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<ol><li> 1. Virtualization sprawl is quickly outpacing the data centers infrastructure The drive to virtualize has moved from development environments to Tier 1 applications swiftly The view of virtualized environments in theyre free and fast to stand up Achieving density in the data center with traditional infrastructure is hard Virtualization requires IT to touch the infrastructure more often The 1GB core presents a road block Balancing cost vs. performance is more art than science </li><li> 2. Increase IT and Business Agility Do more Do it faster Improve Efficiency Do it with less infrastructure Do it with less money Do it with less people Reduce Risk Flatten risks </li><li> 3. Apps Servers Network Storage App Silos Zones of Virtualization Private / Public Cloud From Silos to Virtualized Data Centers Centralize Standardize Consolidate Virtualize Automate Self-Service </li><li> 4. 94% 35% 15% 50% 15% Legacy Referenced Arch Single SKU $118B $149B 2012 2017 Source: Wikibon 2012 1% </li><li> 5. DATA CENTER TOTAL COST OF OWNERSHIP </li><li> 6. T+P+SC+N+S = TCO Time: Time to install, wire, and configure a server Power: Cost of running the server Server Cost: Capital cost of the server plus rack space used Network: Cost of core connectivity SAN: Cost of connecting to the SAN </li><li> 7. FlexPod Full range of FAS product line (NetApp FAS2240 to FAS6280) Blade and rack mount servers (Cisco UCS B &amp; C Series) Unified Fabric via 10GbE, FC, and FCoE ExpressPod Entry-level FAS only (NetApp FAS2220 to FAS2240) Rack mount servers only (Cisco UCS C Series) 1GbE (Cisco Nexus 3048) Storage Server Network Users 1,500+ &gt;500 </li><li> 8. A reference architecture jointly developed by Cisco, NetApp, and VMware Designed for SMB organizations to help consolidate their IT infrastructure and application portfolio using virtualization Scaled-down version of the FlexPod Designed for customers with limited IT experience in virtualization Target is fewer than 500 users with limited IT staffing </li><li> 9. Offered in two standard configurations: A small and midsized model The small configuration is list priced at under $65K The cooperative support model available for customers who purchase premium support 24X7X365 support is available Components of the ExpressPod can be leveraged to move a client to a FlexPod environment </li><li> 10. Standard, pre validated best-in-class infrastructure building blocks Flexible: One platform scales to fit many environments and mixed workloads Add Applications and workload Scale up and out Simplified management and repeatable deployments Design and sizing guides Services: Facilitate the deployment of different environments </li><li> 11. Memory, Disk I/O, and CPU drive virtualization density Ciscos UCS memory makes each DIMM look like four Total memory capacity is more than tripled More environments can be stood up and those that are perform better </li><li> 12. Improves network throughput by 38% over software-based switch solutions Removes the need for vSwitches, freeing CPU cycles for better application performance Designed for I/O intensive workloads Reduces cost by performing as both the NIC and as an HBA Eliminates a key bottleneck for virtual server performance </li><li> 13. Provides unified management of all software and hardware in FlexPod Offers flexible role and policy-based management using service profiles Resources can be placed in pools and service profiles can be leveraged to speed environment deployments </li><li> 14. NetApp provides the most cost effective way to store large volumes of data while cutting down on space, power, and cooling costs Use NetApps innovative Thin Provisioning technology to drive on- demand provisioning Leverage space-saving data FlexClones to create quick environments for development, testing, and disaster recovery NetApps deduplication process drives the cost of virtualized environments down dramatically </li><li> 15. NetApp, Cisco, and VMWare have years of team experience providing support Expanded and enhanced support resolution Focused on the most efficient method for resolving customer issues Support available across a full spectrum of support products, new and old More than a single-solution cooperative support model: scales and grows </li><li> 16. Experience faster time to resolution for all FlexPod technologies and products Enhanced support experience through improved cross-company collaboration Moure efficient multivendor problem resolution with customer-assisted hand-offs Vendor engagement and ownership through problem resolution Global 24-hours-a-day support is available </li></ol>