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  • 1. MISS CARMEN 1

2. Do you judge people on their looks?WHAT DO YOU THINK OF...1.TATTOOS?2.G-STRINGS?3.BODY PIERCING?4.COSMETIC SURGERY?5.MAKE UP FOR TEENAGERS?6.DYED HAIR?7.DREADLOCKS?8.JEWELRY FOR MAN?9.TORN CLOTHES?10. BRAND-NAME CLOTHES? MISS CARMEN2 3. (Refers to appearance)MISS CARMEN3 4. XUXA Blue eyes Short hair Straight hair Blond hair Ex Xuxa has short, straight, blond hair and blue eyes. MISS CARMEN4 5. CAtherine ZetAJones Brown eyes Long hair Wavy hair Black hair Ex Catherine Zeta Jones has long, wavy, black hair and brown eyes. MISS CARMEN 5 6. JUliA roberts Brown eyes Shoulder-length hair Curly hair Red hair Ex Julia Roberts has shoulder-length, curly, red hair and brown eyes. MISS CARMEN 6 7. Meryl streep Green eyes Short hair Wavy hair Gray hair Ex Meryl Streep hasshort, wavy, gray hairand green eyes MISS CARMEN 7 8. Build and HeightBuildHeightChubbyShort Thin Average height Slim TallMuscular MISS CARMEN 8 9. (Refers to personality)MISS CARMEN 9 10. Types of personality: Quiet Methodical Lazy Organized Easygoing Jealous Laid back Funny Hard-working dedicated Outgoing Smart Friendly Creative Impolite Conceited Rude Stressed Stubborn Messy Shy clumsy MISS CARMEN10 11. ATTENTION: When describing a person, the order of description is often: age height build hair eyes clothesEx Julia Roberts is 41 years old. She is tall and thin. She has shoulder-length, curly, red hair and brown eyes. She is wearing a long black dress and high heels. MISS CARMEN11