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The basics of seo.


<ul><li> 1. SEO: Search Engine Op/miza/onIs that just wri/ng spammy stu or code for the search bots?Monique SherreAmonique@boxcarmarke/</li></ul> <p> 2. SEO Facts &amp; MythsTell me what youve heard 3. SEO Facts &amp; MythsSo this SEO copywriter walks into a bar, grill, pub, public house, Irish bar, bartender, drinks, beer, wine, liquor 4. Dont be that guy 5. Things You Should Know About Search(and therefore SEO) 6. SEO is CDOContent Discovery Op/miza/on Jesse McDougall of Catalyst Webworks, TOC 7. Social Cues External Cues On-page Cues 8. Computers Are Dumb 9. The Seman/c WebThe Seman/c Web describes the rela/onships between things (like A is a part of B and Y is a member of Z) 10. Pre-2008 Search Engines 11. How Search Works 12. Search Bots Try to Mimic HumansSocial CuesExternal Cues On-Page Cues Stars Site is crawlable Keywords Reviews No duplicate content Title tag Origina/ng source? Meta descrip/on Image, Video Incoming links Heading tags Social sharing# of links +1dAnchor text 1st 200 words Shared byQuality/type: Bold TweetsComment Anchor text Text link YouTube Image lename Blogroll Internal links Ad Page load speed Bounce 13. French paren/ng book 14. French paren/ng book Social Cues 15. French paren/ng book Social Cues External Cues 16. French paren/ng book Social Cues External Cues On-Page Cues 17. What does the bot know? 18. On-Page Cues 19. On-Page Cues 20. The cues are missing 21. coverimage 9780143182573H.jpg265 x 400alt="Image of EVERYTHING WAS GOOD-BYE"&gt;authorphoto2000000469L.jpg 22. SEO is about Content DiscoverySocial CuesExternal Cues On-Page Cues Rich snippets Site is crawlable Keywords Stars No duplicate content Title tag Reviews Origina/ng source? Meta descrip/on Authorship Incoming links Heading tags Image, video # of links Anchor text 1st 200 words Social sharingQuality/type: Bold +1dComment Anchor text Shared byText link YouTube Image lename Tweets Blogroll Internal links Ad Page load speed Bounce 23. SEO Factors within Your ControlMarke)ngTechnicalEditorial Body copy Incoming links Site is crawlable 1st 200 words # links Page load speed Duplicate content Quality/type Title tag Who gets what Anchor text Meta descrip/on Keywords Image lename Heading tag: H1, H2 Bold Social sharing Rich snippet code Anchor text +1d Stars Image cap/ons Shared by Reviews Bounce Internal links Tweets Authorship Image, video 24. Roles are shiting What is a marke/ng func/on? What is a IT func/on? Where do these func/ons fall? Website design Website maintenance Video, audio, ebook, app produc/on Asset management ONIX le genera/on, distribu/on SEO Domains, email, server setup 25. Google vs. AmazonTwo Discovery Channels 26. Dierent Algorithm. Same Factors.Google Ranking FactorsAmazon Ranking Factors Social Cues Social Cues Reviews &amp; Ra/ngs Reviews &amp; Ra/ngs Sharing Sharing (Lists) External Cues External Cues Endorsements (links) Endorsements (Co-op, On-Page Cues Aliate) Keywords in Copy On-Page Cues Links to related content Keywords in Copy Links to related content 27. Prisoner of TehranYour Publisher-Supplied Copy Does Not AppearSocial Cues get the )tle into the recommenda)on engine (Amazon results)On-Page Cues get the book page into search results on Google1. 13 customer reviews. Like2. Share your own customer images.3. Frequently bought together4. Customers who bought this item also bought5. Average customer review6. Bestseller Rank7. Descrip/ons from Reviews8. Tags customers associate with this product9. What other items Customers Buy Ater Viewing this Item10. Customer Reviews (2 columns!)11. Listmania12. Look for similar items by category / subject13. Con/nue shopping: Customers who bought items in your recent history alsobought 28. Why does Amazon win vs. the Publisher site? 29. Because 30. Why does Amazon win? Goodreads? 627 2,943 wordsGoodreads 3,457 wordsAmazon. Focus keywords:Beau/ful Mystery (13), Louise Penny (14)Gamache (25), murder (8), mystery (33), Suspense (6), Fic/on (8), detec/ve (9)Raincoast. Beau/ful Mystery (2), Louise Penny (3)Gamache (4), murder (2), mystery (3), Suspense (0), Fic/on (2), detec/ve (0)Goodreads. Beau/ful Mystery (14), Louise penny (20)Gamache (37), murder (15), mystery (32), Suspense (1), Fic/on (1), detec/ve (1) 31. Without Social Cues 32. The On-Page Cues Are Cri/cal. Search bots will try to gure out the theme of a pages content within the rst 200 words. If you only write 200 word descrip/ons, you beAer choose the right words. 33. The Right Words Are What I Mean By Keyword Phrases 34. Keyword Phrases Keyword phrases are the words people type into a search engine in order to nd things on the web. 35. French paren/ng book 36. French paren/ng book Keyword Phrases appear in SERPs in bold. 37. What are the keyword phrases? Headline: Universal Orlando Resort Celebrates The One-Year Anniversary of The Wizarding World of Harry PoAer Summary: Universal Orlando Resort creates special moment for guests celebra/ng in Hogsmeade and extends the virtual celebra/on to the all-new "Share Your Story" Facebook tab that allows guests to share their favorite memories from this spectacularly themed entertainment environment. Body: ORLANDO, Fla. (June 18, 2011) - Today, Universal Orlando Resort celebrated the one-year anniversary of the most spectacularly themed entertainment environment - The Wizarding World of Harry PoAer. In live celebra/ons, and virtual celebra/ons through the resorts Share Your Story Facebook tab, guests were invited to share the wonder, excitement and adventures of the Harry PoAer books and lms come to life. 38. Body Copy 1st 200 characters 39. most ambi/ous and heartbreaking work 605 results for blogs in Canada 40. If its good, people repeat it. 41. The 5 WhysReasons Why You Should Write SEO Copy1. Because you want people to nd your stu when they dont even know they are looking for it. (In the real world, you make sure the book is in stock.) 2. Because the copy needs to be a good salesperson. (The online sales funnel goes like this: you like it, buy it, review it, recommend it, nd more like it.)3. Because you want to teach fans how to best pitch their friends. (1,000 songs in your pocket.)4. Because you dont want to disappoint people who are looking for it: Bookseller doing price check. Producer scou/ng for author interview. Fan who wants to pre-order. Reviewer who wants an image. Person who wants to recommend. Author. Agent. Just checking. 5. Because you want to stack the deck. 42. Because you want to sell books. 43. SEO Copywri/ng Resources Geek: &amp; Marketer: Underwire: Full Support for Non-Techies Writer: 44. Test: November 30 In-class test. Bring pen(s), calculator, brain. Week 4 (Sept 28): How to write a persona Week 5 (Oct 5): How to write a good email subject line, a good tweet, good press release headline, good pitch leAer Week 6 (Oct 12) &amp; Week 11 (Nov 16): Familiarity with online tools and how they could be used Week 7 (Oct 27): Grid view of a marke/ng plan Week 7 (Oct 27): Calculate ecommerce conversion, CTR, CPC, know the terms revenue and expenses Week 12 (Nov 23): How to pick out keywords41</p>