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  1. 1. iPhone Apps
  2. 2. Do You Know the Benefits and Perks of Using an iPhone ?
  3. 3. There are certain benefits of using iPhone and thats why many people prefer it over Android and others. Here, I am going to explain a few of them.
  4. 4. Excellent Design For the design prospect, only a handful of Android devices can be compared with iPhone but on the contrary, all iPhone devices have better design. Excepting the HTC One and Xiaomi Mi Note, almost all Android powered devices seem to be chunky and plasticky. With iPhone, users have benefits of experiencing the consistency of smartphone mobility.
  5. 5. High quality camera If you capture a lot of photos, you will instantly fall in love with iPhones camera. Only few Android devices can be compared with iPhones for the quality of photos captured. Samsung Galaxy Note 4 stands out as one of them. iPhone 6 takes great photos and its slow motion shooting feature is indeed pretty awesome.
  6. 6. Highly responsive finger print sensor Some Android phones like Samsung and HTC have fingerprint feature but they cannot still be matched with the accuracy delivered by iPhone 6. Yes, iPhone has the best of fingerprint sensors so far.
  7. 7. It gets best apps first If you Its the craze of Apple brand that drives businesses to first launch their apps for iPhone smartphones and then for others. Many paid apps, games and other utilities software are initially launched for iPhone and then on others
  8. 8. It gets best apps first Apple has strict guidelines for iOS app developers. Because of this reason developers keep updating their apps to stay with latest iOS technology / trend changes. It does not happen with Android apps as many users do not get app updates on their old phone Android phone.
  9. 9. Great Customer Support Apple is really serious about its customers and thats why all its products such as iPhone, iPad , Watch and several others are provided with prompt customer care services. If you are an Apple customer, you will always be responded by Apple customer care support.
  10. 10. Excellent parental control feature For iPhones running with iOS 8 have a special parental control feature called Family Sharing that lets you restrict certain apps for kids and younger family member.
  11. 11. Apple Pay You can have the benefit of using Apple Pay with an iPhone smartphone. Apple Pay is an easy to use mobile payment system. Now retailers around the world have begun to accept it due to rising credibility of Apple brand.