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Bulletin Board IDEAS

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Bulletin Board IDEAS. Cary Nadzak l Give yourself the gift. of EDUCATION. OR put s chool a ctivities o n leaves “We’re Branching Out!. Create a tree from paper bags – put kids p hotos on branches. Our class SHINES!. Ideas for bulletin board backgrounds. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of Bulletin Board IDEAS

Bulletin Board IDEAS

Bulletin Board IDEASCary

Give yourself the giftof EDUCATION2

Create a tree from paper bags put kids photos on branchesOR putschoolactivitieson leavesWere BranchingOut!

Our classSHINES!Ideas for bulletin board backgroundsGo to the $1 clearance in the fabric section at Walmart for bulletin board coverings Buy cheap plastic tablecloths the Party Stores often have them or large paper rolls on sale!Use wrapping paper

Lifes not a picnic if you dont have an education!

Keep anorganizednotebook

Study a littleevery night instead ofcramming!

Map outvocabularyMORE . . . Have kids trace hands decorate put on board & add words Hands-on Learning Happening Here!Frame your bulletin board with curtains & the words SENIOR YEAR YOUR FINAL CURTAIN CALL! & fill the middle with senior pictures

Riddle me this . . . Riddle me that . . . What can you catchbut not throw?What goes around theworld but stays in acorner?Cover board w/batman wrapping paper put up new riddles each week!

Whats your story?

Give kids a star to write down key events in their lives!Play the whole Prince of Bel-Air song, then have kids write their own raps about their lives.Whats your GOAL?

Get all AsMake a new friendGive each kid an arrow to write goal


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