How to Recover a Permanently Deleted Excel File

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How to recover a permanently deleted excel file? This presentation explains how to quickly recover deleted excel files with ease.

Text of How to Recover a Permanently Deleted Excel File

  • 1. How to Recover a Permanently DeletedExcel File

2. An Excel file usually stores important data. If you deleted or lostan important Excel file, how can you recover it? People usually perform file deletion by pressing Shift + Deletekeys and then quickly hitting Enter, so that a file can be quicklydeleted permanently. Then, can a permanently deleted Excel file be recovered? Yes, now lets have a look at how to recover deleted Excel fileswith ease. 3. First of all, get the famous data recovery tool Asunsoft DataGeeker installed on your computer. Google search Asunsoft Data Geeker. Or, directly get it from the following link.Then use this data recovery tool to recover deleted Excel files. 4. See the following special steps:Step 1: Run Asunsoft Data Geeker as administrator.Step 2: Select Deleted Recovery option and then click on Next. 5. Step 3: Select the partition/driver on which you deleted your Excelfiles. Then click on Scan. 6. Step 4: Now your deleted Excel files are being scanned. 7. Step 5: Now Asunsoft Data Geeker has finished scanning all yourdeleted files on that partition/driver.And your deleted Excel files are listed. Select the Excel files youneed to recover and then click on Recover. 8. Step 6: Select one location to save the recovered Excelfiles.But you are not allowed to select the partition/driverwhere your deleted Excel files originally are. Then click onOK. 9. Step 7: Quickly, the deleted Excel files are recovered successfully. 10. Step 8: Click on OK button. It automatically opens the folderwhere your recovered Excel files are saved. 11. Tips:Asunsoft Data Geeker can recover all kinds of deleted/lost files. Learn more from: