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SEO Copywriting has been changed due to Google algorithms updates. Here are few SEO copywriting best practices that you can adopt to improve your blog traffic. For more onfo visit my blog post:


<ul><li> 1. 1</li></ul> <p> 2. It is a method of developing content for online promotionof a website/product/service around a set of specifickeywords.Search engine optimization (SEO) copywriting is writingcontent that the reader wants to read and will be easilyfound and rank well with search engines.2What is SEO Copywriting 3. 3SEO CopywritingPractices 4. Identify your target audiencefor whom you are writing and what they are seeking forAsk yourself these questions:-Who is your target audience?Who is you ideal customer, not your average customer?Who is most likely to buy. Key: Its not everyone and it may not bewho you want to sell to.?4 5. Write content on the basis of keywordresearch, what keywords are trending,what people are looking for. You can dothis with the help of Googles KeywordPlanner5 6. You cant force people to read on a websiteInformation of value: People want the correct infoabout the product or service details which they aregoing to purchase. They want content that tells themwhat it does, how it stands up in the industry, andhow it can more beneficial as compare same productwhich already available in market. 6 7. Attract your AudienceHOW?a) Start with a magnetic Headline. Use keywords in yourtitle that people might be searching for.b) Create Keyword-Rich Headings.c) Put your topic in heading (H1 tag), to tell searchengines what your content is about.7 8. Internet visitors use search engines while searchingproducts and services they like. While doing this,they enter the desired key terms or words.Keywords help crawlers to index a contentbetter.Helps visitor to find relative information easily.8Why Keywords are important? 9. Engage your audienceBe short, precise and relevant.Make your content interestingwith good flow and logicalexamples.Take Advantage of Long Tail:Use synonyms, related keywordsand grammaticalvariations.these all makes yourcontent more relevant, withoutstuffing actual keyword into thecopy.9 10. The purpose of your article is to get your readerto get to your Website. Your writing couldinclude a reason for them to find moreinformation, either from another article thatyouve written or from your Web site. 11. Title Tags and Snippets BenefitsTitle tagSnippet11 12. Make It Skims-ableVisitors want to scan :-1. No paragraph should be longer than five lines (2-3better).2. Turn series into bullet points.3. Use subheads to break down your page into sections.4. Highlight key points by using impressions (bold anditalics).12 13. Presented by:Deepika Arodhiya </p>