Increasing Conversion Friendly Mobile Landing Pages for Your Business

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How can your business increase its conversions? A mobile landing page can be used to convert site visitors into leads or sales.

Text of Increasing Conversion Friendly Mobile Landing Pages for Your Business

Why you need a mobile marketing landing page! ( 5 tips on your mobile landing page success), (Tips for mobile landing page optimization for small businesses)

Increasing Conversion Friendly Mobile Landing Pages for Your Business

Why you need a mobile landing page?

How Location & Small Screen Size Impact Search Behavior On Mobile Devices

Improving conversions with mobile landing pages

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Here are things you should know about a mobile landing page

What is a landing page?Landing pages vs. homepagesWhat can landing pages be used for?...


after clicking your ads and links so it is designed to be easy to read on a small screen. Any page that you direct traffic to is considered a landing page.

Any page on a website where traffic is sent specifically to prompt a certain action or result.


What is A mobile landing page?

Mobile landing pages reduce the loss of mobile visitors.

The first page a visitor sees

What are landing pages used for?

These can be used to collect personal information

Giving information on issues businesses might be interested in

Newsletters with tips related to your area of subject matter expertise

Subscription to receive ongoing content via email

Reports/Whitepapers with important industry facts and statistics

Ebooks for comprehensive guides about different aspects of your business

Podcasts for people who like to listen & learn during a commute or workout

Do I really need separate landing pages for mobiles?


A landing page is optimized to fit and work smoothly on a mobile device. This means you might have potential customers through SEO, links In email, banner ad, and etc.

Reasons why you need tocreate and use landing pages

Local Content

Social Content

Smart Content

The site which has lots of local content can rank higher when people search locally and on mobile devices

Deepening the connection by sending your Twitter and Facebook connections to landing pages

Addressing the specific market, product or key content segments for your business that you can have the bridge people to the specific types of content they desire




are mobile-friendly like responsive web design

Only a single action for your visitors to take

For more general purpose

to encourage exploration


Compared to the typical homepage,landing pages help you focus your attention on your offer much more effectively.

Aiming at overall brands and corporate values

Clear intentions what you are supposed to do on this page

are specifically developed for mobiles

For one purpose only

A mobile landing page

Mobile friendly website


Lead generation landing pages - Unbounce

Click-through landing pages - HootSuite Pro

Potential customers submit their email address to get information then businesses try to convert lead into a customer

Commonly used for ecommerce, making them ready to purchase, before pushing them further down the funnel. Many includes a video element for showing an engaging product overview.

The goal of a mobile landing page is to convert site visitors into Leads or Sales



Examples of lead generation landing pages

Los Angeles dentist

Including contact number, it makes its phone number a large part of its branding


Focusing only on getting the users email address

You can see not only on the web, but on the mobile


The easiest way to create a landing page for smartphones and tablets is to build it by using a template

How Can I create a landing page

Dont forget A/B testing!

Having five or six friends spend 15 minutes testing the functionality and you might find as much as 80% of the times needing to be fixed will be revealed

How to design a mobile landing page


#2 User friendly

#1 - Keep it simple

#5 Call to action button

#3 - Easy navigation

#4 - Fast load times

for increasingconversion

The headline

#1 Tip

Simple Email Marketing for Businesses

Keep in touch with your customers. Create, design and manage all your outgoing emails

The message matchesFocusing on the things that matter

Clear Value Proposition

#2 Tip

A promise of value to be deliveredThe primary reason visitors should take action on the page

Start accepting credit cards today

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Does your business have a specific offer?

Does your business need conversion to your website?

Does your business have a e-commerce situation to make a sale?

is a great way to capture interested customers for your business

A mobile landing page


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