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<p>Copywriting for SEO</p> <p>Copywriting for SEOTraining for IWK EditorialNovember 2012Brian PereiraTopicsIntroductionHow search engines workPage ranking, relevance, organic &amp; inorganic searchDefinition of SEOThe structure of a Web page (HTML basics)How the CMS is used for SEOSEO copywriting techniques &amp; best practicesKeyword selection strategies &amp; tools</p> <p>IntroductionWhat this short course is aboutWhat it isntAt what levels can SEO be done?Why is it important to do SEO?</p> <p>How Search Engines workSearch engines have three components:DatabaseSpider/Web crawlerSearch tool / user interface /query processor</p> <p>Video</p> <p></p> <p>Further reading:</p> <p>What Web crawlers pick up Page Title (in our case same as story title)Keywords (Tags in CMS)Description (Summary in CMS)Keywords in a link (links on page)Words in Bold faceRepeated words on the page</p> <p>Search terminologyPageRankPage Relevance</p> <p>Organic (natural) vs inorganic (paid/PPC) search(Ex: Type Resorts in search box) </p> <p>VIDEO, meta tagsALT text</p> <p>Why your page should be listed on top of search resultsPeople usually click on links on the first pageRarely look beyond the second pageMore visitors to your site mean more page viewsAdvertisers look for no. of page views and want to do lead generation activities with youLeading to more revenue for you from online</p> <p>Definition of SEOSEO The techniques used to design, code and write content for a Web page so as to give it a high page ranking and relevance in search engine results</p> <p>SEO done at different levels Text (SEO copywriting)CodingImage, videoVideo</p> <p>Learn more: structure of a Web page (HTML basics)</p> <p>The structure of a Web page (HTML basics)</p> <p>A web page - a series of instructions plus your content (text, images etc)The instructions are a series of HTML tags or commands. HTML tags are used in pairs; not case sensitive.So a Web page is regarded as an HTML document and its file name has a .htm or .html extension HTML documentThe document is structured in two main parts:A. HeaderB. Body</p> <p>Basic commands</p> <p>......</p> <p>......</p> <p>Optimization tags</p> <p> InformationWeek Business value of Technology </p> <p>....</p> <p>View source codeTo see the page source code</p> <p>Firefox - Ctrl + U</p> <p>Internet Explorer View &gt; source</p> <p>Chrome Ctrl + U</p> <p>How the CMS is used for SEO</p> <p> = Story title in CMSThe story title also becomes the pages URL</p>