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  1. 1. Restore Lost Files
  2. 2. What is File Recovery Usually, data is stored in the hard drive or other external storage media and if these storage devices get corrupted or damaged due to any disaster, those invaluable data and information might gone forever. File recovery is a process of regaining lost files such as text files, media files, graphic files and other important documents which have been accidentally deleted or formatted.
  3. 3. Causes of Data Loss . There are various reasons of data loss : Accidental deletion of files Damaged or corrupted storage media Improper formatting or partitioning of drives Registry corruption and other system errors Virus and other malware attacks Hardware malfunction
  4. 4. How to recover lost files?
  5. 5. Restore from recycle bin: Whenever a file or folder is accidentally deleted, it can be restored instantly from recycle bin
  6. 6. Using System Restore: System restore helps your restore your computer's system files to its pre- repair condition.
  7. 7. Using File Recovery Software : If you are unable to restore your files using the above mentioned methods, then you can resort to using proprietary file recovery software that enables you to retrieve all your lost data no matter how and where you lost it.
  8. 8. How does Recovery software work to recover lost files? File Recovery software undelete the deleted files using two main techniques: Scan & Recovery
  9. 9. A powerful recovery software scans the whole drive with its advanced scanning technique and identifying entries that have been marked as 'delete' by reading the drive's index. Based on the found entries and file signature, software attempt to recover the deleted files.
  10. 10. Features of a good File Recovery software Support all files and media/drive types Support batch recovery Display Preview Cost-effective Provide good customer support
  11. 11. TOP File Recovery Software Remo File Recovery Stellar Phoenix File Recovery File Recovery Plus Handy Recovery Disk Doctor Instant File Recovery
  12. 12. Conclusion File Recovery Software efficiently recovers various deleted files such as graphic files, multimedia files, email and more from any internal or external storage media. It also restore RAW disks, formatted drives, altered partitions and helps to retrieve data even from the damaged or corrupted volumes. The user can choose the file recovery software which is best suited according to his need from the available list of software.