Let's Talk About Scrubs

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We recently polled our nurses on fun statistics about their scrubs, and would like to share this infographic with you on the results. Please feel free to use on your company blog or anywhere you want to share these fun scrub statistics.


<ul><li> 1. Lets talk AboutWe polled nurses about their scrubs, andthis is what they said:40% FavorITE23% Majority StIll Prefer The classic Blue and Green 9% 9% 7%4% 2% 2% 2% 2% FavorITE 20%sports themed 40%solids5%flowers5% or animals15% polka dots15%tropical/ aquatic animal PrintH ow Many do you own?60%95%25% think theyare comfortable15%h e r e2 W Doo utside oar themyou we f work? ear edw b 23% YES!! Never!th em to 47% 0 % ..to.3 ave Ih Ifscrubs (and nursesuniforms in general) evolved fromnuns habits.they are sometimes in the UK, nused by backpackerseth ey are oft s in an effort to re ferred to a s reduce weight load. the atre bluedesigned by</li></ul>