Powerful Software to Recover Deleted Files from Computer

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This presentation shows you powerful software to recover deleted files from computer. Show step-by-step guide on how to quickly recover deleted files with Asunsoft Data Geeker. http://www.asunsoft.com/asunsoft-data-geeker.html

Text of Powerful Software to Recover Deleted Files from Computer

  • 1. When you select one file, simultaneously press Shift + Deletekeys and then hit Enter to confirm file deletion, can thatpermanently deleted file be recovered? Yes, you can quickly recover it with data recovery software.Asunsoft Data Geeker is exactly the powerful software withwhich you can recover all kinds of deleted files from computer,such as deleted photos, videos, audios, music and otherfiles/documents.

2. Install Asunsoft Data Geeker on your computer.Then run it to recover deleted files by following theguides below. 3. Part 1: Select Deleted Recovery option. 4. Part 2: Select one driver/partition where youdeleted files. 5. Part 3: Scan your deleted files. 6. Part 4: Display your deleted files. 7. Part 5: Select one folder to save recovered files. 8. Part 6: Recovery is finished. 9. Part 7: Automatically open the recovered files.Learn more from: