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<ul><li><p>Soar to new heights with a faster, more efficient way to grow your real estate business.</p><p>LexisNexis Solutions for Real Estate Professionals give you the tools you need to help your business reach new heights. Now you can grow and enhance your business relationships while performing everyday research and administrative tasks more efficiently. Discover how you do all this and more ... from a single trusted source.</p><p>LexisNexis Solutions for Real Estate Professionals</p><p>Searching for data on multiple resources and the open Web can be time consumingand the results are often hard to find and unreliable. LexisNexis helps you quickly reveal facts that are integral to your workwhether youre engaged in sales, leasing or managing commercial real estate or housing developments. </p><p>From now on, be confident that youll have all the relevant news, credible and comprehensive research results and tools you need to perform your work more efficientlysaving you time and money.</p></li><li><p>LexisNexis and the Knowledge Burst logo are registered trademarks of Reed Elsevier Properties Inc., used under license. Other products or services may be trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies. 2013 LexisNexis. All rights reserved. NBI01234-0 0113</p><p>Generate lists with greater speed and detail Identifyviablecandidatesforspecificbuilding/ </p><p>floor placements</p><p> Locateveryspecifictargets</p><p> Acquiremorefocusedlistsevenfindmid-levelcontactswithin companies</p><p> Downloadlistsforemailcampaignswithease</p><p>Gain access to key news and relevant events Monitorintegralsalestriggerssuchasheadquarterlocation</p><p>changes, layoffs, plant closings, expanding operations</p><p> Trackgeographicnewscoveragetoseewhoisbuilding what and where</p><p>Acquire enhanced public records data you wont find elsewhere Identify/verifytenantsinaspecificbuilding/space</p><p> ObtaincompanycreditinformationviaaccesstoExperian</p><p> Linktopotentialneighboringtenants</p><p> AccessOFACdatatoavoidsecuritychallenges</p><p> Monitorout-of-courtsettlementstomanageexposuretorisk</p><p>Find deeper company &amp; industry information Uncoverindustrytrendswithconsolidatedsnapshots</p><p>encompassing data points such as industry growth, leading companies, forecasts, and more</p><p> Gainaquickunderstandingofanyorganizationwith ourone-pagecompanyprofiles</p><p>LexisNexis gives you so much more than our competitors. Gain access to:</p><p> Thelargestandmostcomprehensive database of sources for company and executive information available in the market, with 80M+ company records (public and private)</p><p> Valuableinformationfromover 26,000 news and legal sources</p><p> Unmatchedcollectionof more than 36 billion public records; 586 million unique identities and 352 million unique businesses</p><p>You just wont find this depth of information anywhere else.</p><p>Find out how your organization can achieve more in less timeand stop sifting through unreliable open Web datawith trusted, authoritative content from LexisNexis.</p><p>Simplycall1-888-AT-LEXISfordetails.</p></li></ul>