Developing Apple tvOS Apps for Your iPhone Apps

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The Future of TV is AppsGet Your iPhone App Compatible with Apple tvOS

The Apple TV & the tales by gone...Apple TV is not a new term to hear perse. It has existed since some time now, and recently, the Generation 3 of Apple TV with tvOS got launched. First Generation Apple TV was purely meant to be used as a tv, using applications like Netflix, Hulu Plus, HBO, WatchESPN and iTunes.Apps, that define Apple TV now, were not a part of the First or the Second Generation of the Apple TV.

The future of television...

New Interface

Its all about Apps

Touch Surface

Games & More

Generation 3, The World of tvOS

tvOS and iOS work together...tvOS is the very first version of OS for the Apple TV, which will be able to support third party applications, as a part of the Apple TVs App Store.

To make your app an integral part of the tvOS, you must first develop an iOS app which is then made compatible with the Apple tvOS by software engineers.

The tools that will help developers in making these apps, have been given out, and Space-O had downloaded them all. Here are the few important tools; Xcode 7.1 beta, Parallax Previewer and Parallax Exporter.

The television finally gets some technology love

SiriSiris capacities have improved, when applied to the Apple Tv. It allows the user to say for example, show me family movies, and the list is right there.

The searching power of Siri has been optimized to actually meet the desired results.Siri RemoteThe Apple TV Remote does its best to increase the value of the set. While it does have the normal buttons, casually plastered in a modern pattern.

The highlight is actually the touchpad, using which one can swipe through options or play games.

Rich Media Streaming AppCreate new templates using XML and Javascript as a framework for tvOS apps, so you can use predefined layouts and Javascript APIs to quickly create beautiful apps ideal for streaming media.

Games & Apps

You can expect big, exciting games. Imagine apps that turn your living room into a fitness studio or a classroom.

Take your iOS games to the tvOS and make it huge.

Develop tvOS Apps with Xcode & tvOS SDK

Xcode 7.1 beta, includes the tvOS SDK for the new Apple TV. The SDK includes frameworks and technologies such as Metal, UIKit, CloudKit, and Game Center.Leverage your existing code to create rich apps for the amazing feel it has on the new Apple TV.

Getting Started with tvOSThe new Apple TV ships in October. That means you have about a month or less if you want to be one of the first developers to have a tvOS app available.You Get...Your iPhone apps, made compatible with Apple tvOS

Build a brand new app for iOS and tvOS, taking your business to the large

Empower customers to enjoy their favorite apps on both iOS and the new Apple TV & Much More

Do you want to make an Apple tvOS app?Here is where you start.

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