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iPhone Apps for SEO enthusiasts and experts.

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  • 1.iPhone Apps for SEO Experts Dominate the Web. Remotely. Jason S. Comely

2. iPhone Apps for SEO Experts TABLE OF CONTENTS SEO Affiliate Social MediaStatisticsCover art and designs in iPhone Apps for SEO Experts generated by addlib: Comely. iPhone Apps for SEO Experts 3. SEOJason Comely. iPhone Apps for SEO Experts 4. SerpsSeller: Hans SchneiderPrice: FreeSEO Expert Rating: 5/5Serps is a quick way of checking your websites positioning onthe Google search engine. You can monitor multipledomains, and multiple keyword phrases for each domain. Icheck this app obsessively. Surprisingly, its free. Its evenmore surprising because all the alternatives cost money.SEO ProSeller: Benjamin SpiegelPrice: $1.99SEO Expert Rating: 3.5/5View your Google PageRank, Alexa Rank, Yahoo Inlinks, Compete.comrank, Digg URLs and monitor your website position(s) daily. I find this apponly moderately useful however, since Googles PageRank metric is overblown inimportance, and Alexa rankings are inaccurate and easily gamed), but thats justmy opinion. Try the free SEO Pro Lite version first.Rankometer 4GoogleSeller: Philipp MottPrice: $4.99SEO Expert Rating: 2.5/5Rankometer 4 Google allows you to track your Google rankings for a numberof given countries. Useful if your doing geolocal SEO and want to see how wellyoure doing in your own country. Download the free version, and if it cashes yourmoneyorder, buy the full version for $4.99. Jason Comely. iPhone Apps for SEO Experts 5. SEO Observer Seller: cybob communications GmbH Price: Free SEO Expert Rating: 3/5SEO Observer is a German app, so if youre not familiar with the language (whichIm not) youll have to feel your way around the app for a short time. Its easy touse, and I use it because it displays a websites position in Google, Bing andYahoo (which is now utilizing Bing results). URL Site Submittor Pro Seller: Darren Gates Price: $0.99 SEO Expert Rating: 1.5/5URL Site Submittor [sic] Pro says you can quickly submit your website URL toabout 20 different search engines and web directories via your iPhone withthis app.Unfortunately, this app is buggy and doesnt work exactly as described. You cantype in the URL and website name, but the virtual keyboard blocks the submitbutton if you try and fill out the optional Brief Summary of Site and Keywordsfields. I still use it on rare occasion because it kinda still works, and Im hopefulthe developer Darren Gates will provide a fix soon.Site Analyser by Impact Media [ no pic for this one ]Seller: Impact MediaPrice: FreeSEO Expert Rating: 4/5Site Analyser robust little app that provides domain info, onpage SEO analysis(page load times, meta data etc) and the websites link profile (includingGoogle PageRank, Alexa and Delicious metrics).Jason Comely. iPhone Apps for SEO Experts 6. iKeyword - Free Seller: SH Mohanjith Price: Free SEO Expert Rating: 3/5iKeyword allows you to search for related keywords and traffic volumesusing the Google Adwords keyword API. You can also email those results asa CVS file to yourself or others for later referencing. Theres a "regular" versionthat provides more results (30 instead of Lites 5) but its $9.99 and Im not biting(yet). BlogPingy Lite Seller: Kory Becker Price: Free SEO Expert Rating: 2.5/5Submit and ping your blog post URL to 5 blog search engines anddirectories from your iPhone. Useful if your blog is on a CMS platform other thanWordpress (that does ping duty for you automatically).The regular version pings up to 30 search engines and directories, and its $1.99. SEOzio Seller: Eyeflow Internet Marketing Price: Free SEO Expert Rating: 3/5SEOzio analyses any given website for on and off page optimization andrates it according to visibility on the search engines. Good for getting a "secondopinion".Jason Comely. iPhone Apps for SEO Experts 7. AffiliateJason Comely. iPhone Apps for SEO Experts 8. CheckCB Check your ClickBank stats for free Seller: Digital Future Price: Free SEO Expert Rating: 2.5/5CheckCB gives your basic day-by-day reporting of affiliate sales (last 15days).It doesnt compare to CBAPPs robust analytics reporting (read further down) butI keep it on my iPhone because it gives me a very quick snapshot of where Im atfor the day.Affiliate Reports for Amazon AssociatesSeller: Sabastian MajstorovicPrice: $7.99SEO Expert Rating: 2/5Affiliate Reports for Amazon Associates is an expensive app for its limitedfunctionality (it displays earnings and orders), but its the only Amazon affiliatereporting app in all the app store.SimpleSenseSeller: Tal BereznitskeyPrice: FreeSEO Expert Rating: 5/5SimpleSense is impressive in its thorough reporting. Getearnings, clicks, CTR, CPM and views for today,yesterday, the last 7 days, the month and all time with asingle click. Pay $0.99 and you get stats on channelperformance as well. Highly recommended, and all you reallyneed for Adsense reporting. Jason Comely. iPhone Apps for SEO Experts 9. iEarnSeller: Sotiris SallounPrice: $3.99SEO Expert Rating: 1.5/5iEarn ($3.99) - Straight forward reporting of your daily Adsense earnings. Ibelieve I bought it back when it was only $1.99 ($3.99 is a little high for suchlimited functionality IMO), so shop around before buying this because there is asuperior alternative now (see SimpleSense). Automatic Affiliate Links - Amazitter Seller: ALLAuthentic Corporation Price: $0.99 SEO Expert Rating: 5/5Amazitter generates shortened affiliate links on the fly thatyou can tweet to your Twitter followers, and with only a few thumb strokes. Itseasy to make up the money you spent on this one. Cool idea. Highlyrecommended. Affiliate Marketing Calculator Seller: Conquer Apathy, LLC Price: $1.99 SEO Expert Rating: 4/5A great app for affiliate marketing math-heads, "AffCalc" helps you calculaterefund rates, commissions and ROI. It also has a quick reference sectionwhich new affiliate marketers will no doubt find informative. Jason Comely. iPhone Apps for SEO Experts 10. PPC Calc Seller: Serna Media Inc. Price: $1.99 SEO Expert Rating: 2/5PPC Calc, the Pay Per Click Calculator helps you quickly assess whether yourPPC campaign will be profitable or tank, even before you spend a dime. Take alook at the Affiliate Marketing Calculator first and see if that doesnt do the job.Lulu Homepage Screenshot (N/A)Not an app, but rather a bookmark on your iPhones home screen.If youve written any books or e-books, consider selling through Lulu, the popularPrint on Demand (POD) Publisher service. My homepage screenshot (which actslike a bookmark) lets me view book sales and a revenue summary in oneclick (I bookmarked my Dashboard page). If you havent bookmarked a webpageon your home screen yet, heres how you do it:1) Open Up Safari browser on the iPhone2) Surf to the page you want to bookmark3) Click on the + icon and select "Add to Home Screen" Jason Comely. iPhone Apps for SEO Experts 11. Social MediaJason Comely. iPhone Apps for SEO Experts 12. Facebook Seller: Facebook Price: Free SEO Expert Rating: 4.5/5Not much needs to be said on this app. If you have a Facebook account and aniPhone, you likely already use it. That said, there is another app for FacebookAnalytics called Graplr that allows users to view social application trends,user demographics and so forth. Its got a gobsmacking $39.99 price tag, andscreenshots at the appstore dont do it for me, so I havent used it. Flickr Seller: Yahoo! Price: Free SEO Expert Rating: 4/5Snap iPhone photos and upload them to your Flickr account. You can add titles,descriptions and tags (keywords) as well. Flickr analytics are not accessiblehowever, which you get with a pro account (if you ask for it). foursquare Seller: Naveen Selvadurai Price: Free SEO Expert Rating: 3/5Im not a big foursquare (with a small f) player, but I occasionally check in nowand then to keep my account warm. Foursquare is a location-based socialnetwork and a curious animal for marketers. Maybe even a cornered andfrightened animal since Facebook announced Places. Jason Comely. iPhone Apps for SEO Experts 13. LinkedInSeller: LinkedInPrice: FreeSEO Expert Rating: 4/5LinkedIn stinks of money. How could the Facebook for business people not?I use my LinkedIn app to see what my connections are up to and refresh mystatus, which means Im tragically under-utilizing this network.Red DeliciousSeller: Ryan GroomPrice: $0.99SEO Expert Rating: 4.5/5Red Delicious has undergone a lot of improvements the past year, and itsfeatures are many. If youre a hopelessly obsessive compulsive Delicious addictlike me, you regularly scan the most popular bookmarks on the social web,which this does jimdandy.You can also do keyword searches and browse your bundles and tags.YelpSeller: Yelp, Inc.Price: FreeSEO Expert Rating: 4.5/5Fire up the Yelp app to find places to eat, drink, shop and get peer reviewson local establishments. You can also add photos and draft reviews ofbusinesses youve patronized. Good for competitive Intelligence in local markets. Jason Comely. iPhone Apps for SEO Experts 14. HootSuite for TwitterSeller: Hootsuite Media Inc.Price: $2.99SEO Expert Rating: 5/5Ive used plenty of Twitter iPhone apps in my day (Sonnyboy),but HootSuite is the best for powerusers. Monitor and postfrom multiple social media accounts and even trackresults, provided you use the URL shortener. A lot ofvalue here. I wouldnt hesitate in buying the $2.99 version andI didnt. Jason Comely. iPhone Apps for SEO Experts 15. StatisticsJason Comely. iPhone Apps for SEO Experts 16. Statistics for WordPressSeller: Menial Ltd.Price: $2.99SEO Expert Rating: 2.5/5Get reports on your blogs top posts and pages, referrers, search terms andclicks. I found it a bit painful to get started (you need a ID, stats plugin and a API key to get it working).Still, you can get some meaningful stats with this app, so its a keeper, but notessential.Analytics AppSeller: Inblosam