iPhone Apps in .NET

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Creating iPhone apps in .NET using MonoTouch.


<ul><li>1.IPHONE APPS IN C# (AND VISUAL STUDIO) SETH VALDETERO </li></ul> <p>2. SETH VALDETERO Senior Development Consultant at Sparkhound @valdetero valdetero@gmail.com linkedin.com/in/valdetero github.com/valdetero 3. 1 What is Mono? 2 Who is Xamarin? 3 What can/cant it do? 4 Cost? AGENDA 5 DEMO 4. WHAT IS MONO? Mono Xamarin.iOS (MonoTouch) Xamarin Studio (MonoDevelop) 5. WHO IS XAMARIN? Started in May 2011 350,000 registered developers Adding 30,000 developers a month Released Xamarin 2.0 with rebranding, new pricing, and new features 6. WHAT CANT IT DO? No JIT Limited Generics Support Generic Virtual Methods No generic subclasses of NSObjects are allowed P/Invokes in Generic Types No Dynamic Code Generation System.Reflection.Emit docs.xamarin.com/guides/ios/advanced_topics/limitations 7. WHAT CAN IT DO? Leverage .NET Base Class Library async/await covariance/contravariance System.Net.Http Native and not interpreted code Same API as native Connect to TFS (Git) Documentation, recipes, forums Pre-built apps Monogame Components xamarin.com/how-it-works 8. COMPONENTS components.xamarin.com 9. CODE RE-USE xamarin.com/apps 10. COST? store.xamarin.com 11. COST? store.xamarin.com Student $99 12. DEMO 13. QUESTIONS? 14. LINKS xamarin.com support.xamarin.com/customer/portal/articles/177042-do-you-have-any-student-or- academic-pricing- github.com/xamarin/prebuilt-apps sviluppomobile.blogspot.it/2013/02/how-to-use-team-foundation-service-with.html lipsky.me/2012/9/11/touchdraw-code-reuse-updated praeclarum.org/post/31799384896/icircuit-code-reuse-the-fourth-edition refactorthis.net/post/2013/03/07/Xamarin-20-Product-Review-Android-and-iOS- development-in-c-just-got-easier.aspx drdobbs.com/tools/xamarin-20-review/240150634/ cnbc.com/id/100892365 slideshare.net/valdetero/iphone-apps-in-net 15. SETH VALDETERO Development Consultant at Sparkhound @valdetero valdetero@gmail.com linkedin.com/in/valdetero github.com/valdetero </p>