Let's talk about our countries

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Let's talk about our countries. Gradinita cu Program Normal Nr. 17, Rm. Valcea SMART TEAM. MARIA UCA. Hello! My nameis Medeea . Arein Ramnicu Valcea , Romania. I havean older sister, Luci . I likedance,art,math. I preferredfruits. Hello! My nameisRAZVAN. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Gradinita cu Program normal Nr. 17, Rm. Valcea

Let's talk about our countries

Gradinita cu Program Normal Nr. 17, Rm. Valcea


Hello!My nameisMedeea.Arein RamnicuValcea, Romania.I havean older sister,Luci.I likedance,art,math.I preferredfruits.

Hello!My nameisRAZVAN.Arein RamnicuValcea, Romania.I prefergreenfruits.I like sports.

Hello!My nameisGABRIEL.Arein RamnicuValcea, Romania.I likeice creamwithstrawberries.

Hello!My nameisLARISA.Arein RamnicuValcea, Romania.I likepaintingandsports.I preferorangefruits.

Hi! I'm ERIKA. I love cats, dolls and spend as much time with my parentsHi!I'm KARINA.I love to play and spend as more time with my parents.

Hi! I'm BIANCA . I love to paint.

Hi! I'm BRIANA and I like animals very much.I have a cat.Hello!My nameisSTEFANIA.Arein RamnicuValcea, Romania.I likedrawing and dance.

Hello!My nameisAndrei.Arein RamnicuValcea, Romania.I preferfruits.

Fall Greetings from Romania!!!!SMART TEAMHello!My nameisSARA.Arein RamnicuValcea, Romania.I likedance.I prefer sweets.

Hello!My nameisELENA.Arein RamnicuValcea, Romania.I have abigbrother, STEFY and bigbrother OVIDIU.likepaintingandsports.I preferorangefruits.

Hello!We arecolleaguesBRIANA, IOANA si KARINAHi!We like to party. With sweets.

Happy Halloween!!!

Hi!We're the SMART TEAM.We have three years and are in their first year of kindergarten.