Recover Items from Deleted Items in Outlook PST

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Recover PST Items -Deleted Items FolderPossibilities to Recover Deleted Outlook Items

After Delete Items go into Deleted Items FolderAfter deletion of emails, contacts, calendars, notes, & etc from their respective folders directly goes to Deleted Items folder of your Outlook account. That means you have a chance to get back them if you want.

Ways Recover Items from Deleted Items FolderIf you want to recover deleted Outlook items like emails, contacts, calendars, notes, journals & etc then you can try ahead mentioned ways.

First Way:To get back items from Deleted Items folder, you can use Drag & Drop option.You just need to select which item you want to get back.Now just drag it and drop in desire folder, where you want to store it again.

Ways Recover Items from Deleted Items FolderSecond Way:You need to open Deleted Item folder and select items whichyou want to recover.Click Right Click on selected items, Click Move > Other folder

To Move Emails into Inboxclick Move > Other folder > Select Inbox > OK

Ways Recover Items from Deleted Items FolderTo Recover Other Types of Outlook Data, Follow This:To recover calendars, right click it and then click move > other folder > Calendar.Follow the same process to recover deleted Notes, Contacts, Journals, Tasks & other items.

What to do, If Deleted Items Folder is EmptiedAfter sometime of deleting your item you realize you need that particular items which have deleted. Now you check and find your Deleted Items folder is emptied.

Now you suddenly remember that you also deleted all items from Deleted Items folder or you deleted items using Shift+Del keys (a combination for permanent delete).

Now question arise here how to recover deleted items from Outlook PST file?

MagicSoft Outlook Recovery SoftwareAt last you have only option left is a MagicSoft Outlook Recovery software. This is the best and tested recovery software to recover permanently deleted data from Outlook PST file.

This software also help to recover permanently deleted PST file from your computer or laptop without making any changes in data information.

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