to achieve fast and secure communication. It can be used as a stand-alone application, or can work with Microsoft Exchange Server. Not just a simple Email client but a full featured PIM (Personal Information Manager).
  4. 4. Components of MS Outlook Email client Calendaring Task Manager (To-Do List) Contact Manager Note Taking Journal (Timeline view) Web browsing
  5. 5. Features of MS Outlook To create, manage and share a calendar, tasks, contacts For browsing web. Supports POP3 and IMAP protocols. Integration of social networks (Facebook, Linkedin and Windows Live Messenger)
  6. 6. Protocols Associated with MS Outlook Post office Protocol (POP) Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP) 110 (Non Encrypted) and 995 (Encrypted) 143 (Non-encrypted) and 993 (Encrypted) Reduces the space your email account uses on your web server. Allows simultaneous access by multiple clients. Messages are downloaded locally and removed from the servers. More suitable to access your email from different locations or if your messages are managed by multiple users. SMTP for Sending Mails POP and IMAP for Receiving Emails Default ports 25 and 465
  7. 7. Top Reason to Choose Outlook over any other Email Client Outlook and Microsoft Exchange Play Well Together. Outlook Offers Integrated Calendar, Tasks, etc Outlook Integrates with Many Devices and Applications Outlook Plays Well With Active Directory.
  8. 8. Introduction to Outlook Data Files When you use Microsoft Outlook, your emails messages, calendar, tasks, and other items are saved on a mail server, on your computer, or both. Outlook items that are saved on your computer, are kept in an Outlook Data File (.pst and .ost).
  9. 9. OST Files An OST file is an offline folder file in Microsoft Outlook. Outlook Data Files (.ost) are used when you have an Exchange account and want to work offline Outlook Data Files (.ost) are always copies of items that are saved on a mail server and dont have to be backed up like Outlook Data Files (.pst).
  10. 10. What is PST File Personal folders, or simply PSTs, contains email messages and other Outlook content like tasks list, contacts etc. Always stored on client computers. Portable: Means you can easily transfer them form one system to another and access all your Outlook data. Acts as backup data for individual user.
  11. 11. PST File Format Types ANSI UNICODE MS Outlook Version Support 2002 and earlier 2003 and later Multiple character sets Support No Yes Size Limit 2 GB Depends on the Outlook Version (min. 20 GB) Items per folder Limitation Limited No Limitation Bits Used to Represent code Point 8 bits 32 bit (UTF-32, 16, 8)
  12. 12. Drawback of PST Files Security & Management Issues: Once the data is in PST file of user system, the server admin has no control over it. If you as a server admin want to find all copies of a certain email you simply cant with this scenario. More Space Required: The data in PST files took more space as compared to on Server. Complex in Nature: PST file can get corrupted or become misplaced (sometimes lost entirely) because PST files are not designed for access over the network instead it is meant to be stored in local hard drive which complicates the backup and management process.
  13. 13. Top Reason for PST file Corruption Data Storage Device Failure. Faulty Networking Device or N/W Failure. Power Failure. Attack of Virus or Other Malicious Software. Terminate Outlook Abnormally. Oversized PST Trying to move or delete .PST file location when PST file is already open in Outlook. Trying to shutdown Outlook when it is undergoing synchronization process
  14. 14. Error Message after PST file Corruption Outlook.pst is not a personal folder file Unable to open the folder. Outlook file cannot be accessed due to 0X80040116 error. An unexpected error has occurred . The operation failed due to registry or installation problem.
  15. 15. How to Repair Damaged PST in MS Outlook using scanpst.exe tool Step 1: Start scanpst.exe tool Default Locations for Microsoft scanpst.exe tool
  16. 16. How to Repair Damaged PST in MS Outlook using scanpst.exe tool [Contd] Step2: Click on Browse button to locate the PST file to repair. Step 3: Click start button to start repair of PST file.
  17. 17. How to Repair Damaged PST in MS Outlook using scanpst.exe tool [Contd] Step 4: Click on Repair button. Step 5: Click start button to start repair of PST file.
  18. 18. Pros and Cons of MS Inbox Repair Tool (scanpst.exe) Pros Preinstalled (comes free with Outlook) Works in case the PST is not so much damaged. Cons No Auto Scanning of PST feature. Failed to repair PST most of the time Minimalistic but not a user friendly interface.
  19. 19. What to Do if scanpst.exe fails to repair Damaged PST? Use PCVITA Recover Outlook Features: Repairs damaged PST File and Recovers Deleted items data Allows data saving in PST (with split option) as well as EML and MSG format Maintains Hierarchy and Reserve Original File Metadata & Attachments Free Demo Version to try out. User friendly interface. Lightweight and powerful. 24X7 Customer Support 30 Days Money Back Guarantee. Repairs Unicode (MS Outlook 2003 to 2013) and ANSI (97 to 2002) PST file
  20. 20. PCVITA Recover Outlook Specs. Latest Version: Ver: 3.0 Personal License Cost: $49 Available for Personal, Academic, Enterprise and Commercial Use. Demo Version Available for free as 30 Days Trial Period. Limitation of Demo Version. Why To Purchase Full Version.
  21. 21. How PCVITA Recover Outlook Tool Works? Startup Screen of Recover Outlook Software. Load PST file with Open button:
  22. 22. Scanning of file is running, watch out Scan process (in percent) from progress bar:
  23. 23. Explore and Preview scanned data, start recovering with Save as option. Recover process is running:
  24. 24. Thank You