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<ul><li> 1. Top 10iPhone Apps for Online BusinessProductivityAna Lucia Novak www.socialana.comPRESENTED BY ANA LUCIA NOVAK </li> <li> 2. #1: PomodoroKeep track of your productivitywith the using the very popularPomodoro productivity system.The idea is to work in 25 minuteuninterrupted intervals withbreaks in between.Ana Lucia Novak www.socialana.com </li> <li> 3. #2: SkypePhone calls, messaging andmoreanywhere you are withSkype. Combined with thequality mic on the iPhone, itmakes for a very convenientand inexpensive way tocommunicate.Ana Lucia Novak www.socialana.com </li> <li> 4. #3: Recorder ProMake recording podcasts,interviews or audio notes asnap with Recorder Pro.on the go.It includes an easy add toiTunes feature too.Ana Lucia Novak www.socialana.com </li> <li> 5. #4: MintKeep track of all yourfinancial accounts in oneplace using Mint.Check your PayPal balance,bank account statement,keep tabs on credit debt andmore.Ana Lucia Novak www.socialana.com </li> <li> 6. #5: Spending Expense TrackerA simple way to keep track ofyour business and personalexpenses, right at your fingertips.You can even lock the appwith a password to keep yourinformation private.Ana Lucia Novak www.socialana.com </li> <li> 7. Tip #6: EvernoteA favorite of many, Evernote isan advance note taking appthat lets you access yournotes wherever you gowhether you have your phone,are on your computer or othermobile device.Ana Lucia Novak www.socialana.com </li> <li> 8. #7: ReQallReqall lets you createand share your to-dolists. Type your list oruse your voice to createyour list.Ana Lucia Novak www.socialana.com </li> <li> 9. #8: DropboxAccess and share files from yourcomputer, using the Dropbox app.Theres no need to lug your laptoparound when you can get what youwant, when you need it.Ana Lucia Novak www.socialana.com </li> <li> 10. #9: iDone ThisYou get productivity andmotivation, all in one.Reqall is a unique app thathelps you keep track of whatyou and your team havecompleted.Ana Lucia Novak www.socialana.com </li> <li> 11. #10: TripItTripIt allows you to plan yourtrips, schedule itineraries andwrap all your emailconfirmations up in one easyto manage package.Ana Lucia Novak www.socialana.com </li> <li> 12. Ready to Get More Productive?Ana Lucia Novak www.socialana.comTighten up your social mediastrategies, Improve Your OnlinePresence or Need Help ManagingYour Social Media Programs?Schedule a time with me here:http://meetme.so/analuciaandcomplete the assessment form:http://SocialAna.com/hire-Ana-Lucia </li> </ul>