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Bulletin board final 3

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  • 1. SMS Bulletin board: Kenya

2. Mobile phones In Africa 3. Inform and Decentralize Desire for Information that connects more than one perspective. 4. ConceptConceptConvert Analog bulletin board to a Digital bulletin board 5. Extending the Service 6. Network Connect people across Kenya 7. Shipping and Contents Town receives the Digital bulletin board kit to assemble in freight delivery. 8. Digital Board Concept Drawing 9. User Effect Bus Driver Broken Down/Bus Stop waiting for passenger 10. Awareness Puzzled about where to send goods calling places that do not need his goods. 11. People who have no cell phone unable to connect to informationTools for Change that might get them a job, buy something, etc. 12. Service 13. Possible Effects 14. Non-Prescriptive Open platform that is curated based on community needs 15. Connecting the Community

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