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    Financial Aid & Scholarships

    In This Section

    Incoming Freshmen

    Stamps Leadership


    Diversity Excellence



    General University


    National Merit


    This bulletin board lists scholarship opportunities from

    organizations outside of the UO. Click on the filters on the right to

    limit which scholarships are displayed. We encourage you to

    apply for any scholarship you are eligible foreven small

    amounts can add up to make a big difference.

    Tillamook Ladies of the Elks

    Two $1500 Scholarships for Tillamook county high school

    graduates now attending college (must be enrolled in at least 9

    cr/term), Min 2.5 GPA, 30 credit hours earned and/or 2nd year


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    Continuing and Transfer

    Diversity Excellence

    General University

    Graduate and Law

    Diversity Excellence

    General University

    UO Scholarship Applications

    Find Other Scholarships

    Scholarship Bulletin Board

    Scholarship Application


    Scholarships FAQ

    Scholarship Workshops

    Filter by Major

    Accounting (1)

    Any (1)

    Biochemistry (1)

    Biology (1)

    Chemistry (1)

    Computer Science (1)

    Dance (1)


    Applications must be received by 1/5/16.

    Contact Carole Wigg for more info and application: 503-398-5856.

    Award: 1500 GPA: 2.50 Selection Criteria: Tillamook County High School Graduates Deadline: January 5, 2016

    MastersinEducation Scholarships

    The highlights of the guide are: A hand-picked list of education-

    specific scholarships. A searchable scholarship database.

    Detailed information on various student loan options.

    Award: Varies Grade Level: Any Website:[0]=field_affiliated_majors%3A101[0]=field_affiliated_majors%3A169[0]=field_affiliated_majors%3A155[0]=field_affiliated_majors%3A154[0]=field_affiliated_majors%3A156[0]=field_affiliated_majors%3A106[0]=field_affiliated_majors%3A124

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    finance (1)

    Information Technology


    Law (1)

    life sciences (1)

    Mathematics (1)

    Music (1)

    Nursing (1)

    Physics (1)

    Theater (1)

    Filter by Grade Level

    Any (17)

    College Freshman (8)

    College Junior (12)

    College Senior (11)

    College Sophomore (9)

    Graduate Students (9)

    High School Senior (3)

    Incoming Freshman (6)

    Juris Doctorate (2)

    Masters Degree Student

    Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation

    The Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation is the nations oldest

    and largest provider of need-based scholarships to military

    children. Founded in 1962 by Gen Martin F. Rockmore USMC (Ret.),

    the Scholarship Foundation has provided more than 35,000

    scholarships valued at nearly $100,000,000 since that time.

    Particular attention is paid to children of Marines and Navy

    Corpsmen who were killed or wounded in combat or have

    demonstrated financial need. Applicants must be the child of one

    of the following: - Active duty or reserve U.S. Marine - Veteran U.S.

    Marine who has received an honorable...

    Award: Varies GPA: 2.00 Financial Need: Yes Grade Level: Undergraduate Students, College Junior, CollegeFreshman, College Sophomore, Incoming Freshman, High School


    Deadline: March 1, 2015 Website:

    The Tree Cnter Quarterly Scholarship[0]=field_grade_level%3A93[0]=field_grade_level%3A95[0]=field_grade_level%3A88[0]=field_grade_level%3A87[0]=field_grade_level%3A97[0]=field_grade_level%3A90[0]=field_grade_level%3A92[0]=field_grade_level%3A91[0]=field_grade_level%3A89[0]=field_grade_level%3A138[0]=field_affiliated_majors%3A177[0]=field_affiliated_majors%3A171[0]=field_affiliated_majors%3A186[0]=field_affiliated_majors%3A102[0]=field_affiliated_majors%3A170[0]=field_affiliated_majors%3A183[0]=field_affiliated_majors%3A162[0]=field_affiliated_majors%3A185[0]=field_affiliated_majors%3A181

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    PhD or EdD Student (4)

    Undergraduate Students


    Filter by Deadline

    2015 (23)

    2016 (17)

    Rolling Deadline: All submissions must be uploaded no later

    than 11:59 pm PST on the 20th of last month of each quarter (Q1:

    March 20th, Q2: June 20th, Q3: September 20th, Q4: December

    20th). The submission window closes on the 21st of the final

    month of each quarter and will reopen on the 1st of each

    quarter at 8:00 a.m (Q1: January 1st, Q2: April 1st: Q3: July 1st, Q4:

    October 1st).


    Must currently be enrolled as a high school or college/university

    student within the United States.

    Must have a cumulative GPA of at least 3.0 (or the equivalent)....

    Award: 500 GPA: 3.00 Financial Need: No Deadline: June 20, 2016 Website:

    Ray Snader Scholarship[0]=field_scholarship_deadline%253Avalue%3A2016[0]=field_scholarship_deadline%253Avalue%3A2015[0]=field_grade_level%3A96[0]=field_grade_level%3A94[0]=field_grade_level%3A93

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