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MobilePundits provides effective solutions even for the most complicated issues of outsourcing iPhone application development and make every possible effort in the field of application development. Our experts specialize in web applications for iPhone development. We are highly proficient in software development field and provide our clients with seamless creation.

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  • 1.Designing & Developing iPhone Apps iPhone App Development

2. It all started in 2007 3. The First ever iPhone unveiled by Steve Jobs in January 2007 4. iPhone was a major change in the world of Smartphones, mobile web was integrated so effectively in a mobile handset that for the first time, users were able to come online at any time of the day. A truly magical & revolutionary product five years ahead of any mobile phone of that time. The history began in 2005 itself, when Steve Jobs told its employees to investigate about touchscreens. 5. The original iPhone was made of aluminum with a black plastic back 6. Time changed & so did the idea of a pocket computer 7. From iPhone 2G to iPhone 5 8. Since the release of the first product, hundreds of people lined up for purchasing this device. In 2008, iPhone 3G I was released by Apple in more than twenty countries. iPhone 3G was launched in 2009 with a cheaper model with 8GB storage because of users complaints about high prices. Thus the 3GS became the less pricey model when. 9. iPhone 2G VS iPhone 5 10. Next came iPhone 4, with a different design and better resolution. The phone was given a better camera and a secondary camera for video calling. Since 2007, Apple has reduced the cost of its devices many times. As the history of iPhones reflects, more than six million original iPhone devices have been sold over five quarters. The latest in the league is iPhone 5, with faster performance than ever. Slimmer and lighter than any other iPhone with the latest technology. 11. The growing need of iPhone First and foremost reason : its stylish and gorgeous looks. The build quality, with all the aluminum, glass and diamond-cut edges, is fantastic. iPhone 5 gives you an expensive and premium feel! The quality of apps that iOS, which powers iPhone, remains unmatched. iPhone has access to most polished apps, even if most of them cost a dollar or two. 12. Whenever there is launch of a new app, people download it ASAP from the Apple App Store. This means your phone is always running the best possible software available from Apple. Apples quality services are not restricted to selling the phone. Its after sales service is the best. 13. Superb call quality is another feature which forces you to buy this phone. Very good battery life. The camera on iPhone5 is fantastic. 14. Why do you need a Mobile App? Are you trying to reach most possible audience? Do you need a mobile application or a mobile website? Can you spare the time for to do the feeding and care of the app? What phones do your customers use? 15. Growing Business of App Development Currently, iPhone App Development are leading in platforms are leading in market share. The Smartphones are used for various purposes and this has shaped the demand for mobile application development. Scope of most applications developed cover many features. They are: 16. Security Features. Simplifying the interface for ease of use. Ability to satisfy clients needs and uniqueness. To effectively examine the future of mobile app development, there is need to understand the current market where iPhone app development platform commonly known as iOS is the most outstanding. Since most Smartphones users are youthful, the mobile development is proving to be a lucrative field for most developers in all the platforms. 17. App Development & Designing There are a few points that need to be kept in mind before even starting to develop the software application: Translate your initial idea into an implementation plan. UIKit provides the core of your App. Apps Must Behave Differently in the Foreground and Background. Apps require certain specific resources. 18. Apps should restore their previous user interface state at the time of launch. Behaviors of many applications can be customized. Mobile applications must be tuned for performance. The environment of iOS affects myriad app behaviors. 19. Tools for iPhone Development Sweb Apps AppIncubator Kanchoo AppBreeder MyAppBuilder BuildAnApp GameSalad MobileRoadie MobBase Rhomobile PhoneGap RedLaser 20. Outsourcing??? 21. Outsource iPhone App Development @ MobilePundits 22. MobilePundits MobilePundits provides effective solutions even for the most complicated issues of iPhone app development and make every possible effort in the field of application development. We are highly proficient in software development field and provide our clients with seamless creation. Our processes are ISO 9001:2008 Certified by Bureau Veritas & UKAS. We have been awarded by Deloitte for 2 consecutive years as one of the Fastest Growing Technology Company in India & in Asia Pacific. 23. Services offered by MobilePundits Outsource iPhone Application Development Offshore iPhone Application Development Mobile Application Development 24. Why MobilePundits? When you want to outsource android app development, we leave no stone unturned, and give you utter satisfaction with the best possible solution. Our expert experienced team of android developers in the field of mobile application development can assist you in developing your own custom android apps, all you need is to contact us and we help you in changing your imagination into reality. 25. Contact Us one_Development.html dits 6333/posts